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Benefits of Synergy Discussion Posts

Benefits of Synergy Discussion Posts.

Student 1:The labor movement and labor unions came about in America out of necessity. When more people turned to factory work during the industrial revolution rather than being self employed such as farming, that changed the way things worked. With many capitalists more focused on their own profits someone had to look out for the employees. “Labor union leadership enters into good faith negotiations with management representatives over terms of employment such as work hours, pay, and job security.” (Martoccio, pg 307). Labor unions help ensure that employees are protected from unfair treatment or being taken advantage of. Employees join labor unions for many different reasons including personal, political, social, and job considerations. Many employees see joining a labor union as a solution to a real or perceived problem. Unions can help employees receive better wages, which is also a big reason for joining. Employees covered under collective bargaining often enjoy higher wages and re more likely to participate in a variety of employee benefit programs. Student 2:“The labor movement has developed a multilevel organizational structure. This complex of organizations ranges from local unions to the two principal federations—the AFL-CIO and the Change to Win Coalition. Structured unions then pursue strategies to build membership and representation of workers in as many workplaces as possible.” (J. J. Martocchio, J. Martocchio, 310). Local unions are the most important type of unions to employees, because they work directly with employers to broker deals on behalf of their members on a day-to-day basis. National unions serve as the over-arching organizing body for affiliate local unions. “The national union is active in organizing workers within its jurisdiction, engaging in collective bargaining at the national level, and assisting its locals in their negotiations. In addition, the national union may provide numerous educational and research services for its locals, dispense strike funds, publish the union newspaper, provide legal counsel, and actively lobby at national and state levels.” (J. J. Martocchio, J. Martocchio, 311)People join labor unions in order to remedy unfavorable labor conditions as a collective. It would be extremely difficult for an individual worker to address their grievances alone, but workers can negotiate for their rights more effectively using the collective power of labor unions. Employees join labor unions to create negotiating power as a collective unit to bargain for fair and equitable compensation and benefits, to establish job security, and weaken the autonomy of executives. Student 3:I have chosen the telecommunication industry for my driving force analysis. Below are the following factors that affect this industry:Communication-Highly Important-Wireless internet is becoming the future quickly. There is an increasing demand for speedier data connectivity, higher resolution, quicker video streaming, and ample multimedia applications.Popularity-High importance-The popularity of wireless internet and all it offers is steaduly increasing revenue and lots of organizations are flocking towards it. Mergers- High Importance-Attractive to investors which makes the value higher. Telecommunications companies are a rarity in the stock market; their shares have, at times, exhibited characteristics of both income and growth stocks (Beers, B. 2019).Government Deregulation- Low- In 1996, Congress approved and President Clinton signed into law The Telecommunications act of 1996. One of the primary goals of this act was to restructure the telecommunications industry in order to foster competition by attempting “to reduce regulatory barriers for entry and competition(N/A, N.D). When this was done they wanted to make it so the telecommunication industry would have as much competition as possible. The communication driving force has had the most impact because of how much wireless internet and the digital age has come into play. It has sped up over the last five years and I do not see it slowing down.Student 4:For the Driving Force analysis I would like to choose Technology Industry. In the current generation the technology is growing very fast and changing according to the consumer taste frequently. Technology has been a great success in the recent past. There are many factors which are driving the technology industry. They are,Customer needs – More Important – The customer needs in the current generation are really increasing. To meet the customer expectation and demand the research & development team has been spending a lot of money and time as well. If one customer needs are met another new demand increases. So, matching the customer needs are really challenging at the same time it is driving the industry as well.Data – More important – Data storage is another important aspect which has changed the technology industry to the heights. There are many companies who spends a lot of time in data saving and most importantly they look for database where the can be stored safe, confidential and accessible easily when they want. Every big company wants the data storage facility and increases the demand of technology in the market.User friendly tools – Less Important – Most of the people look for any tools they use has to be user friendly. Taking an example of mobile, how it has been transformed from just a phone to a device now. When it started it was just used to talk to another person and today nobody can live without mobile. People also have got used to mobiles and frequent changes in the mobile options makes them user friendly.Security – More important – Data security is the primary reason for a technology to grow. In the current generation it is easy to hack any kind of data which are stored with any kind of security. To stop the hackers, the companies will need to spend a lot of money on data safety and pay the companies who do the data safety for others which leads to technology growthNew Skills and New Players – Less Important – There have been multiple companies who are coming with new skillset and with new type of technology and they are getting introduced in the market. This is also driving the technology industry. The more and more new players appears the industry starts widening and the number of people involved in the same industry also will increase.Competition – More Important – Competition is common in any industry. When there is a tight competition in the market, the competitors to stay constant in the market and to gain competitive advantage, they will start focussing on the products they offer. They also strive to provide better quality to retain the customers in the company. Where there is a competition there is a chance of growth in any sector. It is applicable for technology as well.Innovation – More Important – Change is the only thing constant in any business. To meet the customer demands, many companies have been involved in a lot of Research and development to modify the products they offer. Innovation attracts people to buy and try them. This brings up more revenue to the industry and becomes a cause of growth. Innovation in technical field is vital because the current generation always expects new innovations and it gets appreciated as well.Student 5:In terms of job evaluation, working in teams should always be considered as a criterion for working appraisals. In order for an associate to be promoted to a position such as management, the associate’s ability to work in a team is vital in an organization’s efforts to achieve new goals. As associates work in teams, certain skills such as effective communication and leadership are applied and further developed. In order for managers to convey goals effectively, the ability to communicate amongst various associates is essential to accomplishing new tasks. Regardless of how “independent” a job may seem, generally teamwork is needed amongst all jobs. For example, jobs such as electricians or semi-truck drivers are generally completed by one person. On the other hand, the electrician is usually setting up cables to accommodate appliances that are later installed by a maintenance person. Additionally, truck drivers may take long drives with equipment, but are often met at a meeting point with another truck driver awaiting to transfer the goods. Consequently, If the initial duties by the electrician and semi-truck driver are not finished, then the rest of the assignment cannot be completed. Although the teamwork is not always direct, it is important that the specific aspect of job is completed to ensure the completion of the overall task. On the other hand, people who prefer to work alone can benefit by allotting their own specific time to complete a task. Not to mention, there are less chances of conflicts arising and a possibility that the task can be completed faster (Chitra, 2018). Unfortunately, although a task may be completed amongst a group correctly, it was due to one or few people among the group. According to Hitt, Miller, Colella, and Triana, sometimes it is “better to have individuals work separately, even if the final product was successful” (Hitt, Miller, Colella, and Triana, 2018, p. 364) Overall, working in teams has proven to benefit a company by six different factors: fostering creativity and learning, blending complementary strengths, building trust, teaching conflict resolution skills, promoting ownership, and encouraging healthy risk taking (Mattson, n.d.). Working in a team can take the pressure off individuals and allow individuals who are more knowledgeable in a subject to provide more insight amongst the group. Student 6:I believe that working in teams brings about a certain dynamic that makes a task or job to be accomplished with more understanding and thoroughness. It has been proven that a level of synergy is created by the team which brings about a more efficient output to accomplish any task. There can be drawbacks from operating in teams as well, team members can have issues with communication, and cohesion. The fact is that not all task or jobs require people to work in teams, managers need to ask the hard question. Is the team needed? Managers must ascertain whether a project requires collective work. “Some situations do not call for teamwork and are better handled by individuals working alone” (Colella, Hitt, Miller, & Triana, 2018, p. 366).I believe that if you are working in a team task-based job environment that your employees should have to work in a team or group. The employees will have to understand that teamwork is the concept that is being established and if they have concerns they need to communicate them. Once they communicate them to management, it is managements task to help the employee overcome their concerns and grow into a real team member. They can learn and understand that past bad experiences can be overcome to learn the benefits of working in teams. Managers can also determine if the task that is being performed can be structured to enable for someone that has a problem working in a team environment might be able to excel performing unitary task. “Unitary task is a task that cannot be divided and must be performed by an individual” (Colella, Hitt, Miller, & Triana, 2018, p. 372). Workers who want to be evaluated on their own merits solely must determine if working in a team environment is where they want to be employed. This part of the question reminds me of being in the Navy, being in the Navy is considered a team environment but each individual is evaluated on their own merits. When they are evaluated, teamwork is only one grading category out of many. As a manager you must understand if they are apprehensive about teamwork as it could cause a conflict if the individual does not see or share the views of others. Ultimately we want a workforce that wants to work and is focused on the success of the team and everyone pitches in to accomplish the team goal. There has to be a strong structure, “Teams also need the right mix and number of members, optimally designed tasks and processes, and norms that discourage destructive behavior and promote positive dynamics” (Haas & Mortensen, 2016).
Benefits of Synergy Discussion Posts

MTH 250 Norfolk Compute the Correct Critical Value for The Problem Math Questions.

I’m working on a mathematics project and need an explanation to help me study.

MTH 250 – PROJECT Due by 5/11/2021
Please answer all of the following questions. Be neat, show your work, use full sentences and explain
your answers. Please professionally present your project. Use Excel to create your graphs.
You can work with a partner if you want. If you plan to work with a partner, you must let me know at
least a week before the project’s due date. If you work with a partner, you can turn in just one
Please do your own work, and do not copy anyone else’s project. If you have trouble obtaining the data,
let me know.
PART 1: M&M’s
For this part of the project, you will need to obtain a bag of M&Ms and count how many M&Ms there
are of each color. (If you don’t want to do M&Ms you could do Skittles, or count how many of each type of nut are in a
container of mixed nuts. If you have another similar idea that you would like to do, let me know so I can approve it)
1. What is the variable we are studying? Is this variable quantitative or qualitative? If the variable
is quantitative, is it continuous or discrete?
2. Create a frequency distribution for the number of M&M’s of each color.
3. Create a relative frequency distribution for the number of M&M’s of each color.
4. What is the mode?
5. Create a graph to display this data. Make sure your graph is labeled appropriately. (You can
select the type of graph you think is appropriate)
PART 2: Cereal
For this part of the project, you should go to the grocery store (or online store..) and look at the
nutrition facts for many different boxes of cereal. I would recommend collecting data on at least 20
types of cereal.
For each cereal please make a table of the following data:
(If the cereal lists nutrition information for being served with milk, please just use the nutrition information for plain cereal.)
Name of Cereal Grams of Total Carbohydrates Grams of Fiber
Please include the table with your project.
For each of these two variables:
1. Is the variable qualitative or quantitative? If the variable is quantitative, is it continuous or
2. Find the mean, median, sample standard deviation, and IQR. Find the five-number summary.
3. Calculate whether there are any outliers. If there are outliers, explain how you could tell these
values are outliers. If there are no outliers, explain how you decided there are no outliers.
4. Create a histogram. (You can group data in classes) Make sure your graph is labeled
5. Create a boxplot.
6. Looking at the histogram and/or boxplot, what shape would you say that the data has? (If the
shape is kind of awkward, that’s okay. Give your best analysis of it.)
7. If you had to report on the typical amount of carbohydrates and the typical amount of fiber in
a serving of cereal, what measure of the center would you use for each one? Why?
Two more problems:
8. A high-fiber cereal boasts that it contains 20 g of fiber. A low-carb cereal has just 14g of
carbohydrates. Use the means and standard deviations you calculated to find a z-score for each
cereal of these cereals. Based on these z-scores, which cereal is more exceptional?
9. For this problem, choose whichever of the variables was approximately bell-shaped.
If both were bell-shaped, choose either one; If neither one is bell-shaped choose the closest one to bell-shaped and we will pretend it was bell-shaped.
Use empirical rule to state the values that approximately 68%, 95%, and 99.7% of cereals
would fall between.
Part III: Confidence Interval
This part of your project will be to construct confidence intervals and perform hypothesis tests without using the
calculator to do all the work. Also, you must be able to interpret your results. Please round answers to 3 decimal
Not Allowed: Do not use anything in the STAT > > TESTS menu Allowed: You can use 1-Var Stats.
10. Confidence Interval
In a study of maximal aerobic capacity, 12 women had their blood plasma volume measured. The following
data is their blood plasma volumes in liters.
3.75 2.89 2.70 3.12 2.61 3.85
2.96 3.87 3.15 2.96 3.52 3.12
a. Calculate the mean and sample standard deviation of the women’s blood plasma volume. (You can
use 1-Var Stats on your calculator)
b. We want to find a 90% confidence interval. What is the critical value / ? Explain how you found it.
c. Construct a 90% confidence interval for the mean women’s blood plasma volume by using the
formula. Show your work.
d. Write a sentence to interpret the confidence interval that you constructed.
e. We would like to redo this study with better accuracy. We would like the margin of error to be no
more than 0.1 liters. What sample size should we use for our new study?
Part IV: Hypothesis
11. Hypothesis Test
The ToothBright Toothpaste Company claims that 4 out of 5 dentists (80% of dentists) recommend their
toothpaste to patients. You think that the proportion of dentists who recommend ToothBright is less
than that, so you contact 100 randomly selected dentists across the country to ask if they recommend
ToothBright toothpaste to their patients, and 71 of them said yes.
Perform your hypothesis test at the α=.05 level of significance.
a. State the null and alternative hypotheses.
b. Calculate the test statistic. Show your work.
c. What is the correct critical value (or values) for the problem? Explain how you found it.
d. Mark the Critical Value(s) and the Test Statistic on the curve. Also, indicate clearly which area is
the critical region.
e. Is your test statistic in the critical region?
f. Are you going to reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis? How did you decide?
g. State your conclusion. (without using words like “reject” and “hypothesis”)
MTH 250 Norfolk Compute the Correct Critical Value for The Problem Math Questions

Causes of WWI, history assignment help.

please answer these questions with the powerpoint document that has been attached. It is important to answer these questions in complete sentences. 1. Would the wars of 1900-1950 make it easier or more difficult for you to attain the goals of your perspective? Why do you think so? Which perspectives are helped most by these wars? Which are hurt most?World GDP Discussion Questions:2. In 1870, which regional group had the largest share of world GDP? How much greater was its share than that of other regions? How did the distribution of GDP change by 1913? Did the basic distribution change or did the trends from 1870 continue? How did the distribution change by 1950? Do you think it was fundamentally different than that in 1870, basically similar, or somewhere in between?3. Why? Why do you think some regions in those years had so much greater a share of GDP than others? What do you know in history that might make the wealthier regions wealthy and the poorer poor?4. From your perspective (Imperial Powers, New Empire Builders, Colonized Peoples, or Socialists), is the distribution of GDP in this period a helpful development or a harmful one? Did the changes over the period help or harm your interests? Why?Regional Share of Exports Discussion Questions5. Which region or regions played the most dominant role(s) in international trade in 1870? Which played lesser roles? From your understanding of history, what would have led to this balance? How had those roles changed by 1913? By 1950? Why do you think this might have happened?6. Which regions of the world found their share of participation changing the most over the course of this period? Which changed the least? From what you know, what do you think might have changed certain regions’ roles more, or less, and in a positive or negative direction?7. From your perspective (Imperial Powers, New Empire Builders, Colonized Peoples, or Socialists), was the distribution of regional share of exports a basically positive or negative thing in this period? Why? Did it change for the better or worse over the course of the period? Why?World Energy Consumption Discussion Questions8. How much did actual world energy consumption grow between 1900 and 1950? What percentage increase was that growth? How much did per capita growth increase? What percentage increase was that growth?9. Based on your perspective (Imperial Powers, New Empire Builders, Colonized Peoples, or Socialists), what share of this energy consumption do you think you would likely have, a large one or a small one? Given your perspective, why do you think this would be the case?10. From your perspective (Imperial Powers, New Empire Builders, Colonized Peoples, or Socialists) is this growth in energy consumption a positive or a negative development in human history? If you think it is positive, why do you think so? If you think it is negative, is there any change you could make that would turn it into more positive? What?Data: Percent of Population Living in Cities as Percentage of TotalPopulation Discussion Questions11. Which regions were the most urban in 1890? Which were the least urban? Based on your knowledge of the nineteenth century, why do you think this would be so?12. Which regions were the most urban in 1950? Which were the least? Were the more urban regions the same as in 1890 or had they changed? Based on what you know, why do you think the situation changed or stayed the same?13. From your perspective (Imperial Powers, New Empire Builders, Colonized Peoples, or Socialists), is this regional distribution of urban population a basically positive or negative thing? Did it become more or less positive as time passed? Why do you think so?
Causes of WWI, history assignment help

Cost Containment/ Finance

Understanding the role that finance plays in health care is critical for all health care professions. For this assignment, look at the effect of cost and how finances in health care are affected.

Write a 1,250-1,500 word essay addressing the following questions:

What is cost containment and how has it affected health care?What cost containment practices do we see from private health insurance versus public health insurance?How do national expenditures affect an organization? What trends are we seeing with national expenditures? What does the future look like?What role does cost shifting play?What are the various methods of reimbursement and what trends do we see with these?

Provide at least 3-5 academic sources in writing this paper.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is required.

Submit a 4-page paper, using the Diaz article as well as additional resources about culture, in which you do the following

essay helper free Submit a 4-page paper, using the Diaz article as well as additional resources about culture, in which you do the following.

Describe the skills or techniques you used to engage your partner during the CFI.Explain which aspects of the CFI were the most helpful in learning about your partner’s personal view of the problem and situation from a cultural perspective.Describe the cultural components (e.g., race/ethnicity, religion, geographic region, socio-economic status, etc.) that may influence your partner, and analyze how those cultural components influence their mental health experience.Identify which relevant subsections of the CFI you used. Explain why you did (or did not) use a subsection as part of your assessment.Analyze how you, as a social work treatment provider, might adjust interventions for the client (your partner), their individualized circumstances, and culture of origin. Be specific and demonstrate critical thought through application of concepts in resources.Recommend a specific evidence-based measurement instrument to validate the diagnosis and assess outcomes of treatment. Explain any cultural considerations you made when determining an appropriate instrument, including whether or not the instrument was validated with diverse populations.
Submit a 4-page paper, using the Diaz article as well as additional resources about culture, in which you do the following

Florida Institute of Technology Melbourne Homeland Security Act of 2002 Discussion

Florida Institute of Technology Melbourne Homeland Security Act of 2002 Discussion.

Homeland Security Act of 2002, how effective was Arming Pilots Against Terrorism Act ?Initial discussion posts must be minimum 200 words and cite the sources please In the present day, most prisoners who are transported through the air are transported by JPATS. JPATS stands for Justice Prisoner & Alien Transportation System. JPATS is managed by the United States Marshals Service ((USMS), U.S. Marshals Service). JPATS handles around 715 requests per day to transport prisoners between judicial districts, correctional institutions, and foreign countries. JPATS fulfills these requests primarily with jets they own or have leased.Although commercial airlines are obliged to carry prisoners, JPATS will carry prisoners of military and civilian law enforcement agencies between different jurisdictions at a much lower price ((USMS), U.S. Marshals Service). Along with costing less than commercial airlines, JPATS also operates with a higher security than the airlines.Because of the detailed itineraries of prisoners at courthouses, JPATS flight schedules are created at the JPATS headquarters in Oklahoma City, OK ((USMS), U.S. Marshals Service). Along with having a headquarters in Oklahoma City, JPATS currently has its hub in Las Vegas, Nevada.Response to the above post with 120 words and please cite the references.
Florida Institute of Technology Melbourne Homeland Security Act of 2002 Discussion

Arapahoe Renaissance Preparatory Drawing & Mind of An Artist Discussion

Arapahoe Renaissance Preparatory Drawing & Mind of An Artist Discussion.

Essay (800 – 1200 Words)First, insert an image file of the Renaissance preparatory drawing you have chosen to write about. Review the information and develope a thesis Statement. In your thesis statement, identify the artist who created the drawing, the subject of the drawing, and explain how the artist is using the art as part of their critical thinking process.In your essay’s body paragraphs, explain what the artist was studying. Begin your draft by considering the following questions:What did this artist hope to accomplish?Were preliminary sketches a normal part of the artist’s process?How did other perspectives and contexts affect their subject matter, technique, concept, etc.?Give a specific example from your chosen image to support your statement.Conclude by explaining why critical thinking furthers this artist’s studies, plans, and goals, and how drawing aids them in this process.Create a “Works Cited” section that lists your 3+ scholarly sources in MLA Style format at the end of your paper. Be sure you have properly cited any direct quotes you use in support of your own writing.
Arapahoe Renaissance Preparatory Drawing & Mind of An Artist Discussion