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Biomes can be affected by climate and location, the climate of a region because the temperatures and yearly rainfall can effect which organisms are living in that specific biome year round, or what just lives there temporarily. Location can affect biomes because if it was closer to the equator, then it would have a warmer climate year round, if it lived farther away from the equator, then it would have a colder climate year round.

We have three different types of biomes, temperate, tropical, and polar. Between the types, we have nine different biomes, tropical rain forest (tropical), tropical savanna (tropical), tropical deserts (tropical), temperate forests (temperate), temperate grasslands (temperate), Chaparrals (temperate), temperate deserts (temperate), tundra (polar) and taiga (polar). The Tropical Desert gets less than twenty-five centimeters of rain yearly. Since this is a desert, it has very poor soil quality and temperatures ranging from 61-120 degrees.

Many animals live in this type of biome, you can find, hawks, foxes, spiders, scorpions, lizards, snakes, insects, rodents, cacti, and thorn acacias. Because of this wide arrangement of organisms they have created a food chain and co-exist with each other. The rodents and insects eat the cacti and thorn acacias; Spiders, scorpions, lizards and snakes eat the rodents and insects; Hawks and Foxes eat the spiders, scorpions, lizards and snakes. The Chaparrals get somewhere from 48-56 cm of rain yearly. It also has rocky, nutrient poor soil.

In the winters it is very cold and wet. In the summers it’s hot and dry. Organisms in this biome include trees, mice, rabbits, goats, snakes, jackals, wild cats, owls, lions and kites. This biome’s food chain looks like this, the mice, rabbits and goats eat the trees; The snakes, jackals, wild cats and owls eat the mice, rabbits and goats; Lastly, the lions and kites eat the snakes, jackals, wildcats and owls.

The Tundra has a special layer of ground that is completely frozen, called the permafrost. It has long, cold winters which usually give them 24 hours of night-time. It has short, cool summers that usually give them 24 hours of day-time. In this biome many organisms thrive such as types of grasses, willows and evergreen shrubs, rodents, insects, the musk ox, the snowy owl, the arctic fox, the polar bear, and the white wolf. This food chain goes like this, the rodents, insects, and musk ox eat the grasses, willows and evergreen shrubs; then, the snowy owl and arctic fox eat the rodents, insects and musk ox; Finally the polar bear and white wolf eat the snowy owl and arctic foxes. Polar Bears live in the Tundra Biome.

They are becoming an endangered species very quickly. There are many different causes for this some think it’s just global warming and the melting of the ice, but they are wrong, it might be factors but it isn’t the only factors coming into play here. Hunting and poaching is also a big threat to polar bears. By the 1970’s hunting and poaching had almost wiped out the polar bears. The populations fell to as low as 10,000 in the entire world. Thankfully, they have put some restrictions on hunting polar bears but these rules don’t stop a determined poacher.

If earth was one biome, it would be different in many ways. The climate and weather patterns would all be the same instead of different in every region. A lot of things on earth wouldn’t survive if they thrive in a cold climate and is forced to live in a hot one suddenly, even if they are gradually introduced to it. I think because of global warming it would end up having an all-around, warm climate but with a warm climate like that comes flooding, and lots of it from glaciers and ice melting world-wide. The would be warm, but it would also be underwater, it would be disastrous.

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