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Brave New World Essay, Research Paper

To derive farther cognition on the Excel subject of engineering, I choose to read Aldous Huxley & # 8217 ; s Brave New World. In this fresh Huxley explains what may go on if the human race attempts to make a utopia based on engineering. This book expanded my cognition of how engineering and the pursuit for a perfect society can blend, making a vial and unbearable society.

The secret plan line of the book is really simple, but at the same clip it is besides really effectual. The narrative takes topographic point in London at least 632 old ages into the hereafter. The fresh starts off by explicating how kids are born into the & # 8220 ; weather new universe & # 8221 ; . It explains how there are no households and kids are created in cloning research labs known as the hatcheries. It is besides noted that kids are born to carry through certain functions in society and are work as immature and healthy people up int & # 8217 ; l the twenty-four hours they die. Once kids are born they are educated in the Hatcheries in a really rough mode. They are taught to detest nature and to love engineering in several ways including sleep hypnosis. They are besides taught at a really immature age that titillating behaviour is good and one should indulge in it with out experiencing guilt or hurting.

Continuing on the of import characters of the narrative are established early in the novel. The chief character of the narrative is Bernard Marx, a member of the high society who is short and ugly as a consequence of birth complications. Another of import character is Lenina Crowne, who is really beautiful nurse at the hatchery and who dates Marx though she believes he is & # 8220 ; unusual & # 8221 ; due to his independent ideas. Traveling on, Marx plans a trip to the barbarian reserve with Lenina. The barbarian reserve is a topographic point where a pre-utopian society exists. On the trip to the reserve they discover a barbarian named John and his female parent Linda. Marx finds the two barbarians particularly interesting because the male parent of the barbarian came from the Utopia and so rapidly left. A funny Marx invites John to come to the Utopia with him and John thirstily agrees. The reader besides learns at this clip that John has fallen immediately in love with Lenina.

Marx gets clearance from Mustapha Mond, the leader of the Utopian universe, to transport the two barbarians back to Utopia with him and Lenina. Mond, with great involvement grants the clearance. Lenina, who has ne’er left Utopia, is shocked by all the crud and uneven behaviour she has seen on the barbarian reserve and takes a haoma vacation, which is comparable to acquiring rummy. When Marx returns to Utopia, the D.H.C. ( manager of hatcheries ) threatens to denounce him for partaking in irregular behaviour. To the D.H.C. & # 8217 ; s surprise, Marx introduces Linda and John, the D.H.C. & # 8217 ; s bastard boy and lover from the barbarian universe. In attempts to maintain Marx rather about his matter he decides that denouncing him was a bad thought after all.

As John is shown Utopia, he instantly becomes a media icon. Everyone wants to see him and be with him. Soon, Lenina begins happening him attractive and wants to take part in titillating behaviour, but John is more interested in a pure love. John had grown up reading Shakespeare and Lenina was raised in a hatchery, so their definitions of love would of course belie one another. Neither John nor Lenina realizes this and both end up hankering for eachother and at the same clip piquing eachother by non demoing the marks of each other & # 8217 ; s definition of love. Meanwhile, Marx has become highly covetous of John because he feels he is stealing his lone love, Lenina. Soon John & # 8217 ; s female parent dies from an over dosage

of Soma and at the infirmary. John, after watching his female parent dice is rather unhappy with the Utopia and he witnesses the low category “delta slaves” and offers them freedom. Since they are happy where they are the deltas take this as an abuse and a public violence breaks out. The public violence is rapidly broken up the constabulary and Marx safely retrieves John.

At this clip Mond biddings John, Marx and Marx & # 8217 ; s friend Helmholtz Watson. In this test type confrontation John points out all the jobs he sees with Utopia and Mond agrees but explains that we must pay the monetary value of no art and no faith and so on to accomplish a stable and happy society. Marx and Watson are both threatened with expatriate for irregular behaviour and both were sentenced to expatriate. John farther discusses the Utopian & # 8217 ; s failings with Mond. They go back and Forth controversy and this is Huxley & # 8217 ; s manner of acquiring stating the reader all the bad points of a Utopian society. Mond and John ne’er come to any understanding and it is Mond determination that John must remain in Utopia, though he wishes to be exiled with his friends. John so realizes that if he can non travel with his two friends it is better to go forth and seek doing a life as a huntsman and assemblage. He hides out in a privy beacon.

To John & # 8217 ; s depress the beacon where he is concealing is discovered by the media and a media craze arises. John begins tormenting him self as an act of purification and the media makes a film out of the spectacle for the force hungry public to see. John is overwhelmed by the crowds and so by Lenina winging in on a chopper. This is excessively much for John and he begins crushing Lenina and so crushing himself. Finally in a tantrum of madness, John takes portion in a haoma filled binge. Upon waking up and recognizing his dross, John about instantly commits self-destruction by hanging himself, for he realizes that he can non last in the Utopia.

As one can see from the secret plan sum-up of Brave New World Aldous Huxley was really against a Utopian province. He is possibly admonitory future coevalss that if they dream of honing society, particularly through engineering they run the hazard of destructing everything that is beautiful about life. He vividly explains that such a topographic point would destruct civilization, as we know it, for all books endangering the province would be band and all art and cognition except scientific discipline. The cultural cognition would be replaced by meaningless activities, which make the citizens happy but in a really hollow manner. Huxley expresses a great disfavor for such inexpensive bangs through out the novel. Besides, he warns that human technology can ensue in a loss of human diverseness. A great danger lies in making multitudes of people to experience the same and be equal in every manner possible. Some of the dangers include blindly following leaders who may be evil and non being able to believe for themselves doing a higher power to hold complete control over a really big cabal. I believe that Huxley but some elements into his book to floor his readers into being scared of a technically perfect hereafter. For illustration, citizen wore belts incorporating birth control pills and Soma. These two drugs were to advance a guilt free monogamous life manner with no concerns, for a individual could merely take haoma if they were experiencing unhappy. The ground this belt is so distressing is that its contents promote the thought that the citizens of a future universe will hold no construct of morality merely merriment. In summing up, Aldous Huxley does a superb occupation of researching the thought if a proficient Utopia in which he believes is really a wholly corrupted and imperfect society by definition.

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