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Black power part

Pough’s article”Seeds and Legacies” as your main source of evidence, please explain the connection between the Black Power movement and hip hop. It might be helpful to think about this connection literally (through Afeni and Tupac Shakur) and conceptually (ideas, values, methods, etc).please use at least 2 quotes from Dr. Pough’s article to support your claim (once you’ve met this requirement, it’s fine to also reference the documentary)always include titles of texts and page numbersQuestion #2Using Dr. Kelley’s chapter, “Kickin’ Reality, Kickin’ Ballistics,” please provide at least two examples of the environmental/material conditions that influenced the rise of gangsta rap in Los Angeles during the 1990s. please use at least 2 quotes from the text to support your claim.always include titles of texts and page numbers

Children behavior

Children behavior.

Description Read both article and write a summary relate this as a teacher point a view on a student . the article ” Here are some strategies teachers can use to get through to their most challenging student.” by nancy rapport and jessica Minahan. second article – children and trauma find the pdf for each article online

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Health Informatics Regulatory Issues and Standards.

Black power part Health Informatics Regulatory Issues and Standards..

 INSTRUCTIONS: Read the post below and respond to each question thoroughly, using three references to support your response. Ensure that reference page and response adhere to APA format and criteria. Discuss both the value and challenges of implementing standard vocabularies and terminologies in the storage and use of health care data. How do these challenges impact informatics professionals and the work they do in health care settings?

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Practicum Synthesis for Nursing Leadership Course

Practicum Synthesis for Nursing Leadership Course.

Practicum Syntheses Clarification Sheet This sheet provides some examples of what to consider when interpreting the practicum syntheses objectives. This is not an all-encompassing description. Remember, the objectives are written broadly, so that you can capture your own leadership experience and learning. Each objective should be 1 pages in length. Practicum Synthesis Objective 1-Use written, verbal, nonverbal, and emerging technology methods to communicate effectively with a variety of disciplines to inform decision making by using inquiry, analysis, and information literacy to address practice issues.(Consider how healthcare professionals communicate at your practicum site and how they prepare themselves to make decisions. Where do they obtain information? What tools or modes do they use to communicate with each other? Are there any formal group meetings to discuss practice issues? Do they use a shared governance decision-making structure?) Practicum Synthesis Objective 2 -Apply leadership concepts, skills, and decision-making in the provision of high quality nursing care, healthcare team coordination, and the oversight and accountability for care delivery in a variety of settings by demonstrating awareness of complex organizational systems. (As you follow your preceptor, think about the leadership skills they exhibit in their daily activities to coordinate and manage their team and ensure high quality care is provided. Did he/she solve any problems? How did they think about the big picture of the problem, and how did they resolve it? What leadership styles and approaches did they use?) Practicum Synthesis Objective 3- Explain the interrelationship among theory, practice, and research and describe how to identify practice discrepancies between standards and practice that may affect patient outcomes.(Discuss with your preceptor or other professionals at the practicum site about methods they utilize to improve quality and ensure practice is evidence-based. Are there any formal mechanisms for this? Have there been any specific changes made to make practice research-based? Does their practice adhere to any specific standards? Do they perform any audits on their practice?)

Practicum Synthesis Objective 4- Apply safeguards and decision-making support tools embedded in patient care technologies by recognizing the role of technology in improving patient outcomes and creating a safe care environment with information systems to support a safe practice environment for both patients and healthcare workers. (Discuss with your preceptor and/or other professionals at the practicum site, how they use technology to improve care. Is technology used to make care safer? Is technology used to inform decisions?) Practicum Synthesis Objective 5- Describe how health care is organized and financed, including the implications of business principles, such as patient and systems cost factor while examining the roles and responsibilities of regulatory agencies and their effect on patient care, workplace safety, and the scope of practice. (Determine what type of organization your practicum site is and how they are reimbursed. Try to obtain an annual report online to view their overall financial performance reported to the public. Discuss with your preceptor or other professional at the practicum site, the patient and systems that factor into reimbursement. What is the impact of regularly agencies on the site and the care they provide? If possible, take a look at how the site is organized. Is it bureaucratic or matrix? How does this organization impact the practice and care provided?) Practicum Synthesis Objective 6- Use interprofessional and intraprofessional communication and collaborative skills to deliver evidence based patient centered care and incorporates effective communication techniques, including negotiation and conflict resolution. (Think about any interactions or/and meetings you observed; How did different healthcare professionals communicate and collaborate? What kind of communication techniques did you observe? Describe any observations of negotiation or/and conflict resolution. Describe how health care professionals communicate to include patients in their care and make care more patient-centered.) Practicum Synthesis Objective 7- Assess the health, healthcare, and emergency preparedness needs of a defined population and demonstrates professionalism, including attention to appearance, demeanor, respect for self and others, and attention to professional boundaries with patients and families as well as among caregivers. (This is a two-part question. Discuss with your preceptor or other professional at your practicum site, how the organization assesses the health needs of their community/patient population and prepares for emergencies. Also, observe how your preceptor demonstrates professionalism with colleagues, patients, and their families.) Practicum Synthesis Objective 8- Create a safe care environment that results in high quality patient outcomes and manages the interaction of multiple functional problems affecting patients across the lifespan including common geriatric syndromes. (How does your practicum site ensure a safe environment for the patients, especially the older patient population? For example, is there use of particular interventions, environmental designs, or standards or procedures for fall prevention?)

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