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Benjamin Franklin, formally the namesake of his uncle Benjamin due to the fond relationship of he and his father, grew up in Boston tending grammar school to become a member of clergy. His schooling was short lived for his father did not have much money so he could no longer afford to send him there, and he then began serving as an apprentice of his fathers business. From the time that Benjamin left school he encountered many hardships as well as far many more successes on the road that led him to be the flourishing independent businessman and printer in Philadelphia.Although Benjamin Franklin is known by most for the lucrative and remarkable person that he became, his success growing p to become that Individual was due largely Impart to his father and brother who taught him, through very different ways, the Importance of persistence, which translated to his uncannily eagerness to be the best that he could possibly be. Much of the success had by Benjamin Franklin corning from a poor family and turning Into a wealthy individual was due to a few important people in his life.

Franklin had about him very desirable qualities, for most people that he had met quickly gained interest in him and were willing to help him, Franklin however, never took any of this for granted. Benjamin Franklin had outstanding core values about him that were installed by a select few people growing up. The person who taught him the most important values in his life was his father, Josiah Franklin. Josiah, as described by Benjamin as “ingenious”, taught at a very young age the fundamental properties of thinking and the importance of being knowledgeable. Benjamin aspiration for learning stemmed from Josiah.Even at young ages Benjamin highlights the fact that for dinner Josiah would always invite smart Intellectual people over to have Important educational discussions. Benjamin describes the Importance of these talks on page 55 when he states, “By this means he turned our Attention to what was good, just, and prudent in the Conduct of life.

” More specifically then influencing Benjamin to be a generally knowledgeable individual, was Josiah influence to never allow Benjamin to be Just content, instead making him always work harder to gain that much of an edge.This is exemplified In two different situations; when Josiah discouraged Benjamin from becoming a poet even when he had wrote two somewhat successful ballads (page 601 or books of poetry, and when he would continually criticize his rating (page 61). In both cases, even though it seemed rather discouraging at the time, ultimately made Benjamin work that much harder to gain approval from his father. This Is seen In his response to his father’s criticism of his writing on page 61, “l saw Justice of his Remarks, and thence grew more attentive to the Manner In Writing, and determined to endeavourer at Improvement”.James Franklin, one of Benjamin older brothers, also had a significant impact of Benjamin success as a possible had it not been for his brother. Although he had a very rough relationship, James was the person who taught him the trade of printing, when he began his apprentice with James by signing two indentures at the age of 12. More importantly than Just turning Benjamin into a printer, was James’ harsh treatment of Benjamin while working for him.

James never thought much of Benjamin, and in this, although through different tactics than his father, but with a similar result, made him work that much harder.This harsh treatment of Benjamin proved to be very important in the building of his character as noted on page 69 when Benjamin says, “l fancy his [James] harsh and tyrannical Treatment of me. Might be a means of impressing me with that Aversion to arbitrary Power that has stuck to me thro’ my while life. ” As seen through different examples, both Benjamin father and brother both proved to be very important people installing Benjamin with the proper values to succeed. Benjamin successes, being shaped through the relationships he had with both his brother and father, was due to his persistence and hard work to better off himself.Through different examples at young ages, Benjamin showed his desire to be both important and successful. While working for his brother as an apprentice, James paid or the boarding of Benjamin at a local families house.

Benjamin agreed with his brother, to stop paying the family that boarded him, and instead pay Benjamin half of that to live on his own (page 63). Through both sleeping in the print house, and adopting a vegetarian diet, Benjamin was able to save half of what his brother gave him, which he used on books and other material of intellect.The desire to have more books and to be more knowledgeable far outweighed proper living conditions. It is seen that Benjamin made himself better off, by working harder and living a lifestyle, which would be considered very unpleasant to most. Another example of his persistent desire to be successful occurred nearly one year later when he had a falling out with his brother James (pages James and Benjamin had very strong disagreements, leading to many fights, and it was clear that the coexistence of the two would not be possible.Benjamin then showed his wanting to leave James’ company at which point James blacklisted him to all other print shop owners in the area. At that point, Benjamin headed to New York in order to find another opportunity, not knowing what the trip would hold for him.

Benjamin described his situation on page 71 when he said, ” I found my self in New York near 300 miles from home, a Boy of but 17, without the least Recommendation to or Knowledge of any Person in the Place, and with very little Money in my pocket. This really shows that no matter what the conditions held for Benjamin, he was going to do what he wanted to do, and that was to be independent, and more generally, successful. If Benjamin Franklin did not take the chance that he did and struggle the way he did in a new city, poor, not knowing anybody, as described in the previous quote, there would be ere chance that he would have turned out as successful as he did, as the best printer in Philadelphia.In conclusion, the importance of both his father and his brother, proved to determine the success of Benjamin Franklin. What these two key figures in his life did was install the values necessary to be, not only a successful businessman, but also more importantly a respectful gentleman. Benjamin took what these two offered him, which was the knowledge necessary to succeed, and business man that he was at the end of part 1 of his autobiography.

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