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An introduction to “First African-American Scientist”, Benjamin Banneker and his contribution to mathematics.

The paper introduces Benjamin Banneker, an African American born in 1731, who made enormous contributions to the study of mathematics. The paper discusses his spheres of interest in the field, including clock building, astronomy, tide and weather. It discusses, too, his widely publicized almanac that served as a contradiction to the American belief that blacks were inferior, and his contribution to the building of the city of Washington D.C.
“In addition to creating America’s first clock, his studies in astronomy made a mathematical calculations of the stars and constellations, which he used to correctly predict a solar eclipse that took place on April 14, 1789. Furthermore, Banneker was not quiet about this contradiction. Infact, he was a social critic of slavery. Thus, it was this reason and an attempt to promote change; he sent a copy of his first Almanac to Thomas Jefferson.”

leadership in organizations leadership portfolio

leadership in organizations leadership portfolio.

5 parts for the whole project. requiring reading textbook and guideline Formatting of Portfolio Part I. Reflective Self-Assessment Section 60 points In-depth reflection on all of the assigned assessment/reflection opportunities (see above) 1page for each assessment/reflection for a total of 6 Part II. Ideal Leadership Image 20 points Description of the leader you currently are or want to become 1page Part III. Action Plan / Practice of Leadership Section 60 points Identification of the 2 leadership competencies to be further developed (Must be from the course reflection topics in the reflective self-assessment section) At least 3 action items for each of the 2 competencies Specific details for action items including timeline and plan for assessing progress towards the development of the competencies and action items you identified 1page total if utilizing chart format on p. 67 of textbook Part IV. Feedback Team 10 points Identification of feedback team 1 paragraph.

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