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Brave New World: Religion Essay, Research Paper


Brave New World: Religion

The Basis of Religion

Thesis: Man & # 8217 ; s need for replies to inquiries that can non be solved through

known applications of scientific discipline and engineering has resulted in the widespread

belief in faith.

I. Aim

Elimination of emphasis

Addiction to soma

1. Rioting nuts

2. Religious fiends

II Features




B. Supreme beings



Dali Lama

Mustapha Mond

D. Hagiographas

III. Function

Explaining unknown



Supplying assistance

Approving behavior

Ethical motives


Delegating determinations

The Basis of Religion

In the novel & # 8220 ; Brave New World & # 8221 ; civilized society lives in a universe of scientific discipline and

engineering. Major alterations have occurred during the hereafter ; Utopia now revolves a

faith of

drugs and sex. God and the cross have been replaced by Ford and the symbol T, the

laminitis of the

age of machines. Alternatively of Sunday church, members now attend solidarity services


ethical motives and tradition are non learned, but instead religion is taught in the belief of


produced by a substance known as & # 8220 ; soma. & # 8221 ; Soma has efficaciously replaced the belief

in a higher

being by its riddance of jobs and emphasis ensuing in a deficiency of imaginativeness,

creativeness, or & # 8220 ; soul. & # 8221 ;

Yet faith can still be found in today & # 8217 ; s society because of adult male & # 8217 ; s go oning demand for

replies to

inquiries that can non be solved by scientific discipline or engineering.

Religion can be regarded as the beliefs and forms of behaviour by which worlds try


trade with jobs and emphasis that can non be solved through practical applications of

scientific discipline or

engineering. & # 8220 ; Brave New World & # 8221 ; trades with emphasis by its riddance of jobs

through the usage of

haoma. As shown in the novel, the people have been addicted to soma as to the point

of rioting when

their supply is threatened. Their attitude can be related to spiritual fiends who

accomplish violent

actions in the right of their faith. Present twenty-four hours society turns to lesser signifiers of

look through

hebdomadal attending to their topographic point of worship in hop

Es of a stress-free life. To get the better of


restrictions, society bends to the use of supernatural existences and powers.

Dwelling of assorted rites, supplications, vocals, dances, offerings, and forfeits, people


to pull strings supernatural existences to their advantage. Recipients of wealths, power,

and glorification have

frequently praised their Savior. These existences may be Supreme beings and Goddesses or even

hereditary liquors. In

all societies there are certain persons particularly skilled at covering with these

existences and powers

who assist other members of society in their ritual activities. A great sum of power

can be

delegated to these persons such as the Pope or the Dali Lama. & # 8220 ; Brave New

World & # 8221 ; has its ain

spiritual translator in the seven universe accountants. Mustapha Mond controls the


emotions and felicity of the people under his control. By construing the aggregation


Hagiographas revealed by the higher being, high priests or priestesses can supply the

replies to adult male & # 8217 ; s


Religion has a figure of advantages to society. Many citizens of the universe frequently


many inquiries runing from schoolroom doctrine to shades and hobs. Religion

reduces anxiousness

by explicating the unknown and doing it apprehensible, every bit good as provide comfort

in the belief

that supernatural assistance is available in times of crises. Religion teaches ethical motives and

traditions, impressions

of right and incorrect. By puting case in points for acceptable behaviour, peace and

harmoniousness may be

achieved. The load of duty is lifted from the shoulders of world by

reassigning the

weight of determination devising from persons to higher existences.

In contrast to & # 8220 ; Brave New World & # 8221 ; present twenty-four hours society may look petroleum and low to


scientific discipline and engineering, yet followings around the universe continue practising their religion.

By believing

in the Almighty during their clip on Earth, church members hope to accomplish everlasting

glorification and

Eden in the hereafter. This can be seen in the direct relationship of the addition of


activities in older age groups. Man refuses to believe that their clip in history can be


insignificant as to be numbered in old ages. To get away the fright of decease, adult male & # 8217 ; s dreams,

hopes, and

aspirations are held in religion and the belief of faith.

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