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Boston University Womens Long Battle for the Vote with Ellen DuBois Essay

Boston University Womens Long Battle for the Vote with Ellen DuBois Essay.

Link for Lecture 6 for Lecture 5This week we are are learning about the struggle for women to obtain the right to vote. The movement for women’s suffrage is steeped in the early 19th century, nonetheless women were not granted the right to vote until 1920 with the passage of the 19th amendment. The 100 year anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment was one of the few bright spots of 2020. Yet, even the history for women’s votes was not without controversy. Please watch lecture #5 and listen to lecture #6 for this week. If you hit the “closed caption option on lecture 5, you will be able to read along with the lecture. This can be helpful if you do not understand a particular comment. Complete a Cornell note (yes that again) on the lecture by Ellen DuBois (Lecture 5). The Professor and TAs have decided that you must have at least 9 significant passages with page citations/places in the video counter to get full credit. Please write these on the right hand side of the template. We will be deducting points for not meeting this requirement. Each significant passage must be in complete sentence form (between 1-3 sentences maximum per passage) and checked for spelling and grammar. Once you complete the reading and have identified your 9 or more significant moments in the lecture, you can now complete the left side column of your Cornell note. Here you will demonstrate your analytical skills by identifying at LEAST 3 major questions or themes out of the 9 significant parts of the lecture you have provided on the right side column of the Cornell note. These 3 or more major questions or themes must link to at least 3 of the significant passages you have provided. Please then write a 300 word summary MINIMUM for the DuBois lecture.Want to do the advanced move and earn extra points, put DuBois (lecture 5) in dialogue with lecture 6 by Martha Jones. In no less than 300 words compare how points you noted in DuBois’s lecture agree with or are disrupted by points made by Martha Jones.
Boston University Womens Long Battle for the Vote with Ellen DuBois Essay

Developing Leadership Skills.

“The subject of Paper 6 is how you could develop your leadership skills. The focus is on YOU for this paper. Having read, reflected, and written about leadership this term, what would be the top three things for you to do if you wanted to further develop your effectiveness when leading? Not everyone has a desire to develop as a leader, but for this assignment, at least imagine what would be most useful for you to do if you did have a desire to improve as a leader.”The above is taken directly from the instructions attached. This is my last paper for my management course, and it is due Monday, December 6th. If asked, I will upload the rest of the PowerPoints that may be helpful in deciding how to be an effective leader.This paper only needs to be 500 words, and all I need is for someone who wants to be a leader to describe the top 3 things that would help them develop their effectiveness of being a leader.
Developing Leadership Skills

The Trolley Problem Discussion.

I need only 250 words.1. Which of the ethical/theories discussed in this week’s lesson did you appreciate the most? The Basics of Philosophy (n.d.-a). Deontology. Retrieved from…. The Basics of Philosophy (n.d.-b). Egoism. Retrieved from The Basics of Philosophy (n.d.-c). Utilitarianism. Retrieved from…2. Are any of the theories morally superior to any of the others? Explain your answers.3. Respond to the Trolley Problem below. What would you do and why? In order to help illustrate the differences between these theories, we can apply a famous hypothetical ethics quandary introduced by Philippa Foot in the mid-20th century. The quandary was coined “The Trolley Problem” and is set up as follows:Barreling down a track is a trolley, and tied to the track ahead of the trolley are five individuals who will be killed by the trolley unless something is done. You (the observer) had nothing to do with the circumstances in which these five people are currently situated, but you are standing next to a lever that would switch the track and divert the trolley away from the five people, effectively rescuing them from certain death. However, you observe that there is one individual standing on the alternate track to which the trolley would be diverted if you pull the lever, and this individual would be killed were you to do so. The problem is to deliberate as to the most ethical conduct here: let the five people die, or pull the lever and kill the one on the alternate track? (Philosopher’s Toolkit, n.d.).4. On which ethical theory would you support? Would your answer change based on the identities of those on each side of the track? Thanks for your response.
The Trolley Problem Discussion

ANTH 21 UCSD Talking with Family and Friends About Race and Racism Discussion.

Activity 4 (Thanksgiving Week): Talking with Family and Friends about Race and RacismSometimes it’s easy to talk to family members and friends about a sensitive issue like race, sometimes it’s harder because we fear rejection from loved ones if our opinions don’t match. But risk taking and vulnerability are also what strengthens intimacy among acquaintances. Start a conversation about a race related issue with family or friends. (Thanksgiving dinner might not be the best time for this, since it may cause indigestion, and I don’t want to ruin your holiday if you celebrate it.) In one paragraph, describe what you talked about, how it went, and whether you feel the conversation encourages or discourages you from having further conversations about race and racism.
ANTH 21 UCSD Talking with Family and Friends About Race and Racism Discussion

San Diego City College Your Story so Far Essay

San Diego City College Your Story so Far Essay.

Paper 1 Rubric – Your Story So FarCriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeThesis10.0 to >9.0 ptsVery StrongThere is a clear thesis statement that has the topic of the essay and the writer’s position on the topic; it provides the framework for the essay; it directly answers the prompt; it is clearly written.9.0 to >8.0 ptsStrongThe thesis may be lacking a feature above and/or have opportunities for further clarity.8.0 to >7.0 ptsAcceptable/AdvisoryThe thesis is minimally satisfactory; it could be clearer and/or more direct in stating the topic and position and/or answering the prompt, but it does still somewhat communicate the purpose and direction of the essay.7.0 to >0 ptsNeeds ImprovementThe thesis is very unclear and/or lacks the key elements for this assignment, or the thesis does not exist.10.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeOrganization20.0 to >18.0 ptsVery StrongThe essay is well-organized with a clearly ordered introduction ¶ and clear body ¶s. The body ¶s have a topic sentence in each one and have chronological organization. The major supporting details directly support the TS/thesis. Logical minor supporting details are well-organized under their appropriate major ones. Appropriate and effective transitions are used.18.0 to >16.0 ptsStrongThis category has similar features to the above one but has trouble with consistency or is missing a feature that the above essay has.16.0 to >14.0 ptsAcceptable/AdvisoryThis essay attempts an organizational structure with body ¶s with a chronological approach; however, some ideas may feel out of place and/or be off topic and/or lack elements of the above organizational category. Nonetheless, this essay demonstrates a baseline understanding of how to organize an essay.14.0 to >0 ptsNeeds ImprovementThe organization is not sufficient and/or does not exist. It may demonstrate some or all of the following opportunities for revision: off-topic sentences that are unrelated, ideas that are difficult to follow and bounce around, a lack of effective and appropriate transitions, a lack of understanding a hierarchy of ideas (e.g. a major point vs. a minor point that supports the major point), a missing topic sentence, missing ¶s, etc.20.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeDevelopment50.0 to >45.0 ptsVery StrongThere is an introduction ¶ that provides context and reflects on the past. The body ¶s are well-developed and have relevant ideas; they are developed through examples, explanations, and specific details. In sum, the essay fully develops the thesis.45.0 to >40.0 ptsStrongThis category has similar features to the above one but has trouble with consistency or is missing a feature that the above essay has.40.0 to >35.0 ptsAcceptable/AdvisoryThis essay has some development. Despite having some opportunities for deeper discussion of ideas, the majority of the supporting points are developed in a minimally sufficient manner.35.0 to >0 ptsNeeds ImprovementMore development is needed; perhaps the body ¶s feel list-like rather than diving into a deeper discussion of 2-3 points; more evidence, examples, and explanations can be given; it does not successfully develop the thesis.50.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSentence Skills20.0 to >18.0 ptsVery StrongThe essay is clearly written and there are little to no errors or mistakes; the ideas are clearly conveyed as a result. The writer demonstrates superior control of language, including accuracy and sentence variety.18.0 to >16.0 ptsStrongOverall, this essay is well-written; however, there may be a minor issues with sentence clarity and grammar, yet they do not get in the way of understanding.16.0 to >14.0 ptsAcceptable/AdvisoryThis essay may have a couple problem spots; however, there is no more than two spots that are incomprehensible due to unclear sentence skills/grammar.14.0 to >0 ptsNeeds ImprovementThere are more than a few sentence skills/grammar issues; many ideas are unclear.20.0 pts
San Diego City College Your Story so Far Essay

College of Mairn Revolutionary Movements of the Social Bandits Essay

online dissertation writing College of Mairn Revolutionary Movements of the Social Bandits Essay.

I’m working on a spanish writing question and need support to help me study.

Prompt:Define the term social bandit. Name a few social bandits and their importance. What do most of these social bandits have in common? What region and time did each social bandit live in, and under what circumstances? Why do they become social bandits? Analyze the importance of social bandits, thus what role do they play in the struggle for equality. Are they heroes or criminals? What is the connection between Joaquin Murrieta and Zorro? Moreover, why is this important?Tips:Utilize the following Writing process to guide you on your essay. Also, please see the rubric section in the syllabus.Writing Process: Race, class, gender, sexuality etc. Who, What Where, When, Why, (does this still happen) and So What? What is the historical context/ backdrop?Group producing inequality: Which group is creating inequality, how and why (what is the goal and purpose)?What methods are they utilizing to produce and reproduce inequality? In which institutions is this taking place and by how many people/ organizations?Group fighting inequality:Which group is being targeted and enduring inequality, what type of inequality/ oppression?What are the impacts of this inequality and in which areas of live do they impact?What are the implications if this x inequality continues? How does this group created innovative ways to fight against injustice? What is the process? Utilize: Cyclical, linear, and layered perspectives to analyze potential harmful/positive impacts of the circumstances at hand.
College of Mairn Revolutionary Movements of the Social Bandits Essay

Way of Saying Adoption and Application & Academic Ways Discussion

Way of Saying Adoption and Application & Academic Ways Discussion.

I’m working on a history discussion question and need an explanation to help me learn.

1.Selective Incorporation CasesSelective incorporation is a really academic way of saying adoption and application. The original US Constitution was intended to be a contract between the states and the national government AND the citizens and the national government. The states and the citizens had their own state constitutions to act as the contract between them. However, there are many more state constitutions (50 now) than the one US Constitution. It is not surprising that these 50 state constitutions do not all contain the same protections for citizens and responsibilities of government. In order to address this, the 14th Amendment was created.The 14th Amendment is possibly one of the MOST IMPORTANT Amendments in the US Constitution. The 14th Amendment contains the word state 12 times! This amendment created the vehicle for the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) to be able to make rulings in court cases that forced the states to adopt portions of the US Constitution. This effectively allowed for the national government to force the states to provide and guard the protections in the US Constitution to the citizens of their states – no matter what their state constitutions said. Because, if you recall, the US Constitution is the supreme law of the land.Information to help you answer this question will be found in Chapter 4 of your textbook and the accompanying PowerPoint and in Chapter 14 of your textbook.In your original post you must:Identify which selective incorporation case you will cover (choose a court case from here why you chose the selective incorporation case from above (why was it interesting to you?).Explain what the court case was about and which portion of the US Constitution was the focus.Describe how the ruling from this selective incorporation case impacted the state governments and what the means for the people of the US.Find a public opinion poll about the topic of the selective incorporation case issue you selected and describe how Americans feel about this issue. (NOT about the court case – but the topic the court case covered/addressed.)Post must also include:Works Cited at least 2 credible sources—MUST BE credible sources. To determine if your source is credible, you can visit: original-content words (this means quotes and sources do not count towards word count)Post must be written in paragraph format. Do NOT use numbering or bullet points. There is no need to include the original questions in your post.———————————————————————————————–In your response to one classmate you must:Respond to a classmate who chose a different incorporation case than you did.Discuss, in a meaningful way, whether or not you were already familiar with the citizen protection extended to the states by the SCOTUS ruling chosen by the classmate you are responding to.Add an additional fact about their chosen incorporation case that they did not include in their post that you feel is important.Post must also include:Works Cited at least 1 source—MUST BE credible sources and different than the one(s) used in your original post. To determine if your source is reliable, you can visit: original-content words (this means quotes and sources do not count towards word count)Here’s my classmate’s post:”I will be covering the McDonald vs. Chicago case. I chose this case for two reasons. First, I found that it was the most recent of all of our possible choices, which I thought was interesting. Second, it is about gun rights, which is a topic I am relatively passionate about. The court case involved people who lived in Chicago who wanted to carry firearms (pistols) on their person for personal protection purposes. At the time, Chicago had gun bans in place, keeping people from carrying firearms legally. People who wanted to carry firearms in Chicago like Otis McDonald thought this was a violation of their Second Amendment rights, and brought it to court. McDonald’s case was brought to an appeals court, where it was ruled in Chicago’s favor. However, the Supreme Court ruled in McDonald’s favor, saying that states had the responsibility to uphold citizen’s rights to bear firearms. This ruling from the Supreme Court means that all State and local governments must abide by the Second Amendment, protecting the general public’s right to bear arms. As per the instructions for the assignment, I found an article which discussed a poll released today by McLaughlin & Associates that discussed the public’s opinions on the Second Amendment. The poll stated that “Seventy-two percent of registered voters support the Second Amendment “(Poll: 72 percent of voters support second amendment 2021). The site did not go into further detail about what was meant by the word support, but it can be assumed that it would mean that the people who were polled thought that the Second Amendment shouldn’t be repealed, and should furthermore be enforced.Works Cited”McDonald v. Chicago.” Oyez, Accessed 15 Apr. 2021.Duignan, B. (2010, May 20). McDonald v. city of Chicago. Retrieved April 15, 2021, from 72 percent of voters support second amendment. (n.d.). Retrieved April 15, 2021, from”2.Note: Use For Cause and Comrades Chapters 7-8 to respond to the following question in essay form. (short answer)-Which side had stronger reasons for fighting during the Civil War? Which motive is most compelling to you?3. Note: Use the document Civil Disobedience to respond to any TWO of the following questions in paragraph form. (short answer)What are Thoreau’s thoughts on government?According to Thoreau, what has government accomplished?Why are democracies immoral?What does Thoreau make of soldiers?Thoreau argues that we should disassociate from government. What issues could this perspective cause to wider society?Thoreau argues that slavery is so evil that any just man should rebel against a government that upholds the practice. Why do you think this never happened on a large scale?What do you personally make of Thoreau’s argument? What issues do you see with this view?How does this excerpt show Thoreau’s belief in individualism? What are his strongest examples?Can a society function if everybody is a, “man first and a subject afterwards?”How does such individualism help/hinder progress?
Way of Saying Adoption and Application & Academic Ways Discussion

interviwing a senior citizen essay.

interviwing a senior citizen essay.. I’m studying for my Health & Medical class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

The paper should be 3-4 pages long NOT including the cover and reference pages! On the cover page of this paper, it should ONLY have your student ID#, the course name (Aging and, Health), and section (Ex. HLTH/HUSC 120). DO NOT put your name and/or your instructor’s name on the cover page!
Paragraph One: Introduction
Use 4-5 sentences to explain the reason for interviewing a senior and the topics you will be writing about in this paper. Suggestion: read the questions below and incorporate some of the questions as the topics you will be addressing.

Paragraph Two: Address questions 1-3 below:
Select 2 healthy lifestyle habits/choices that the senior you interviewed practiced and incorporated throughout their life and state what those healthy lifestyle choices were. Refer to questions 2 – 13 and 18 – 22 from the interview to answer this question.

Explain why you think each of the 2 healthy lifestyle habits/choices they practiced were healthy choices. Additionally, list 2 examples of other possible healthy habits/choices that they could have made and explain the reasons why you chose them as possibilities.

Select one of the positive healthy lifestyle habits/choices they practiced and utilize research and evidence to support your thoughts regarding why this habit/choice is a healthy one to incorporate into one’s life.

Paragraph Three: Address questions 4-7 below:
After considering the most stressful situations/events that occurred in their live, describe how they coped with 2 of the stressful situations/events. (Refer to the senior’s responses to questions 14 – 16.)

Do you think their coping choices were positive and healthy ways to do so? Explain your answer.

Select one of the coping choices the senior utilized. State if you think that method was a healthy and positive method—or was it a negative and unhealthy method to deal with the stressful event/situation? Now support your thoughts by utilizing research and evidence regarding why this coping choice was a healthy and positive method or a negative and unhealthy method to deal with the stressful event/situation.

Select one of the stressful situations/ events from the senior’s interview and describe how this stressful situation / event could have possibly been influenced, in a negative manner, by any of the following: their age at that time, their ethnicity, or gender.

Paragraph Four: Address questions 8-12
Have they ever experienced discrimination and/or have been stereotyped as a result of their age (at any age), ethnicity or gender? If their answer was no, then ask them what type of discrimination and/or stereotyping possibly could have occurred due to their age, ethnicity or gender. Explain your answer.

Select 2 different groups of seniors (a few example are: senior males compared to senior females, Caucasians and Hispanics, poor seniors compared to wealthy seniors) and analyze one of the following: racial, cultural, or socioeconomic differences among older adults. Describe what the research states regarding the differences that exist between those two groups utilizing a minimum of 5 sentences.

Describe what the senior’s thoughts and attitudes were in regards to their experiences with being exposed to and working with people of the same ethnicity and religious beliefs as themselves or being exposed to a variety of ethnicities and religions at different points in their lives.

List and explain 2 positive experiences that you think could be a result of people living and working with different ethnicities and religious beliefs besides yourself.

List and explain 2 negative experiences that you think could be a result of people living and working with different ethnicities and religious beliefs besides yourself.

Paragraph Five: Address questions 13-14
Based on your observations and interview with the senior, list two traits/habits that people who age gracefully possess. Explain your reasons for choosing each of the traits/habits. Use research and evidence to support one of the traits/habits that you discussed in regards to traits/habits that people who age gracefully possess.

Explain how you can incorporate one of the healthy traits/habits that the senior you interviewed possessed into your own lifestyle and how that health trait/habit may assist you in aging in a positive and healthy manner.
interviwing a senior citizen essay.

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