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Have you ever gone a day without bread? Imagine going to the local bakery and smelling delicious fresh made scones. But, what happens to the bakery at the end of the night?
I work at Gagliano’s Market and throw away garbage bags full of delicious bakery when I close at night. The waste bothers me, knowing how many people are without food.
I thought, What can I do possibly do to change this? I discussed this with my parents, who are social workers.
My mom said, “I go to the Lauer Center every week and the children there could use and share the bakery with their families.” For the past year, on Monday nights I pick up the bakery and my mom delivers it to the Lauer Center every Tuesday morning. Whenever they see her, the kids all say, “The bread lady is here!”
A big difference can start from a little effort to make our world a better place. Starting in Waukesha and who knows how far the difference will spread. Now they don’t have to worry about a day without bread.

Spanish I

Blog Cultural #1Hola! For this blog, you will be writing in English! However, I want you to pick a famous person who is Afro-Latino and write a 300 word blog post which includes the following:
Name, date of birth, nationality (explain their heritage)
Do they speak Spanish?
Why or for what are they famous?
What is something interesting about this person?
Why do you like them/ why did you pick them?
If you can’t think of anyone, google it!

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