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Bittersweet Memories by Bullet For My Valentine essay help Algebra online class help

Just about everyone who listens to rock music has heard of the band Bullet For My Valentine. Their song, Bittersweet Memories is a touching song that tells how after a breakup, he gets through the heartache by telling the Ex to burn things of their relationship so he leaves nothing behind but bittersweet memories. This son g touches me and reminds me that no matter how tough things can be, we can get through them.

Civil liberties has its concern on basic rights and freedoms which are

Civil liberties has its concern on basic rights and freedoms which are guaranteed either, interpreted by the court and law makers through the years or are explicitly identified in the constitution and the bill of rights. Freedom of speech, the right to privacy, the right to be free from unreasonable home searches, right to fair court trial, right to marry, and the right to vote. When differentiating civil liberties from civil rights, one should consider which right is affected and whose right is affected. For example, an employee does not have a right for promotion, mainly the reason is because a promotion is not a guaranteed ‘’Civil liberty” but being a female worker, one has the legal right to be free from discrimination when being considered for a promotion.

Civil rights

It means the basic rights of being free from unequal treatment basing on particular characteristics which are deemed crucial like gender, race, and being disabled. It includes a class of rights which gives one the ability of participating in political and civil affairs without repression or discrimination. Laws which ensure one’s safety and physical integrity and laws which ensure people are not force in to labor. There are also laws protecting from non-government or private discrimination based on religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, among others. There are laws providing equal healthcare access, culture and education.

Civil liberties

Any example of protecting people from governmental actions or relating to basic freedoms and rights which are guaranteed in the American constitution, some being; right to jury trial and right to vote.

The pursuit of civil rights and liberties has always been a common theme in the American history. Since the colonial period through the millennium American key figures fought, even with their lives for the inalienable rights which were guaranteed in the United States constitution.

During the 1995 Million man march, hundreds of thousands of African American men gathered in Washington Dc in a rally promoting racial solidarity and personal responsibility. This drew a significant media attention and marked the end of reliance on litigation as major tactic to gain civil rights for the blacks. This non-violent tactic changed the face of America law and politics and which led to the protection of the rights of minorities.

As the United Stated delves deep in to the 21st century, with the array of technological and social advancements, one facet which has continually been revolutionizing, impressing and greatly impacting the American society is the digital media, as it is known that it comes from the evolution of communication. The speed including the manner in which news have been reaching the audience has been more remarkable than the media saturation in the American public.

There are certain events throughout the U.S history where media focused on governmental; failures and also successes. One of the events which were covered extensively in the media is FEMA – The Federal Emergency Management Agency, to the devastation in New Orleans during the aftermath of the Hurricane Katrina and which portrayed the FEMA’s delayed response in evacuating the residents of New Orleans. This story carries a large responsibility on showing the ineffectiveness in the government towards the Hurricane Katrina and which has amounted to people distrust towards governmental management.

Also after the 9/11 attacks, it was argued that the media was to blame for the increased anti-Islamic riots and public anger. The media perception over Islam religion was very negative and less contextual. Its stereotypical presentation of Muslims affected public perceptions over Islam and brought protests in the New York City and also other hatred acts over Muslims emerged as a result of negative media campaigns against Islam community living in the United States.

Republicans and democrats differ in various ways; their philosophy, politics, worldview and ideas are different. Republicans are known as conservatives while the Democrats are known to be liberals. While Democrat believes in generally in large federal government, the Republican does not believe in such aspects. The Democrats believe that government should be involved toward the overall good in peoples welfare, and irrespective of personal interests, they see every person as equal.

Republican primarily considers the economic equity first than the other things while believing that all answers lay with the citizens rather than the with the government. Republican supports less governmental interferences and they posse’s great believe in property rights more than welfare rights.