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both a film and one contemporary theory (Critical, Symbolic Interactionism, or Postmodernism). Use the theory to provide a detailed film analysis (not a film review). Demonstrate you understand the theory and can relate it to something outside of the class. Due 5/6 by 11:59pm.

Please read the summary bellow for what is to be expected of the assignment and it should be 6-7 pages long. Please use citation at the end and please read bellow for more information. Do I need to use course material throughout my paper? *Absolutely! You should be using course material in each of these assignments. Since there are not going to be exams in this course, these papers are how I will gauge how much you are reading and how much you are getting out of the readings. The more you cite course material, the stronger your grade will be. How should I be citing my sources? *You must use ASA in-text citations throughout your paper and a work cited page. I find this to be one of the most helpful webpages when it comes to questions about citations