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The ‘Self-made’ American Benjamin Franklin Intro- set the scene; assertion; thesis The “new world” of the new colonies during the sass’s was a place of discovery and innovation. The English who settled in the Americas were fleeing oppression and tradition and were striving to seek a new open-minded atmosphere to start their new lives. Benjamin Franklin was born unto this world In 1706 while English powers were still in control of the new American colonies. He grew up the youngest son of seventeen siblings to a humble tallow chandler.At the age often, his formal schooling had ended and his new life of self- taught knowledge began. He left Boston and devoted his time to books, becoming his older brother’s apprentice In a Philadelphia printing store.

By this time outrage against the British control was on an upswing and revolutionary liberal thought was in the air. This atmosphere created a space for innovative and forward thinkers Just like Franklin. Leaders emerged from the rough not because they climbed the verbally ladder to success but because It was necessary to fill the empty rolls of leadership in the new American society.America was calling for a new wave of forward thinkers and untapped potential in the new world’s best leaders. Benjamin Franklins life story is a testament to this. His inept potential was arguably not uncommon but the situation and life he was apart of facilitated his rise from humble beginnings to one of the most historically significant American dreamers to date. His autobiography gives insight to his life.

An “important aspect of the American Dream theme in the Autobiography is the rise from impotence to importance, from dependence to independence, from helplessness to power. ” 0.A. Leo Lemma 351) Though Benjamin Franklin Is the face of American Innovation had he not the support of powerful Individuals and progressiveness of the world in which he lived the innovative American environment would have produced another progressive thinker to fuel the flame of progression through Innovation equally as renowned to his historical stature. (American Environment at the time provided all supplies needed for a man like BE to become a legend. ) (America made BE, BE didn’t make America. ) Environment- Ben Franklin was a leader not unorthodox to have untraditional educationLife of the normal 18th century colonist was fraught with an uneven matched of control from Britain such as the Stamp Act and Tea tax that citizens of the new world were in complete support of break in relationship from control of Britain.

Free market systems were heavily encouraged In the U. S. During this time. The general education of the population of this time was minimal. Young Benjamin was brought up by a humble household who had the goal and aspirations of sending their youngest son to Harvard for the goal of going into the ministry.This fell fiat due to finical reasons, UT during this time a formal education was not commonplace. Real ‘higher level’ education was Just being developed under the new government In the U.

S. During the sass’s, literacy rates were as high as ever being at 75% of all males and 65% for 1 OFF very uncommon due to modern day rules and regulations but this was definitely not the case in the early sass’s. Benjamin Franklin is a great example of the fact that one does not need a formal education to succeed, and also another influential person whom Benjamin Franklin knew during this time also did not have a formal education as Thomas Edison.He ended up being home-schooled primarily and then eventually Joined the railroad at the age of 12, so during this time a formal education was not something that was absolutely necessary. Relationships w/ innovators- flourishing in environment through relationships he was supplied w/ money and power, giving him a sense of worth and importance that allowed him to bring his innovations into fruition. During this time of progression Benjamin Franklin was not alone in his felt of changing traditional thought.Throughout his life he made it a point to seek out other individuals of importance and power to allow him to be among men that will create change in traditional thought.

Among these men were John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and James Madison who will later be called the forefathers of America. Provided these relationships that Franklin created it gave him the support that was necessary for his innovations to be known (celebrity). He carefully and deliberately became friends with wealthy and powerful people to elevate his social status. Quote) Counterargument- BE as a person- Proportioning self-improvement set him apart from en Americans. Even in today’s society he was revered for his scientific studies + forward thinking. He wasn’t exceptional Just for his name. Conclusion- People born into poverty, given everything but can’t follow through opportunity to shine/ creatively suppressed, not supported be of way of the world is in a dif environment.

Restate thesis Throughout Benjamin Franklins life one can see a constant feeling or urge to better himself.He was brought up in a time when there were many new ideas and free-thinking liberties to be had, and Benjamin took full advantage of them. From his mumble beginnings, Franklin created wealth and prosperity for himself. An important aspect of the American Dream theme in the Autobiography is the rise helplessness to power. ” 0. A. Leo Lemma 351) Americans revere Benjamin Franklin as one of the most prolific minds of the modern age.

But he came from a very meager family. He was born the 1 lath son of the family to a chandler and a housewife.He was pushed very much to become a priest and go to Harvard which would prepare him for the ministry, but his mother and father could not financially afford for him to attend. He also had his own skepticism about is faith which clouted his ambitions. He reconsidered and decided at the age of 12 to attend another school for basic reading and writing. Around this time Benjamin showed a great interest in books and he ended being arranged as an apprentice under his brother at a printer. His life was created by these books and printing were Just the beginning.

Throughout his childhood he became very much interested in learning new things picking up the violin, the guitar and other instruments. He taught himself German, French, and Latin. Through his work-ethic he advised more and more Franklins young life: Franklin as starting out on his own: Becoming more influential: thinking. The “New World” was being created as Benjamin grew, and with that, offered many incredible opportunities to him or to anyone who was bold enough to grasp them. Franklin was no ordinary man.Throughout his life he focused all of his efforts on becoming the best person he could be. Growing up the son of a poor chandler and soap maker he committed himself to becoming a wise learned mind, focusing mentally, physically, and philosophically.

Granted, through his time and fort described in his autobiography he created many great situations for himself to develop into one of the wisest minds of the modern thought, but he tended to fall into many situations where he seemed to be in the right place at the right time.During this period of progression the leaders of this new world were being brought out to the fore-front, even if they seems not to be deserving of the role. Benjamin Franklin poses the essence of the “self-made” man. Throughout his autobiography he shows us that it isn’t always the position that you were born in that creates who we re, but instead, it is our outright curiosity and work-ethic that helps us travel through life and will potentially/eventually lead us to power/wealth/happiness/life satisfaction.An “important aspect of the American dream theme in the Autobiography is the rise from impotence to importance, from dependence to independence, from helplessness to power. ” 0. A.

Leo Lemma) Ben Franklin was not completely unaided in his endeavors. He worked incredibly hard for self- improvement and to better himself, but he Just seemed to continually be in the right place at the right time.

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