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Bodega Store Strategic Leadership and Opportunities Case Study

A traditional approach to the strategic development depends on analyzing the potential areas for entering and developing, while depending on the economic analysis and identification of future outcomes. However, this approach is also usually followed by competitors within the industry, and it limits the company’s potential for the progress. According to Gavetti, the alternative approach to contributing to the competitive advantage is the focus on searching a cognitively distant opportunity that can “embrace the reconceptualization of the business” (Gavetti, 2011, p. 120). This paper aims to provide the identification and explanation of a cognitively distant opportunity for Bodega in Boston, Massachusetts, and the legitimization of the discussed opportunity. Background Information Bodega is the developed shoe store business. The retailing business was established by Jay Gordon, Oliver Mak, and Dan Natola in 2006. Previously, Gordon and Mak cooperated to develop the online clothing store, and then they focused on promoting Bodega stores. Bodega stores were opened in response to the “sneaker collection hysteria” observed in 2006 (Alexander, 2010). Gordon, Mak, and Natola revised their strategic opportunities in 2010, and opened the unique Bodega shoe store in Boston, Massachusetts. The Cognitively Distant Opportunity for Bodega in Boston In 2010, Gordon, Mak, and Natola changed their strategic approach to the shoe store business and focused on a cognitively distant opportunity as the previously overlooked strategic opportunity. Gordon, Mak, and Natola decided to make the revolution in the retailing business and opened a shoe store that cannot be easily found and accessed because of difficulties associated with finding the entrance door (Alexander, 2010). Bodega shoe store in Boston is located under a convenience store. The design of a convenience store is typical for such a place, and customers have the opportunity to buy some soda and other foods in this convenience store. The secret entrance to the shoe store is hidden in the corner, and it is designed as the old-fashioned Snapple vending machine. As a result, those customers who have not previously visited Bodega shoe store experience certain difficulties while searching the entrance door to the store (Alexander, 2010). Bodega shoe store located under the convenience store is the shoe boutique that is fashionably designed with the hardwood. The variety of shoes in Bodega shoe store is like in any other shoe boutique where several brands are represented. The scope of prices presented in the shoe boutique is also large, including sneakers from $60 to $300 (Alexander, 2010). The rate of visitors is high, and the annual profits are comparably higher than the revenues of retailing competitors in Boston. Today, Bodega shoe store is discussed as a phenomenon in the retailing industry that is replicated in the other large cities of the United States and in the European capital cities. Arguments to Discuss the Opportunity as Legitimate The cognitively distant opportunity identified and used by Gordon, Mak, and Natola in order to organize the retailing business in Boston provokes many debates because it is based on the principle that is opposite to the traditional retailing practice. Traditionally, to attract customers, it is necessary to demonstrate the availability of goods to buy. In Bodega shoe store, the strategists utilized an opposite principle, according to which to attract a customer means to limit the availability of goods because of the limited accessibility. In this case, the principle of analogy with the forbidden or exclusive offer that is available only for the selected group works. In Bodega shoe store, customers identify themselves as holders of the secret knowledge regarding the location of the store, and this fact adds to the overall exclusiveness of products and services provided in Bodega shoe store. The first argument to support the cognitively distant opportunity referred to in Bodega is the focus on the effectiveness of associations with secrecy, a mystery, and a game. Those customers who come to Bodega shoe store are expected to solve a mystery while searching an entrance door and then to share the secret knowledge. This experience is important for customers because of provoking the associations with being selected, being peculiar, and belonging to the elite in the world of sneakers in Boston. There are also analogies and associations with games and fairytales. Shoppers become involved in a game of finding the secret door, and then, they enter the underground world where only exclusive goods in the fashionable environment are presented. Thus, shoppers receive the opportunity to enter the secret underground world of sneakers in Boston (Alexander, 2010). The effect of intrigue is important to attract more customers. The design of Bodega shoe store is more chic than the design of the upper convenience store, and this opposition adds to creating the association with the world of the elite. These associations are effective to make customers visit the store in the future because of its unique offer and atmosphere and tell their friends about the unusual shoe store. Thus, Gordon, Mak, and Natola focused on the analogy with the secret and mysterious underground world of shoes for the elite while developing the idea of Bodega shoe store. This store also provokes associations with surreptitious clubs and bars opened only for the selected public (Alexander, 2010). As a result, the cognitively distant opportunity was used to attract many customers and make Bodega shoe store a city destination associated with the underground clubs in the sphere of retailing. The benefits of such a strategic opportunity are low or no costs associated with advertising and marketing because the main focus is on exchanging the information between shoppers and their friends with the help of face-to-face conversations, social media, and blogs. The strong feature of this campaign is the ability to add to the overall intrigue and attract more customers focusing on their inner desires to solve puzzles and mysteries. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The critics of the used cognitively distant opportunity state that the limited ability to access Bodega shoe store can frustrate shoppers and decrease the rate of potential visitors. However, it is impossible to agree with this statement because the strategists focus on Bodega shoe store as the source of entertainment and specific destination for customers in Boston (Alexander, 2010). As a result, the discussed detail works to increase the rates of potential customers in contrast to the traditional view. Conclusion While opening Bodega shoe store in Boston in 2010, Gordon, Mak, and Natola focused on a cognitively distant opportunity, according to which they hid Bodega shoe store under the traditional convenience store. In order to state that the proposed cognitively distant opportunity is legitimate, it is appropriate to focus on the analogies in customers’ minds associated with the Bodega offer; to discuss metaphors and images; to analyze the effectiveness of the advertising strategy; and to argue the points discussed by the critics of the cognitively distant opportunity. References Alexander, K. (2010). The secret to selling cool: How three young guys with almost no retail experience created an uberhip sneaker boutique to rival those in New York, LA, and Tokyo. Web. Gavetti, G. (2011). The new psychology of strategic leadership. Harvard Business Review, 89(7/8), 118-125.
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CJA 395 Phoenix ?Current Issues Facing Correctional Managers & Administrators Discussion

CJA 395 Phoenix ?Current Issues Facing Correctional Managers & Administrators Discussion.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper related to current issues facing Correctional Managers and Administrators.Include a discussion of:The impact of gangs and gang violence in correctional institutions.The impact of illegal drugs and other contraband and the challenges presented in correctional settingsThe impact of gender and transgender-related issues with correctional environments.The impact of medical and mental health issues within the correctional population.Format your paper consistent with American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines, see linked Resources section below.Include a minimum of 3 scholarly references both in the body of your paper as in text citations and on the references page of your assignment.NO PLAGIARISM!!!
CJA 395 Phoenix ?Current Issues Facing Correctional Managers & Administrators Discussion

HCA 430 UArizona Wk 4 Health Communication Research on HIV AIDSs Program Summary

essay writer free HCA 430 UArizona Wk 4 Health Communication Research on HIV AIDSs Program Summary.

Economic Dynamics of Health Care Delivery Models
After reading Chapter 7 and the required resources for this week, consider the following scenario:
HIV Help-Inc., a non-profit organization focusing on the prevention of HIV/AIDS just received a $10 million grant to fund several projects. The organization is currently located in an older building that needs extensive repairs. The organization is using outdated office equipment In addition, one additional staff member is needed in order to keep up with incoming phone calls and requests for presentations and community outreach activities. A portion of the grant – $2 million – is allotted for business improvements which can address one of these three areas: repairs to building, outdated office equipment, and more staff. The remaining $8 million is to be used to further enhance the continuum of care level to provide access to preventive health services.

Section A: Create a cost benefit analysis for an update that will improve the business: structural, office equipment, or staff. You can be creative in determining what the business needs. The cost will use the full amount of funds allotted to this improvement ($2 Million), so you can only improve one of these three needsNote: Your work must include Steps 1-4, as outlined in section 7.2 of your course text.
Section B: Create a cost effective analysis to determine how to best spend the $8 million portion of the grant funding on education and other preventive services. The organization currently serves the community and clientele with community education classes at schools and community centers, as well as the distribution of condoms and educational materials. They wish to expand their current services to reach the neighboring community (4,000 residents), add social media advertising and messaging to reach the younger population, distribute educational material and condoms to homeless shelters in the area, and add HIV testing to at-risk individuals. Select two of the potential services and determine how the money can be best spent to have the greatest outcome for the HIV+ population in the community. Note: Your work must address the costs as well as the anticipated benefits, as outlined in section 7.2 of your course text
Section C: Based on the CDC website (Links to an external site.), analyze how cultural norms impact the risk of getting HIV. Explain one method or action on how to address this challenge.Your initial contribution should be 250 to 300 words in length. Use proper APA formatting for in-text citations and references as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center

Classmate Response
Section A: Create a cost benefit analysis for an update that will improve the business: structural, office equipment, or staff. You can be creative in determining what the business needs.  The cost will use the full amount of funds allotted to this improvement ($2 Million), so you can only improve one of these three needs
Note: Your work must include Steps 1-4, as outlined in section 7.2 of your course text.  
Cost analysis is used to determine how monetary is distributed equally to each department.  A cost benefits analysis (CBA) assigns monetary value, or dollar total, to both direct and indirect cost, then compares the costs and benefits of a project to determine the likelihood of the project producing a positive outcome and a good return on the financial investments of the project( Burkholder, D.M. & Nash, N. B., 2014).  
Step 1: Determine how much financials needs to be distributed between direct and indirect cost.
Step 2: Determine how the program would benefit the community, patients and staff.
Step 3: Compare the cost between direct, indirect and benefits.
Step 4: Finalize the decision.
I chose to repair the structural repairs to the building, so it can be benefit the staff, patients and the residents in the community.  In order to provide top quality of care the facility must be in top condition.  
Direct Cost: Structural Repair
Roof Replacement: $400,000
Electrical Rewiring $65,000
Cabinet Installation $20,000
Plumbing Repairs $300,000
Flooring $175,000

Painting $10,000
HVAC $375,000
Internet Installation $13,000
Phone line Repairs $18,500
Total $1,376,500
Indirect Cost: 
Labor Distribution: $311,750
Employee Compensation: $311,750
Total: 2,000,0000
                                                   Section B
I will utilize majority of the money on education.  Education is a more productive way to educate everyone concerning stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS.  The money would allow for programs to be implemented, where people are able to attend to learn about the importance of being safe.  The education would allow for presentations which would allow for brochures, condoms and ect. to be issued to individuals. HIV/AIDS, is contracted in multiply ways and most people only think that is contracted Sexually.  Therefore, the education portion would allow for individuals to understand the concept of how HIV/AIDs is transmitted.  The remaining of the finances would be utilized to provide protection to homeless shelters and the community.  The facility would have an opportunity to receive condoms to protect themselves and others.
                                               Section C
Cultural norms impact the risk of an individual HIV/AIDS.  For instance, an individual that receives circumcision whether young or older, females and males may be prone to contracting HIV/AIDs.  Most cultures believe in circumcising females and males due to their culture belief.  The practice within a culture can cause for transmission of HIV because of blood transmission.  The cultural norm is the belief and practice of what a person believes, which could cause for a person to become a carrier while destroying their life as well as others.  
Resources:  Burkholder, D. M., & Nash, N. B.  (2013).
HCA 430 UArizona Wk 4 Health Communication Research on HIV AIDSs Program Summary

Plan for Retrofitting housing by 2050

CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION In the UK, Parity projects offer homeowners personalized services for their energy renovation projects. Through the Retrofit Works initiative, Parity projects coordinate the work of suppliers (SMEs) and ambassadors such as social workers and associations to facilitate the connection with customers in the context of renovation works. SMEs can participate in training sessions on technical issues (materials, technologies, methods for effective renovations, etc.), on contact with customers (how to adopt, how to consider the specific demands of more vulnerable customers or more demanding, etc.). For building professionals, Parity projects provide support in their administrative procedures and offer a quality guarantee (Elsharkawy

Was the Sons of Liberty a Domestic Terrorist Organization Essay

Was the Sons of Liberty a Domestic Terrorist Organization Essay.

This essay should be a minimum of 600 words using 12 pt. Times New Roman font with a standard 1-inch margins. Research should include both primary and secondary sources. Students should cite all sources using Chicago format. You may want to use a citation maker such as Citation Maker to help set up your bibliography. or…One thing to notice is that all essay topics ask you to answer a question based on your historical research and analysis. This is a major component of the historical essay – there is no RIGHT answer, just your best analysis based on your research.Please do reasearch type this in multiple paragraphs with an intro and conclusion.
Was the Sons of Liberty a Domestic Terrorist Organization Essay

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