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Boston University Impact of Environmental Disasters Discussion

Boston University Impact of Environmental Disasters Discussion.

The readings for this module discussed the difference between intrinsic and instrumental value. Considering the different proposals about what sort of value objects in the natural world have, explain how you believe we should go about determining the damage that is done when an environmental disaster occurs.You can consider a real example of an event that has occurred, such as the spill of coal-cleaning chemicals into the Elk River in West Virginia that left thousands of people without water for several days, or a hypothetical event, such as imagining what might happen if the Keystone Pipeline project were completed and a huge oil spill occurred in a relatively rural area. As you explain how we should assess the damage that did or might occur, you will need to explain how you have decided which living and non-living things to count in the consideration of consequences.In your replies to others, consider whether the claims that are made imply that the value of nature is intrinsic or instrumental, and what other perspectives could be taken in the consideration of the example.Just a paragraphy should be ok
Boston University Impact of Environmental Disasters Discussion

GROUP MEMBERS ARIEL MAHABIRSINGH RACHEL CADOGAN BACKGROUND AND HISTORY OF THE OECD (OECD 2010) Background The OECD is the replacement organization to the Organization for European Economic Co-operation (OEEC) whose specific purposes was to help the reconstruction of Europe after World War Two. The OECD development was not always smooth one as it has been perceived as “rich man’s club” its members account for approximately three-fifths of the world’s GNI and has faced many calls for its dismantlement (Woodward, Richard 2009). Over the past 50 years, the OECD has become a valuable source of “policy analysis and internationallycomparable statistical, economic and social data.” (USOECD 2014) MEMBER NATIONS Image showing member nations of the OECD (OECD 2014) MISSION The OECD mission is “to promote policies that will improve sustainable economic growth and development, maximize employment social well-being of people around the world.” (Woodward, 2009) ORGANISATIONL STRUCTURE The OECD functions as three tier structure. This is comprised of a Council, a Secretariat and Committees. The Council, which is at the top, consists of ambassadors from the various member states that are in charge of establishing goals and policy issues. The Council holds the power of decision making as they handle the oversight and strategic direction of the organisation. The Secretariat is made up of the Secretary General, the deputy Secretaries General and directorates. These include economists, scientists and lawyers and several administrative staff, who are responsible for research, data collection and analysis. The Secretary General chairs the Council and thereby manages the work of the Secretariat. The Committees comprise of representatives from various member countries that come together to form groups such as education, environment, trade and investment. Table 1 showing: the organizational structure of the OECD (OECD 2014) ROLE AND FUNCTION The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development has many key roles. These roles include: The major functions of the OECD are: To provide a platform in which governments of member nations can use to find solutions to common problems organize policies and share good practices To set global standards and principles by monitoring economic trends. and development policies To offers the know-how and ideas to over 1000 non-member countries for their development. (Economy Watch 2010) HOW THE OECD DOES IT? The OECD used the wide range of information gathered on various topics to help governments promote “prosperity and fight poverty through economic growth and financial stability. They also ensure the environmental implications of economic and social development are taken into account. OECD’s work is based on continued monitoring of events in member countries as well as outside OECD area, and includes regular projections of short and medium-term economic developments.The OECD Secretariat collects and analyses data, after which committees discuss policy regarding this information, the Council makes decisions, and then governments implement recommendations. ” (OECD 2014) Table 2 showing: The way the OECD works (OECD 2014) Types of Publications The OECD publications fall into three cqtegories Key Publication, which include Factbooks. At a Glance books, Insights, Outlooks, Economic Surveys, OECD Observer, Better Policies Series, OECD Insights and Blogs. They also produce several other types which include statistics, journals,magazines and papers (OECD 2014) A couple examples are as followed BOOKS: Africn Economic Outlook 2014 Health at a Glance Asia/Pacific 2012 Agricultural Policy Monitering and Evaluation 2014 JOURNALS: Financiaal Market Trends Competition Law
WU Work Weeks to Improve Work Life Balance in Nonprofit Organizations Bibliography.

Dissertation Topic – 4-Day Work Weeks to Improve Work-Life Balance in Nonprofit OrganizationsPart 2 Annotated BibliographyIn this Assignment, you will be sourcing and analyzing more resources from the Walden library and other databases you use as you continue to develop your annotated bibliography. This is Part 2 of a three-part annotated bibliography. You will cover Part 3 in Week 8. As you work on this Assignment, consider the feedback offered by your colleagues and Instructor from the Week 6 Discussion; also, consider how you can apply their suggestions from this week’s Discussion. As you find and evaluate more resources, consider also: are you able to see an emerging storyline? Do you notice any shared themes? Are you better able to transition from literature review to possible research problems?To prepare for this Assignment:Return to the Walden library and find five additional articles that could be used in a literature review on your dissertation topic (Public Database)Analyze two of these articles using the guidelines provided in Components Annotated Bibliography AttachmentYou will use this analysis to complete this week’s Assignment. (Note: You will analyze the other three articles next week.)The Assignment:Based on your analysis of the two selected articles, develop and submit an annotated bibliography using these two articles you selected.ReferencesCornell University Library. (2015). How to prepare an annotated bibliography: The annotated bibliography. Retrieved from State College of Agricultural Sciences. (n.d.). Critically reading journal articles. Retrieved June 5, 2016, from…Purdue Online Writing Lab. (2016). Annotated bibliography samples. Annotated bibliography samplesRetrieved from…
WU Work Weeks to Improve Work Life Balance in Nonprofit Organizations Bibliography

Commoditizing the enterprise: MIT Sloan Management Review Evaluation Essay

Commoditizing the enterprise: MIT Sloan Management Review Evaluation Essay. Best practices in an industry are identified after close monitoring and evaluation of a company’s performance. Industry best practices play a great role towards company productivity and this makes them to be the best in a company. In addition, they help a company while making key operational decisions at any given time. This means that before any company comes up with any decision it must put into consideration the industry best practices. Therefore, it is only after identification of company’s best practices that it could capitalize on them and make the best out of these practices (Conway, 2009). In addition, the practices could be used to reinforce poorly performing practices in a company. Based on the above, I could apply company best practices approach while making decisions in a company. It is appropriate to apply best practices while making decisions because it is possible to benchmark the practices with those related in another industry. This helps a company to grow and attain the standards of the industry it has been benchmarked with. In addition, best practices enables an organization to achieve competitive advantage because it directs its resources to its best practices. Further, best practices play a great part in product development because by adopting the best practices an organization acquires new knowledge. Due to the fact that new practices pertain using the knowledge and skills to apply what an organization can do best it therefore means that the success will be achievable (DyerCommoditizing the enterprise: MIT Sloan Management Review Evaluation Essay

Discuss the strength of the relationship between stock price returns for your firm and each of the three variables.

custom writing service Discuss the strength of the relationship between stock price returns for your firm and each of the three variables..

Using your web browser and your own judgment and your class notes, please interpret and discuss the strength of the relationship between stock price returns for your firm (Amazon) and each of the three variables. In particular, please consider whether or not you think that the three variables do a good job in explaining and predicting stock returns for your firm. Please also explain why you think the model produced all results from questions 2 and 3 that it did.The professor directions:Hi Fanar, thanks for the mail. To guide you through this problem and itsorganization,The first thing you want to do is look at your results to see which independent variable(s) are statistically significant. It is for this reason that I asked all of you to include your summary output charts for all the regressions in 2a (part a, b, and c), 2b, and 3a. Although it happens less frequently, the risk-free rate can also turn up assignificant. Your discussion should start with which of these variables, if any, are statistically significant. This should be the focus of the first paragraph.The focus of the second paragraph should include a summary of the economic interpretations for these variables only. These were provided in the email that I sent through the Canvas site last week.Finally, and using these economic interpretations, please perform a google search to try to understand why these variables are important in driving the stock price performance for your company remembering that the stock price performance is an indicator of the performance of the business itself.Please focus your organization and structure in your response to question #4, on these points. After doing this, please let me know if you would like me to look at it and if so please also include in your response the summary output charts so that I can verify which variable(s) are statistically significant and can guide you more closely. I hope thishelps. Thanks Fanar.
Discuss the strength of the relationship between stock price returns for your firm and each of the three variables.

Public and Private Sector Events Organization Essay

Speaking about public sector events, one organized by the local government and other organizations should be mentioned. It was held at the end of November with the primary aim to promote manufacturers presented in the area and support their products by demonstrating them to members of the community. There were numerous pavilions devoted to different companies and firms for them to display their goods. The prices were low so customers could benefit from them. The local authorities wanted to attract peoples attention to diverse products and contribute to the development of business in the area. There was also a concert sponsored by the government and a fire show at the end of the event. This could be compared to another private-sector event organized in the UAE and dedicated to the Anniversary of Prophet Mohammad. It took place in all emirates. Comparing these two holidays, one can see several similarities. First, local governments were involved in the organization. Second, numerous concerts and shows were organized to amuse people and ensure their participation. Finally, local companies became the main stakeholders and sponsored diverse activities to promote their brands. The only difference was in the purpose of these two events as the first one was organized to encourage local manufacturers whereas the second was dedicated to a great holiday. An outstanding private sector event was organized in December on the eve of Christmas by a leading automaker with the primary aim to amuse its employees, improve the firms image, and attract new customers. The company sponsored all activities and shows to make the holiday remarkable. There was a drinks reception with numerous appetizers. Additionally, the company invited famous performers to entertain the public and attract its attention. Another private sector event was held in the UAE, Dubai. It took place in Marina Garden, a luxurious open-air venue. A sponsor, the local giant corporation, organized the show aiming at the attraction of partners attention and demonstration of its outstanding performance and potential. These two private sector events are similar in the primary purposes for their creation. They are organized to promote the functioning of these two giant brands and amuse people who are related to them. Additionally, the companies are the main stakeholders as all shows are sponsored by them. These similarities demonstrate the common approach to organizing private sector events and their central purposes. Finally, a voluntary sector event was organized by UNICEF in San Francisco on October 7, 2017 (‘Attend an event’ n.d.,). The central aim of this holiday was to collect money to help children all over the world. It was supported by volunteers from different countries who wanted to contribute to the development of this movement and improve our world. All funds collected during the event were distributed between organizations supporting children. Analyzing this event, it can be compared to the free event organized by Chillout Productions in Dubai. Called Jazz Garden, it provided visitors with an opportunity to see Albie Donnellys performance supported by Catie Waters and the Royal Vagabonds (‘Jazz Garden series kicks off in Dubai’ 2017). The event aimed to promote jazz all over the world and support performers. As one can see, the purposes of these events are different; however, they are organized in similar ways by particular organizations using volunteers and attracting the publics attention to the holiday to ensure peoples participation and commitment (Slack

Survey on stress and diabetes

Survey on stress and diabetes.

I need serious help! I got help from a tutor and she did NOT help me whatsoever she did the entire project wrong! If someone can please help me, I am willing to throw in a huge tipYour final assignment is an academic literature review and research proposal using your topic about stress and health/mental health. You have already done a list of stress-related health outcomes AND an annotated bibliography. Now you must pick ONE health/mental health outcome that is related to stress write a literature review about it, and devise a study to test it. In other words, you will narrow your focus to ONE disease/disorder that is related to stress in the research literature. For example, you might study the relationship between:Stress and diabetesStress and depressionStress and heart disease Parts of your Final Paper1) AbstractAn abstract is a brief, one-paragraph description or summary of the paper. It should include the following topics:Motivation (one sentence): What is the importance of your topic? Why do we care about it?Research Question (one sentence): State your research question.Results/Summary (two to three sentences): How do the articles you reviewed answer your research question? What are the primary perspectives on the research question given by the articles?Conclusion (one to two sentences): What are the implications of your research (you should consider whether your research question was answered, whether your findings can be generalized, and whether there are other issues that need to be addressed to fully answer your question)?You can find examples of abstracts from various disciplines at the following web site: Literature ReviewA literature review is a summary and analysis of scholarly articles relevant to a particular research topic. Your literature review will include SIX articles related to stress and your particular disease/disorder.***Please look at/read/review the following web site for an example of an APA-style literature review*** can also find an easy-to-follow guide to literature reviews here: is very important that you note that the literature review is not a listing of the annotations from your annotated bibliography. You may use some of the information from the annotations, but you must rewrite them to fit the paper format.The format of your literature review section should be:Introduction (one paragraph): Establish your reason for and the importance of researching this particular topic. Describe the research question. Make sure that you provide a good context for how/why you will review the literature and the organization of the paper.Literature Review (body of the paper): For each study that is in your literature review, you must (at minimum):Summarize each individual study so that for each study you include:The topic/purpose of the study: Why was the study done and what is its’ goal?The methods used in the study (don’t skimp here—this is how the reader evaluates the worth of the study)The results found in the study that are important to your research questionHow does this study relate to your research question? What is the link between this study and what you wanted to know?Organize your studies so that they form a coherent story or make a coherent argument (i.e., which study should go first, second, third, etc. is important).Pay attention to the transitions between articles. For example, how is the next article linked to the one before?You must use APA-style text citations within the body of your paper for every thought/idea/concept that is not the product of your own mind.Conclusion (one paragraph): Summarize how the studies you reviewed relate to your topic (Do all of the studies agree on the answer? If not, how do they diverge?). Discuss how your findings relate to the real world (implications of your research) and if there are any related areas that need more research. ***Your conclusion MUST end with a clear and concise statement of your specific research question. A Research Question is a statement that identifies the phenomenon to be studied and proposes the relationship between the variables used to study the phenomenon. Please review this guide before writing your research question: Research ProposalMethods SectionDesign: This section describes how you will conduct your study. First, describe clearly the type of study you will be proposing (remember the many types of research we have covered in class) and briefly state why this type of study is appropriate. You want to consider whether you will use concurrent, retrospective, prospective, longitudinal, etc. measurements or some combination of these. Your research question should guide you in your selection. In other words, your study design must be appropriate to the research question that you are proposing.Subjects: Describe the subjects (people or objects, e.g. texts) for your study, considering carefully the type and number you need. Explain your method of selecting your subject(s) (and if a sample, describe the population and how the sample will be drawn).Measurement. Describe the kinds of measures you intend to use and explain why you have selected these. A discussion of measurements generally considers the following questions: What are the key variables in your study? How will you define and measure them? Do your definitions and measurements draw on or differ from those of previous research in this area?**At the end of the paper, you must include a survey instrument that YOU HAVE DESIGNED (you may not copy one from any other source) and that you would use in some aspect of your study. Your survey instrument must include, at minimum, a demographic section and another section related to one or more of your variable(s). Remember that your survey is directly related to your research question.**Reference PageYou must provide full, APA-style citations for each article used in your paper.APA format: • Please note that ALL text references and your reference page should be in APA style (papers not in APA style will have a point reduction).• For those of you not familiar with APA style, you should either consult an APA style manual in the library, or the following sites can give you useful guidance:
Survey on stress and diabetes