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Cutter courage Socrates once said, “He Is a man of courage who does not run away, but remains at his post and fights against the enemy. ” People around the globe have been suffering Injustice; a disease that kills values, injures dignity and leads some people to revenge, preferring death to life. Injustice affects Individuals as well as societies and the whole world. It is a disease created by human to euthanize human. Throughout an individual’s life, one might come across many significant injustices that challenge an individual’s courage. Self-respect, and whether or not an individual as enough strength to stand up to their morals and values.

What is courage; well it is the ability to face danger, difficulty, uncertainty. Or pain without being overcome by fear or being deflected from a chosen course of action. In the film, Breather, Randall Wallace pursues a courageous warrior, William Wallace, as he fights for his nation-state’s freedom from a dictator, Edward Longhairs. Every human being on this planet is given the gift of courage. However, there are very few that ever take advantage of this gift, and actually put it to good use. Courage is the ability to work one’s way through a tough situation. Be it mental, or physical.

Individuals have all tacked tough challenges before, the difference, however, is that some people tend to give up when the going gets rough, while others keep on. Initially, Wallace loses his family due to the English; this problem stimulates his hate for England. Before his death Malcolm Wallace told William “l know you can fight, but It Is our wits that make us men. ” This quote from Wallach’s father meaner you can fight but one’s wisdom triumphs all. Moral and values are what make up a human being, one must be wakened to battle the unfairness brought upon ones self or a collective.

All individuals have a virtue of courage inside their body and the true visionaries will pursue their dreams until the end. Throughout the film it is known that Wallace will end up freeing Scotland but he is not truly awakened yet, all William knows is that the English took his family away from him. Injustice can be different depending on the experience, people. Situation, and event. It can be seen as a negative thing but at the same time bring benefit to certain individual’s. Facing injustice gives individuals he experience to deal and conquer inequality In the impending future.

True courage is when you fight for what’s right regardless of whether you win or lose. Furthermore, Wallace desired nothing more in life than to move back to his homeland years after his father’s death, to start a farm and, a family. Wallach’s plans are drastically Interrupted when the English lord of the land executes his wife in order to get to him. Instead of making him weak, the murder of his Witt awakens Wallace trot his passive mindset and prompts William to begin a rebellion of English rule. He Inspires thousands of Scotsmen to fight the English soldiers for their freedom.

Morals and values are what make William Wallace, without them, William would not be the individual he was, there would be no courage, no self-respect, and no Individuality. Longhairs once said “Problem with Scotland Is that It Is full of Scots. ” This shows his (Scotland) free from the tyrants rule. If an individual really wants goal, one must show perseverance, a lot like William Wallace, his goal is to get freedom, and by having the courage, strength, wisdom, and self-respect he has, he is able to exercise his ambition to fight for freedom.

Each difficult time in life has a moment to open one’s eyes and mind to something far greater. As one strives to make it through problematic periods, hearing the wisdom of those who have struggled, questioned, and dreamed before one can make the Journey easier. Strength does not come from winning; an individual’s struggle develops one’s strength. When one goes through hardships and decides not to surrender, like William Wallace, not giving up on his dream of Scotland attaining freedom, which is true strength. Life has numerous ups and downs but they provide windows of opportunity to determine one’s goals and aloes.

Injustices are a part of life that every individual must deal with. These injustices can either enable one to succeed or cause one to fail. The most important aspect of life is thought to be happiness, in order to achieve success one must adjust to every situation with ease. When one uses the term successful, it does not mean the same as the conventional definition. The definition an individual is referring to is being able to overcome the injustice, nothing relating to business. Courage and self- respect has a major role in depicting whether or not one is able to overcome the injustices thrown towards them.

In conclusion, in an individual’s life, they will come across many major and non-major injustices. The individual can either chose to let it be or to stand up because their code of ethics tells them that this injustice is morally wrong. In the movie, Breather, William Wallace is able to overcome the injustices by fighting for what is right by using perseverance, one must have this aspect to complete anything in life. Without the traits of courage, perseverance, and self- respect one will not be able to go through with any goal or dream they think of.

Courage is a state of mind that enables a person to overcome fear, pain, danger or hardship. Although different from one another, all aspects of courage involve taking risks. Courage is not the ability to be brave or to laugh in the face of danger. Courage is not risking your life for Justice. Courage is not a person who agrees to fight, but he who can stand up against it, William Wallace has true courage, he does not agree to fight but he wants to fight because his moral and values say that his people do not deserve to be treated inadequately, they are all humans, and warrant equality.

Ancient Egypt -An in class essay exam

Ancient Egypt -An in class essay exam.

Be prepared to answer following questions in the form of an essay. Your answer should make extensive use of primary sources (original documents, translated from ancient Egyptian or Greek), but should also put those documents into the appropriate historical and cultural context.

In your exam, you may bring two pages (one page front and back, or two pages single-sided) of notes of direct, verbatim quotes (not summaries or bullet-point lists) from primary sources that we have read in class, plus, for each source, a sentence with basic identifying information. Do not include quotations from secondary literature, meaning anything that was written originally by a person in modern times. This includes general discussions on Egyptian religion from the textbook, including modern summaries of ancient texts. It also includes the introductory matter that often appears before translations of ancient texts in anthologies. Also do not include any prewritten outlines, or introductory or concluding paragraphs. The note sheet should be turned in to me along with your exam booklet. Any note sheets not following these rules will result in a reduction of your exam grade. 1. Describe the roles of Isis in Egyptian mythology and religion, and explain her cultural importance throughout Egyptian history.

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