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When collecting a blood sample from a blood stain at a crime scene, photography, diagraming, and polilight analysis can all be used. Alec Jefferys is considered to be a pioneer in the genetics laboratory because he came up with the first genetic profile. The techniques that we now use inn forensic science essentially date back to him. 2. Computers are used in finger print analysis to look for specific character traits in the print such as loops, dots, forks, or islands. 3. Edward Foster was a pioneer in fingerprint analysis.

He was an expert witness in the Jennings Case, in which he showed the courts that the fingerprints in the wet paint were that of the murderer, Thomas Jennings. 4. The chemist analyse the organic and inorganic parts of a sample. They identify each part through their testings and then the information would be used as evidence in court. 5. France McGill helped pioneer forensic chemistry. In her famouse case ‘Muffins to Die for’ she identified large amounts of the poison Styrchnine in an elderly couples stomaches.

It turns out that the poison was put into bran muffins that their grandaughter had baked for her father. 6. The water tank in the ballistics labratory is used so that scientist can fire a gun and slow the bullet down so they can analyze it while the bullet is still intact. 7. Wilfred Derome helped pioneer balastic analyzes by founding the labratoire de recherches medico-legales de montreal. This was the first forensics laboratory in North America, and the tird in the world. 8. Scetching and measuring a crime scene is important because it diagrams how everything is directly after the crime scene was found.

This helps forensic scientist when considering possible actions of the criminal. 9. A crime scene technition would more than likely have a camera, a polilight, measuring tapes or protractors, plastic gloves, sample bags, and figerprint powder on an adverage crime scene analysis. 10. I believe that if I were a crime scene analyzer I would like to look for evidence using a polilight. I have always been interested in the way that fingerprints are everywhere, but sometime they just cant be seen.

Automobile industry overview and Company back ground (Toyota Corp-Supply chain)

Automobile industry overview and Company back ground (Toyota Corp-Supply chain).

Instructions. For first milestone, you will begin your supply chain management plan by providing an overview of your approved industry (Automobile), identifying top competitors, and justifying your company of choice (Toyota). Lastly, you will discuss the network design by identifying the criteria the company should use to select suppliers, third-party logistics firms, distributions centers, and retailers. 

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