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Biology poster ( Just Method)

Biology poster ( Just Method).

Can you help me with doing the method for the biology poster?The method should include:Dilution for soilTransferring Actinomycetes Adding dead E.coli or SaprophyticusAdding Bacillus mycoidesMost of the information should be taken from Trail 2 & 3 part (actinmycetes poster file)write only about the dishes labeled MI!please follow the guidelines while writing the method section.There are two examples uploaded down and a template to have an idea of how should it be.Must be submitted as a PowerPoint file, and the poster must contain the information for the poster title block (title and authors).
Biology poster ( Just Method)

Develop Research Questions.

For this assignment follow the instructions. I have attachedmy purpose statement, and other resources to help/ Instructions Your assignment is to draft two or more research questions. These questions can be either qualitative or quantitative or a mixture of both. Qualitative: Research questions must be aligned with the purpose statement. Qualitative research questions should be open-ended and reflect the nature of the qualitative design (avoid yes/no and closed-ended questions). Quantitative: Research questions must be aligned with the purpose statement and should include proposed hypothesis(es). Ensure the research questions and hypothesis(es) are aligned with the purpose statement. The research questions and hypotheses must be directly answerable, specific, and testable based on the data collected. Hypotheses (Quantitative/Mixed Studies Only) Both null hypotheses and alternative hypotheses should be stated. Each must directly correspond with a research question. Hypotheses must be stated in testable, potentially negatable, form with each variable operationalized. Note: Each hypothesis represents one distinct testable prediction. Upon testing, each hypothesis must be entirely supported or entirely negated. Length: 1 page, not including title page (reference page not required) Your research questions should be directly aligned with the purpose statement. Your research questions should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards where appropriate. Purpose statementbelow : Purpose of the Study The purpose of this qualitative study is to determine why racial minorities account for a disproportionately large number of high school dropouts. The main study method to be used will be an analysis of secondary data. The study design will be a systematic review of the literature on the topic. The choice of systematic review of literature is guided by the need to understand the opinions of scholars and experts in the field about high school dropout rates and why they are high among racial minorities. The target population for this study is high school students and especially racial minorities. The research sample and setting are diverse and based on the studies accessed for the systematic review of the literature. Primarily, the setting of the study is the experts who handle matters of high school dropout rates and racial trends in education. The main sampling approach will be snowballing sampling where cross-referencing is useful in finding credible studies (Creswell & Creswell, 2017). Snowballing starts with a narrow number of studies their references can be used to find more credible studies, especially the ones that have been cross-referenced. The sample size, according to Creswell & Creswell (2017), should not be limited since a systematic review should include a majority of the most relevant studies. Therefore, the sample size is left open for the sampling process. Data collection and analysis will be through access to studies through databases on education and analysis using a systematic review tool. Studies will be accessed from research databases such as Academic Research Ultimate, Education Full Text, EBSCO, and governmental databases. These studies will be fed into Covidence systematic review management program which is provided by Cochrane (Covidence, n.d.). Data analysis will be thematic and it will seek to outline the major causes of the disproportionately high dropout rates of racial minority high school students. The study results will inform policies in education that will enhance school retention and graduation rates for high school students. References Covidence: World-class systematic review management. (n.d.). Retrieved from Creswell, J. W., & Creswell, J. D. (2017). Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches. Sage publications.
Develop Research Questions

EDU 7130 Ashford University Virtual Reality in Education Discussion

EDU 7130 Ashford University Virtual Reality in Education Discussion.

The first part in establishing priorities in a situation or crisis is to examine why something is happening. Sometimes we do not have time to look at the “why” and just need to deal with “what” is happening and review the why later. If you do not have time to examine all factors, it is vital to start examining the why in order to establish the root causes of the situation. Doing so will help us to prevent the reoccurrence of such a crisis in the future. Prior to completing this discussion read Chapter 9 in Bush (2011).Initial Post: Create an initial response that addresses the following:First, identify an event that occurred within an educational setting within the last year. As you look for your current event, review several news articles related to the event. This event should be different then the one you identified last week.Next, complete the following:Provide a summary of the situation.Identify environmental factors or root causes that helped cultivate the problems present in the scenario.Produce an initial plan that would address these environmental factors and prevent the situation from occurring in the future. When responding to your peers, provide additional factors that they may not have considered and ways those factors would change their plan.Your initial post should be at least 350 words.Guided Response: Post responses to at least two classmates. In your response, reflect on your classmate’s responses. Questions you might consider in your response include:Do you agree with the root causes that have been identified?Is there anything missing from the proposed plan that you might include?
EDU 7130 Ashford University Virtual Reality in Education Discussion

Mercer University Leadership Ashley Wants to Boost Teamwork Case Study

term paper help Mercer University Leadership Ashley Wants to Boost Teamwork Case Study.

Leadership Case Problem A: Ashley Wants to Boost Teamwork
This case illustrates the challenges of converting a regular work group into a highly productive team. The team leader may need to intervene to improve teamwork, but which intervention to choose may not be clear.

How can Ashley be a more effective team leader?
What can Ashley do to get her team more interested in functioning as a team?
Based on whatever information you have found in the case, what is your evaluation of Ashley’s charisma?

Ashley wants to Boost Teamwork
Ashley considered herself fortunate to be chosen as the team leader for one of the newly formed teams at the insurance company where she worked. The purpose of forming teams was to improve customer service. Each team now had the authority to issue policies and settle claims, within limits, for specific geographic regions. Before the shift into teams, separate departments existed for sales, underwriting, and claims. Although the company was profitable, it received too many criticisms about poor service, particularly in the time required to process a claim. Sales representatives within the company contended that the underwriting department took too long to approve and issue policies. 
One of Ashley’s first initiatives was to hold frequent in person meetings to discuss how service was going to be improved. She emphasized to the team that the company had adopted the popular team concept and that teams were empowered to look for ways to improve efficiency. Ashley also emphasized that each team member had more responsibility than under the department structure. Each team member would be doing some sales, underwriting, and claims. 
Team member George commented during one of the meetings, “Just think of it, three jobs in one and being paid just the same as before.” During the same meeting, team member Roz asked, “What’s so special about calling us a team? I had a nice job in the underwriting department before these teams were formed. I enjoyed that work. Now my job is more confusing.”
Ashley responded, “The company decided this was the way to go. Trust me, everything will work out fine. Just go along with the team idea for now.” Four months after the teams were formed, Ashley’s
boss, James, met with her to discuss progress. James said, “Your team isn’t making as much progress as I would like. Policies are not being issued any faster. Customer complaints about slow claims settlements are at the same level as before we converted into teams.
The other teams are making more progress. Does your team have a problem?” “We do have a problem,” said Ashley. “Everyone comes to work just as in the days before teams. They do most of the work alone, but they send e-mail messages to each other as needed. It just seems to be business as usual. So far, the idea of a high-producing team hasn’t caught on.” “Are you an effective team leader?” asked James. “I think I am,” said Ashley. “I do everything I’m sup-posed to. I hold meetings, I post messages. I answer all questions asked of me. I try to settle problems.” “I’ll be back to you in two months to discuss your team’s progress. I want to see some improved results in terms of better customer service.”
DuBrin, A. J. (2018). Leadership: Research Findings, Practice, and Skills. [VitalSource Bookshelf]. Retrieved from…
KEY TERMS used in chapter
team pg.226, teamwork 226, cooperation theory 230,
micromanagement 234, e-leadership 234
open-book management 238
Mercer University Leadership Ashley Wants to Boost Teamwork Case Study

The Human Resource Leader Position: Warren Buffett Essay

Table of Contents Brief Biography Early Life Higher Education and Early Career Business Empire The HR Leadership Style of the Warren Buffett References Brief Biography Warren Buffett was born in Nebraska in 1930. From the years of his youth, he had exhibited extraordinary business competence. To confirm these words is has to be said that at the age of 26 he had already established Buffett Partnership Ltd; nearly ten years later Warren gained the authority over Berkshire Hathaway. Warren Buffett appeared to be one of the world’s most wealthy men and an acknowledged benefactor due to his supervising of the rapidly growing empire with ownership in the fields of media, generated power, and cooking industries (Zakaria, 2013). Early Life The young boy had been actively displaying dexterity towards finances and organizational management, which was confirmed by the friends of the family on countless occasions. Warren was considered to be a mathematical genius due to his exceptional capability to add enormous numbers in his head; a capability that he would later expose in public. The first experience as a financier Warren received when he was 11 years old. He used to attend the stock brokerage shop that belonged to his family and helped to write the current stock costs on the blackboard with a piece of chalk. Later he attempted to make his first money expenditure there: for 114 dollars he had purchased three shares of CSP, which is short for Cities Service Preferred. The price of the stock had quickly decreased to 27 dollars per share; however, Warren patiently waited until they attained 40 dollars per stock. The boy was dissatisfied with the earnings he made; moreover, the price of each share unexpectedly went up to 200 dollars each. Later Warren Buffett would describe this incident as his first life lesson that had shown him the precondition to be patient with investments. Higher Education and Early Career When Warren was 16, he had been admitted to the University of Pennsylvania to examine business models and management. However, in less than two years, the future billionaire decided to continue his education at the University of Nebraska. Finally, he finished his higher education at the age of 20, and the income of almost 10 thousand dollars coming from his adolescence, not so little companies. 10 “Influenced by Benjamin Graham’s 1949 book, The Intelligent Investor, Buffett enrolled at Columbia Business School to study under the acclaimed economist and investor. After earning his master ‘s degree in 1951, he sold securities for Buffett-Falk

Complaint letter

I wish to present complaints that your business has presented to Yoga Center which have continually worked to strain our relationship as business neighbors. Your employees have always been leaving the garbage carts outside our Day-care premises making it a huge distraction to our clients as well. This is against the accepted code of behavior since the carts should be kept at the appropriate storage areas at all times. We have also noted with concern that your businesses have been dumping wastes and other inappropriate items close to our premises. This is an eyesore to our business and has adversely affected the business. This illegal dumping has made us land into problems with the local authorities as dumping is against the local regulations (Joshi, 2006). Recently Yoga Center was even required to pay a hefty fine. Another complaint which we wish to raise is the noted unfair competition which you have subjected to our business. The billboards which have been erected around our business have largely confused our clients and made the business to not pick-up fast as anticipated. The storage and parking of vehicles has also been a case of distress. Noise has been on increase in the recent past. This being a yoga centre we require total silence in order for the people to effectively reflect and offer adequate care to babies. The increased noise levels work as a distraction and the clients do not achieve the necessary results. This has made our clients not to be satisfied with the results and they have left the yoga classes thus making us to lose profits. Kindly consider these complaints for mutual relations between us, thanks. References Joshi, G. (2006). Writing Skills for Technical Purposes. New York, U.S.A: Gyan Publishing House

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