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Biology Question Description Guidelines for the course work preparation1) The Topic : “Advances

Description Instructions for preparing course work 1) The Topic: “Advances in Transgenic Plant Relevant Vaccines Production Methods and Their Limitations” **”Ensure that the paper is focused and covers a specific topic within this wide problem. The course assignment is a research essay based on literature that includes an in-depth investigation of the suggested topic. 2) The essay’s format should be similar to that of review papers published in prestigious scientific publications. 2000-2500 words in length (excluding the title page and the reference list). Make the document in Microsoft Word format. In most cases, the review should include at least three papers. 1.5-line interval spacing 2 cm margins on all sides 12 pt Times New Roman font ** The paper should be divided into multiple sections (each focusing on a different subtopic) that you can name as you see fit. A list of the sources utilized should be included in the manuscript. The following is a broad guide for each section (which is not required and may not be labeled exactly as shown): 1) An overview 2) Thesis (introduction) (1-2 pages): This is a part in which you should briefly define the work’s objective. Give some background information, such as what is known and what is unknown about the situation, why this problem is important, and so on. Provide appropriate citations to the original sources. 3) Evidence and Analysis (Results and Discussion) (3-4 pages): This is the most important part of the paper. It should provide a summary of the findings from the publications under consideration. Make an effort to be clear and succinct. To present the findings, you may use table(s) or figure(s) (no more than two of each). Discuss the outcomes. What has been discovered, and what remains a mystery or unknown? What are the chances? 4) Conclusions (1-2 sentences, 1 paragraph): A concise summary of the previous section’s conclusion. 5) Bibliography. should include both in-text citations and a reference list at the end of the article. The US National Library of Medicine (; National Center for Biotechnology Information (; European Molecular Biological Organization (; and similar world organizations and databases are encouraged to be used in the preparation of your essay.