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Bethesda University California Wk 9 Emerging Infectious Diseases Research Paper

Bethesda University California Wk 9 Emerging Infectious Diseases Research Paper.

Write a one page essay about one of the books below, you have the right to choose any book you want to write about from these choices below : Engineering Legends: Great American Civil Engineers (Weingardt) 2005, 165pp Circles in the Sky: The Life and Times of George Ferris (Weingardt) 2009, 162pp Women in Engineering: Pioneers and Trailblazers (Layne) 2009, 247pp America Transformed: Engineering and Technology in the Nineteenth Century (Herrin) 2002,185pp Designed for Dry Feet: Flood Protection and Land Reclamation in the Netherlands (Hoeksema)2006, 148ppEssay requirements :The essays must be a personal analysis, critique, or commentary on what you learned and/or
agreed/disagreed with. Essays should tie the book into your personal life experiences and/or
career goals by including your personal viewpoints/thoughts. The essays must be entirely
the student’s own original work.
• Grading will include format, grammar, and spelling – use paragraphs.
• Essays to be printed using Arial 12 point, double spaced, and shall be one complete page
(minimum and maximum of 1 page – 1 side of 1 piece of paper). No title page is allowed.
Citations are not required. Please follow all the requirments and make sure to choose the book from the options provided only , and one page essay only will provide a good tip and review.
Bethesda University California Wk 9 Emerging Infectious Diseases Research Paper

UCLA Providing Effective Solution to Drug Trafficking in Mexico Research Questions.

For this assignment you will need:A formalized research question* about Mexico and Drug, War, Truth, Justice, and Human RightsAn annotated bibliography of at least six sources** you consulted in developing the question. In 4 to 5 sentences, each annotation should describe:A formal citation in either Chicago or MLA style;The author’s central claims or argument;The key components of that argument; what evidence is used to support it;Its place in the broader literature about the topic and connections to your other sources.Must be 6 scholarly article sources. Note: This assignment is graded primarily on the quality of the research, as demonstrated in the annotated bibliography section. Focus your attention there, not on developing the perfect question. If your research and analysis of sources is strong, a good question will eventually follow.* Your question should be written after your annotations, not before: it should reflect your understanding of the topic and your research, rather than a preconceived question.You must use the library to access scholarly sources.You must read and understand the arguments made my scholars about your topicYou must develop a research question: this question will derive from your research and will not have a definitive answer, either in scholarly research or common sense.You must develop a thesis to answer this question, this thesis will be based on research and you will use scholarly sources to support the claims you make in your argument.You must present an alternative answer to the question (a counterargument) based on research: this should not be an invention, but rather based on arguments from scholars that you find in your research.There are, unfortunately no shortcuts around the research, and you should plan to devote significant time at the start of the course to understanding the topic you choose. Jstor, Project Muse, and Google Scholar can all be helpful places to start, but remember that basic keywords will return basic results. You must read and engage with your sources: follow citations to figure out what other sources examine a topic; notice the language your sources use and try using more “expert” keywords; don’t be satisfied with the first 10 results.The best papers will have specific topics that evolve from initial research. You might, at first, be interested in what causes violence, but if you stop with the first few sources you find about the drug war, your paper will likely provide general, unconvincing answers. It’s important to keep digging and figure out (and understand) how scholars have offered very specific answers to the question.THIS IS THE FIRST STEP OF A RESEARCH PAPER THAT IS 18-20 PAGES. IF THIS IS DONE WELL, I WILL INVITE YOU TO FINISH THE REST OF THE PAPER.
UCLA Providing Effective Solution to Drug Trafficking in Mexico Research Questions

Relationship between Young Parents and Children. Home, is a place where we can relax and be our self. We do not need to pretend. While, by having a good relationship between family members is good for the development of children. It is an important role for a family. An important study found that children of working parents did better when: Mothers were warm and responsive with children Child care was stable and of high quality Children spent fewer hours in child care Faughn.P (2006, jun 1). Working parents with young children: What’s Important? Message posted to between Young Parents and Children
Minimum of 350 words with at least to peer review reference in 7th edition APA style 1.  What are the big potential side effects of milrinone? 2.  Which drugs reduce preload, which reduces afterload.  In what circumstances do we want to reduce afterload or preload…how do things such as stroke volume play into this? 

SCC Marketing of Hospitality Service Co Branding & Branded Products Discussion

SCC Marketing of Hospitality Service Co Branding & Branded Products Discussion.

Chapter 91.Give examples of co-branding and ingredient branding practices in the hotel and restaurant industry. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these practices?2.Explain why many people are willing to pay more for branded products than for unbranded products. What does this tell you about the value of branding?3.As a hotel or restaurant manager, how would you gain new product ideas?Chapter 101.What is a service culture? Why is it a requirement for an internal marketing program?2.What are the benefits of explaining advertising campaigns to employees before they appear in the media?
SCC Marketing of Hospitality Service Co Branding & Branded Products Discussion

Waiting Times in Out-patient Department (OPD)

essay writer Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp REVIEW OF LITERATURE The review of literature on waiting time in OPD setting is presented under following headings 1) Waiting time in hospitals 2) Patient satisfaction about waiting time and service availed in hospitals Waiting time in the hospitals VijayaBharat et al, 2011 conducted a cross sectional study to compute the waiting time in a crowded out-patient department (OPD) of the Cardiology section of Tata Main Hospital, Jamshedpur. The results shows that the mean waiting time was 58.6 minutes for each patients and 8.7% of the patients were seen within 30 minutes of their arrival in the hospital. The study recommended that in order to reduce overcrowding of patients, the type of cases, their contact time and the frequency of visits needed to be identified. Efficiency was improved by increasing the availability of doctors and introduction of practice guidelines. Rafat Mohebbifar et al (2013) conducted a descriptive study in an educational and learning hospitals affiliated to the University of Ghazvin, Iran to analyse the outpatient waiting time in different hospital clinics. They reported an average waiting time of 161 minutes for a patient. The study recorded longest average waiting time 245 minutes in ophthalmology clinics. In the same study, least average waiting time (77 minutes) was recorded in orthopaedics clinics. Sumeet Singh et al 2013 conducted a cross sectional study in a tertiary care medical college hospital in Punjab, North India to assess the patients satisfaction regarding patient care, and it shows that time interval between admission and commencement of treatment was more than half an hour in 13% cases. Majority of the respondents find difficult to locate the labs and time taken to reach the labs. Almost 71% of cases takes about 10-30 min and more than half an hour in 7 % of the cases, with problem in locating the labs were 27 %. 2) Patient satisfaction level about waiting time for the service availed in hospitals In tertiary hospital setting the highest priority given to the best health care facility to the patients. Patient’s Satisfaction plays a major role in improving health services and it also helps in identifying the flaws and pons in a health care system. Fekadu Aseefa, et al 2011 conducted a study to assess the patient’s satisfaction with health services at territory hospital in Ethiopia. In this study the findings shows that the way doctor’s services were 82.7% compared with overall satisfaction which was only 77% with the other services waiting time. In contrast dissatisfaction were 46.9 % reported who spend time to see a doctor. Waiting time in hospitals imparts a major role in the patient satisfaction who seek health access. Sarkar J et al 2011 conducted a cross sectional study among outpatients in a peripheral government teaching hospital and about satisfaction level with respect to hospital service and noted that majority of the patients were satisfied in consultation room(53.5%), doctor patient communication (51.0%), and overall satisfaction were (59.9%). The place for waiting area and time (38.6%) was found to be the unsatisfied. Bilkish N. P, Shelke SC et al 2012 conducted a cross-sectional study of towards services received at tertiary care hospital on OPD basis and found out that for consultation patients had to wait less than 30 min. 91% of the out patients were satisfied with OPD timings. 77% patients were satisfied with explanation of treatment by pharmacist. Anand D ,KaushalSK et al 2012 , conducted a cross sectional study which among patients and respondents attending outpatients departments of primary, secondary, and territory health facilities of Agra to evaluate the level of satisfaction of patients visiting health facilities and found that level of satisfaction was high with signboards display, courtesy and respect given by doctors. Overall time duration given by doctors, skills of doctors, effectiveness of health service in solving problems. Satisfaction was found to be comparatively low level concerning with the timings of OPD, registration system, waiting time for consultation, comfort and cleanliness of service area, waiting area and overall time duration given by doctors and behaviour of supporting staffs. However at secondary and territory level major causes found were inadequate OPD timings, mismanaged registration procedure and longer waiting time to seek consultation. Krupal Joshi et al 2103, conducted a cross sectional study on patients who visit the outpatient department in a civil hospital at Gujarat and it found that 68% study participates opinioned that arrival to hospital and consultation by physician was too long. In pharmacy service almost all the patients was found to be satisfactory in availing drugs. Nirmalya Manna et al 2013 conducted a cross sectional study on patient satisfaction among outpatients in a hospital at West Bengal. As per the study good satisfaction was showed with respect to doctor services, laboratory services and with the pharmacy Arvind Sharma1 et al 2014 conducted a cross-sectional study which was carried out among patients attending outpatient department of tertiary care hospital, MadyaPradesh to assess the patient satisfaction regarding the services provided in outpatient departments. Majority of the patients were satisfied with availability of services, professional care, waiting time, behaviour of consultant, nurses, paramedical staff and other staff. With regard to waiting time, getting OPD slip has high satisfaction level along with time to reach consultation room. Half of the respondents are satisfied with the getting medicine from pharmacy department. Most of the patients told that 56% of consultants take less than 5 min. for examination and 34% take 5- 15 min. A study was done by Clifford Bluestein et al 2014 to analyse the impact of waiting time on patient satisfaction scores. The results shows that there is an association between longer waiting time and patient satisfaction are negatively associated. The longer waiting time for availing services have negative impact on patient satisfaction and confidence on care providers. KS Prasanna et al 2015 conducted a cross sectional study on the Outpatient Department of a medical college at Mangalore regarding the services provided in the OPD. The study focussed were in terms of clinical care, availability of services, waiting time. It is found that mean time required for consultation was 46.5 ± 20.9 min. Clinical care was found to be more satisfied by the respondent. Dissatisfaction were mostly reported with the waiting time in pharmacy for receiving drugs But when the time spent in pharmacy was analysed, it was considered that it was not significantly satisfactory. Ranjeeta Kumari, MZ Idris et al 2015, conducted a study among all the modern health facilities of Lucknow district at the tertiary level, secondary level, and the primary level. Its main objective is to determine the areas of dissatisfaction among the patients and suggest methods for improvement. Average waiting time in a territory hospital were 30 min. Accessibility of service was another concern for 42% patients.64%reported satisfied with duration of staying OPD, regarding signboard 46.6% reported as satisfied. Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp

Using Crowdsourcing instead of Outsourcing Essay

Using Crowdsourcing instead of Outsourcing Essay. Introduction Crowdsourcing is the outsourcing of a task to the crowd through an open call, where skilled workers voluntarily agree to the arrangement and receive various compensation benefits in return for their work. People go into crowdsourcing for monetary gains, personal and social rewards, as well as the crowdsourcing ideology (Shepherd 2012). Outsourcing is a relatively old business practice, where companies rely on service providers to handle their non-core business activities like security as aspects of a manufacturing process (Kaganer et al. 2013). Both crowdsourcing and outsourcing have advantages and disadvantages. In many cases, the goals of a business and its operating environment determine the suitability of the two concepts. The main difference is that outsourcing requires minimal control of the production process, but it offers overall control of the quality and deliverables’ demands for goods and services. In crowdsourcing, firms relinquish control and deliverables and allow the crowd to respond to emerging issues dynamically (Brabham 2011). Examples of companies tend to use crowdsourcing instead of outsourcing Threadless is a T-shirts company that uses crowdsourcing as part of its business plan. It gives members of its social network, who are more than two million, the creative control over the products that the company offers to the market, especially the T-shirt designs. Members submit and vote for the best designs, where the winners get compensation when their designs are printed and sold by the company as part of the business (Coburn 2012). The Threadless example shows that companies are encouraged by the ability to meet high innovation and creative designs at a minimal cost as the generic tools for crowdsourcing ideas are already available freely or at affordable rates. The FoundersClub is a company whose business is the provision of an angel investment platform. The business allows investors who have a few resources to make angel investments in the company, which they would otherwise not be able to do. The FoundersClub requires members to commit small amounts annually for funding activities. It then pools all the funds and invests in different companies. Thus, the FoundersClub can get money for investment without having to work with a particular financial partner, such as a bank, as its primary supplier. At the same time, the company allows its investment members to offer skills to the companies they invest in when the companies require the skills urgently, but they are unable to find employees. Nokia is one of the most established global companies that rely on crowdsourcing for innovation. It manages a consumer driven collaboration platform that unites contributors from 210 countries and generates consumer experiences from the participating innovators. Participants of the “Ideasproject” by Nokia end up getting a share of the company’s revenue, which comes from its crowdsourced ideas. The participants can become agents of product-design at particular levels within the “Ideasproject”. As a result, Nokia can respond to the trends and demands for product design and functionality innovations (Innocentive 2013). TopCoder is another example. It has the TopCoder Direct platform to link the crowd with its clients, where the arrangement allows clients to receive assistance remotely from the crowd, rather than from the company. Members of TopCoder Direct can be regular or advanced. The advanced members run projects where they serve as co-pilots. Outsourcing at TopCoder allows the company to maintain a small number of in-house technical staff and automate the customer solutions part of the business using the crowdsourcing platform (Lakhani, LonsteinUsing Crowdsourcing instead of Outsourcing Essay

Aristotle’s Position on Guns, philosophy homework help

Aristotle’s Position on Guns, philosophy homework help.

What would be Aristotle’s viewpoint on allowing students to carry concealed handguns on college campuses? I need three arguments Aristotle would give either FOR or AGAINST this case — it cannot be a mixture of opposing/agree. I need the argument to be clear and to have used philosophic terms. I will comment a link to a news article pertaining to the subject of guns on campuses. I expect high quality work that explains Aristotle’s IDEAS, not just why guns are not safe in classrooms. I will attach a document, once a tutor has been selected, for you to see the format of what it should look like and how detailed it should be.
Aristotle’s Position on Guns, philosophy homework help