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Breastfeeding and Adult Personality (Psychology)

Summarize and evaluate a research article of your choice about any aspect of infancy or prenatal development. You may use the library online (databases/social sciences) or any other reputable source for scientific journals. Use the search function to type in keywords related to what interests you, and filter as needed. Any article in which the authors conducted their own experimental research is acceptable, but be sure to retrieve the entire article (full PDF) and not just the one-paragraph summary (abstract). Follow the writing guidelines below.Note that research articles can typically be broken down into sections:Abstract – a one-paragraph summary of the research that immediately follows the title (read first for an overview of the article).Introduction – a literature review of previous research that provides the basis for the author’s current studyMethod – provides important information about the participants, sample size, and procedures used for testing all variables in the study.Results – Statistical findings (don’t worry about this section)Discussion – verbal description of results, conclusions, and weaknesses or limitations of the studyReferences – a list of research that’s cited in the articleAlthough far less common, a Meta-analysis is a collective analysis of a group of studies related to a particular issue. This type of study is also acceptable for this assignment, as conclusions are based on an entire body of research rather than findings from a single study.  NOT Acceptable for this assignment:A literature review: An overview of past research in the field (but does not include new research)An opinion piece: An author’s ideas about a particular topic for which they may have the expertise (but does not include new research)A second party review: Someone else’s evaluation of a study (in lieu of reviewing the original research)Writing GuidelinesInclude the following:A clear statement about the purpose of the study, specifying which behaviors are being assessed.Sample size and information about participants.A description of the testing procedure (e.g., how they measured the variables of study).Key findings (without statistics) and discuss implications for development, as well as any limitations (or issues) that could affect the validity of the study.The reference for your selected article at the end of your summary (authors, title, date, and place of publication). Note: printout of the original article need not be included.Feel free to find your own article of interest using the criteria above, but if time is an issue I have provided links to a few articles ONLY if they are of interest to you. Please make sure you do this paper on the article below.

Summary: Please write three short essays — approximately 1 page double spaced per question — in answer to the each

Summary: Please write three short essays — approximately 1 page double spaced per question — in answer to the each of the following three questions: 1. Describe Adam Smith’s three basic functions of government. Is his list complete? Or are there more functions for government? Briefly describe and explain. 2. Explain why economists use models to analyze economic issues. What are the characteristics of a useful economic model? 3. Do private commercial banks create money? Explain why or why not.