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Benchmark – Building Trust in a Diverse Community Case Analysis and Rationale

A principal will undoubtedly encounter issues concerning employees’ legal rights. Several of those issues could include sexual harassment, collective bargaining, contracts, freedom of expression, social media, incompetence, and termination. While dealing with those issues and the law, the principal must also safeguard the values of democracy, equity, and diversity within the school. It is imperative that the principal build a cooperative school culture within the framework of these dynamics. For this benchmark assignment, you will evaluate the potential moral and legal consequences of decision-making in a school. Use the “Benchmark – Building Trust in a Diverse Community Case Analysis and  Rationale Template,” to address each step of the decision-making model to render a decision for Case 16, provide a rationale for the solution, an outline for a community meeting agenda, and the rationale for the agenda. Support your decisions citing the case where appropriate and a total of 3-5 scholarly articles. While APA style format is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and in-text citations and references should be presented using documentation guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion. You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. A link to the LopesWrite technical support articles is located in Class Resources if you need assistance.
San Diego State University Normal Job Costing System Project.

Please provide the notes i want to know how this is done thank youX Corporation, which uses a normal job costing system and dispose the over/under applied manufacturing overhead using write-off method, had two jobs in process at the start of 20×2: Job No. 59, WIP Balance$66,500Job No. 60, WIP Balance$139,500X applies manufacturing overhead on the basis of machine hours.At the beginning of the 20×2, X corporation estimated its manufacturing overhead during the first quarter would total $212,500and its budgeted machine hours would total 6250Manufacturing overhead incurred during the first quarter of 20×2 included following charges:Depreciation $20,000Indirect labor 50000Indirect materials used 4000Other factory costs128700The company worked on three jobs during the first quarter. Costs added during the first quarter were as follows:Job No.Direct MaterialDirect LaborMachine Hours59$18,000$45,000150060025,00010006137,00035,000?The manufacturing overhead account showed that overhead was overapplied by $14,900Job no. 59 and 60 were completed during the quarter, and X sold job no. 59 for $218,000.00Round your answers to the nearest dollar. Fill in the blank without $ or comma or period, e.g., 12345How many machine hours were used by Job no. 59?What was the gross margin of Job no. 59 after the adjustment of overapplied manufacturing overhead?
San Diego State University Normal Job Costing System Project

Ashford University Types of Ownerships and Investments Paper.

Must be 700-1000 words APA format.Define the types of ownership and investment options available global, types of acquisitions and variables by country using the literature. Make sure you use a minimum of 3 sources for each term.Please do some research and pick one of the issues to discuss. Please make sure to apply the international trade theory to your discussion.No Wikipedia, Blogs with ads from or, as they present a biased opinion. Use all the assigned articles and please add at least three (3) PRJ articles to support your thoughts!Chen, H. (2018). Innovation, FDI, and the long‐run effects of monetary policy. Review of International Economics, 26(5), 1101–1129.Emudainohwo, O. B., Boateng, A., Brahma, S., & Ngwu, F. (2018). Analysis of government policies, institutions, and inward foreign direct investment: Evidence from sub‐Saharan Africa. Thunderbird International Business Review, 60(4), 523–534.Yang, Z., & Wei, T. (2019). Foreign Ownership and External Knowledge Acquisition: A Comparison between International Subsidiaries and Local Firms in China. International Studies of Management & Organization, 49(2), 151–172.
Ashford University Types of Ownerships and Investments Paper

Religious Studies homework help

Religious Studies homework help. This is a paper that focuses on the discussing a contemporary moral business or corporate issue. The paper also requires using sources from the given book.,Discussing a contemporary moral business or corporate issue,Length: 4-6 pages (double-spaced),Choose a contemporary moral business/corporate issue to discuss. Examples: insider trading, CEO bonuses, government bailouts, deceptive/manipulative advertising/sales, sexual harassment/discrimination, sweat shops, environmental destruction, monopolies, negligence, price-gouging, vulnerable consumers, etc. You can pick something specific if you’d like. (like a specific example of an unethical business decision/collapse), or talk about an issue in general. Be creative and pick something that you are passionate and opinionated about (anything you follow in the news is a great choice!). Or pick an ethical dilemma you are currently dealing with (or have dealt with from a past job), and use this as an opportunity to work through it. Pick something controversial. (meaning, don’t choose something that pretty much everyone agrees is either right or wrong), so that you have enough to work with and discuss.,You may use sources other than your textbook, but I encourage you not to. The goal of this assignment is to do your own ethical thinking, not to just combine a bunch of quotes from other people. That being said, depending on your topic, you may want to use sources for statistics or specific examples. However, if you are using sources other than your textbook, you will need to include a bibliography/works cited page and citations throughout your paper. However, if you are going to be talking about a specific case, make sure you find a reputable source for the details.,Wikipedia is NOT a credible source for a college paper.,Discussing a contemporary moral business or corporate issue,If you choose to quote something from a source, be sure to cite your source properly to avoid plagiarism. You may use any citation method you are comfortable with (APA, MLA, etc.) as long as you are consistent. I would rather you NOT use additional sources (at least not for your ,ethical analysis,). I already know what those people think about these topics, I want to know what YOU think about it. If you are just using your textbook, please cite it throughout your paper (but I do not need a works cited page, since I obviously know the publication information for the book).,Summarize your topic/ethical dilemma. Be sure to define exactly what you will be discussing and why it is controversial. For example: there are different conceptions of what constitutes negligence, make sure you make it clear how you are using the term. If you are going to be talking about a specific case, start off by summarizing the situation. This should take you less than one page for sure.,Once you have discussed your topic, analyze it from various ethical perspectives/viewpoints. How may some people morally justify the action(s)? How might others criticize it? It would be a great idea to analyze the dilemma from a Utilitarian and/or Kantian perspective (check with me if you need help applying these theories).,Additionally, please use Times New Roman 12 pt font, double-spaced.  Do not alter the margins of your pages to stretch or condense the length of your paper.,You can write from your own point of view: “I believe…” “I think Utilitarianism is right because…” etc.Religious Studies homework help

Arkansas State University Disaster Myths and Effects Discussion

professional essay writers Arkansas State University Disaster Myths and Effects Discussion.

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For this assignment, review the attached document on 10 disaster myths. Please choose ONE myth. For this one myth, find a picture that you think accurately depicts it. In a word document, insert the picture, and explain your reasoning. Discuss about the myth, how the picture depicts the myth, sources of the myth, and research finding that debunks the myth. Also, discuss what emergency managers should do to overcome the myth. Provide appropriate citations to support your views along with the citation for the picture source. Please be detailed in your explanation, a minimum of 400 words.
Arkansas State University Disaster Myths and Effects Discussion

Narrative Description: This global studies module allows the student to apply various interpersonal communication concepts to a different culture.

Narrative Description: This global studies module allows the student to apply various interpersonal communication concepts to a different culture. In doing so, the student will be able to discern key differences and similarities in communicative behaviors between his or her native culture and an unfamiliar culture. Furthermore, students will be able to discover underlying reasons for differences in communicative behavior between cultures thereby underscoring the interconnected nature of communication and the larger cultural context. Cross-Cultural Communication Analysis Report: For this assignment, you will observe some facet of interpersonal communication within a specific culture, describe correlations between specific communicative behaviors and other factors within the culture (economic forces, gender, social class, etc.), and consider how this culture differs from your native culture. Your report will consist of the following components: An introduction with a thesis statement An explanation of the historical context of the country A current economic profile of the country Natural resources Industry A very brief overview of public finances Description of the role of social class Description of the role of religious institutions Description of Gender roles and norms within society Explaining your tools of analysis Your chosen concept(s) from our text Cultural perceptions of the “self”. Collectivistic or individualistic culture High or low context culture (inferences from language) Nonverbal communication norms (emblems, proxemics, etc.) Cultural norms guiding emotional expression Gender roles and communication norms Analysis Using your chosen concept as a lens (from the text), examine the communication of your subject Describe correlations between your background research findings and specific communication behaviors Compare and contrast the communication of your subject culture vs. your native culture. 9. A brief conclusion summarizing your main points To begin, choose a country as your subject from the following State Department list: (Links to an external site.) Links to an external site. Your project will be completed in five “phases.” Please see the schedule for when each of the phases should be completed. Phase One – An explanation of the historical context of the country

Anthropology homework help

Anthropology homework help. Write a well-researched and well documented literary analysis of The Pillowman. This paper uses play reviews or literary criticism to support.,Analysis of The Pillowman-play reviews or literary criticism,Write a well-researched and well documented literary analysis of The Pillowman.,You will use your own logic and analysis to focus on one or more areas of your choosing, and you will use secondary sources like play reviews or literary criticism to support.,The Pillowman by Martin McDonagh is a play about Katurian. It is a fiction writer who lives and works in a police state. As his stories are similar to several murders, the police interrogates him. In 2004, McDonagh received an Olivier Award in the Best New Play category, a New York Drama Critics’ Award for Best New Foreign Play, as well as two Tony Awards. It premiered in 2003 at the Cottesloe Theatre in London. The Pillowman falls into the sub-genre of black comedy.,In the first act,  Ariel and Tupolski interrogates Katurian. Initially, Katurian thinks they’re investigating him because of suspicions that he’s using his fiction to spread political messages speaking out against the totalitarian dictatorship. Ariel leaves the room, and Katurian hears screaming from the other side of the wall. When Ariel returns, hand covered in blood, Ariel says that Michal has confessed to murdering three children—with Katurian. He denies it. Reminding his interrogators that while his stories are gruesome, it’s his job as a storyteller to tell a story; this is not indicative of his being a murderer—even though the details of two of the murders match two of his stories, “The Little Apple Men” and “,The Tale of the Town on the River,.”,Katurian used to write happy stories. But after he heard someone being tortured at night, his stories took a disturbing turn. He receives a message that for the last seven years, he’s been subjected to his brother’s torture to force him to become a better writer., , , Anthropology homework help

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