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Franklin did prove however, by his own story that man could never be In a state of perfection. Franklin Just came to terms that he was Just a man, but strives to fight for what he thought was right to the end. Still God chose to bless him with privileged acquaintances. Body Benjamin Franklin was Indeed a man who strove for self Improvement. He may have stated why he pursued perfection very early on In the book with his admittance of errata in regards to his brother James, but more specifically from the book where he states that under Mr..

George Browne, directly from Franklin (1909) ” under him I acquired fair writing pretty soon, but I failed in the arithmetic, and made no progress n it. “(9) This failure early on probably was the spark that started Franklin, who was marked as prideful to strive for self-improvement. Why would someone of such learning as Ben Franklin and success even mention something of this, especially If he learned the mathematical skill later? His mathematical failure coupled with his inability to manage his relationship with James only added to Mr.. Franklins ability to see that he was not perfect.The mathematical failure and his brotherly problems along with his father’s torment of ridicule at his reading of poetry as mentioned on age thirteen of the book was enough damage to spark resentment also, and drive him to succeed at his endeavors at all cost. My life can personally attest to that resentment and driven nature.

Very early on In my life I was told that a profession could not be had in the concrete Industry, and yet I started my own business and very well advanced a successful business for many years. Although like Mr.. Franklin our pride which spurs us on to greatness does not preclude us from failure and falls.Everyone we pass on the way up, we tend to pass on the way down. Benjamin Franklin wished that his story would serve as a model to others and be a testament to his blessings In life from God. Ben Franklin was Indeed blessed, but he had to learn some hard life lessons.

Franklins early exploits as a model to follow would hardly be a model of nothing more than a rambunctious young boy. Even Ben Franklin saw himself as a foolish young man by his admission of errata’s, and not very wise to the world, although his pride would not let him admit it. Franklin leaned on the thoughts of Socrates as his ability to draw people out.This was only a practiced method and not that of being able to really read people. Franklin plainly gives testament to his shortcomings In his early character with his stories. There Is nothing glorious when agreement. His brother James gave more credibility to Benjamin by striking an unwritten deal with Ben than Ben was deserving of.

However, this tale would also give relevance to Gods word that you reap what you sow. It was not very long that Benjamin Franklin was reaping the harvest of his betrayal to his brother when he went to New York to gain employment and being labeled an Atheist.It was the start of his spiral down with one bad decision after another. Franklins exploits give self- evident truth to Gods word that God allows us free choice. Later on Benjamin Franklin displayed his own ignorance of the world and showed his real ignorance of people and the foolish decisions of a man that God allows us to make, so that we learn lessons. Although Ben Franklin modeled himself as a smart man, and sought perfection he only had book smarts. Which is the type of learning that a lot of youth have, but rarely the intelligence and experience it takes to know the character and nature of people.

Franklins lack of perfection is regularly displayed in his acquaintances such as the dealings of William Keith. Keith the governor was a very clever gentleman. Keith is proof that showed Franklin you cannot always take people at face value, but Franklin did not learn this lesson very well; because he continually entered into friendships and partnerships without real discernment. A young Ben Franklin really demonstrates his lack of ability to learn lessons quickly through his dealings with people and the world. If it had not been for God and his plans for Franklins life, Franklin would not have lived much past the age of 25.Franklin regularly engaged in bad relationships one after the other such as Keith “Governor”, John Collins “a drunk”, Skimmer “a Glutton”, and Ralph “a mooch”. However, along the way Benjamin Franklin did have some good guidance by the Quaker named Dunham.

Dunham seemed to be that of a guardian of sorts for the foolishness that Ben displayed in his life. Dunham was probably the guidance that turned most of Franklins bad choices around. Franklin may have with the invention of his stove passed up the patent as away of giving to others as Dunham had given to Franklin, with the opportunities Dunham afforded Franklin early in his life.Even though Franklin was on a pursuit of perfection he displayed the imperfection of man refectory and testimony of that is shown in his advances to Ralph wife. Even though Ralph was that of a less desirable man of character, Franklin showed in those moments how man is sinful and gives way to sin at times, and no man can keep his end of the bargain of righteousness. Another example of his weakness to the flesh is that of his relationship with Mrs..

Read. He lived out of wedlock with her and bore children of that relationship. Not a very wise decision for a man claiming to know God and his statutes.Also considering the fact of the punishment for this offense. Not necessarily the 39 lashes but that of life in prison. Later in the story we see an aging Ben Franklin at forty two when he writes about the thirteen virtues. It was this time in Ben Franklins life he started to see the value of friendship and how God really worked in his life and continues to even in spite of his failures.

In Franklins attempt at perfection he really does not have unique or new paradigm thinking. He is only emulating the word of God that was written in his heart and taught to him at a young age.For example he spoke of temperance and silence. This was nothing new. God spoke in his word in James 1:19 ” My dear brothers, take note of this: everyone should any years before Franklin ever even existed. Franklin also spoke of order, God wrote of this in Ecclesiastic Chapter 3 that there is a time and place for every thing under the sun. Without listing them all, these virtues he wrote were not authored by himself, but born of Gods word.

It is was this time in Ben Franklins life he came to realize the things God has shown him and written upon his heart.As Franklin aged he then considered helping others when he became aware of his mortality. It was in his youth that he spoke of his need of networking was the purpose of Junta; although he said it was for educational purposes. In the same story he wrote that Junta would help expand influence. If you have the desire to help genuinely, you don’t do it for networking sake. Franklin plainly admits his self indulgent desire by his statement on page eighty eight “their own and their country’s interest was united, and did not act from a principle of benevolence. ” It was not until later in life that Mr.

.Franklin would really see benevolence to others without personal gain. For example in 1749 when he helped the academy to obtain a larger building and thus Franklin had spurred unknowingly a great benefit for others to have a school for the poor and accommodations for traveling preachers alike. Mr.. Franklin spent himself in worthy causes beyond these to benefit others. The pride still lingered somewhat in Ben Franklin even in his later years.

It appeared that there was still some pride or it may have been his way of showing that you go out with a fight because of the way he ends his Autobiography.Franklin showed his successful stand against the proprietary estate holders against the tax law. Most men would not end their autobiography on the terms of a won fight like this unless they were boasting; even if a little. Conclusion The life carved out for Benjamin Franklin through the words of his autobiography is a portrait of a man who started out with self-acclaim and fruitfulness that all persons have and tend to gravitate towards; the man Benjamin Franklin actually became an iconic figure not only of today but also, also of his time.The man Benjamin Franklin was not privy to circumstance any one endured of the day but he was a man who did in fact see the sin in his ways and sought to right those errata’s later in life. Benjamin Franklin learned to be a man of benevolence, and put the pride, hurt, and resentment behind him from earlier failures and ridicule that purred him on to perfection. Mr.

. Franklin did indeed become an improved man although it didn’t happen in 13 weeks.

In two paragraphs, discuss a cultural or developmental concept from Chapter 5 that you personally identify with. Paragraph 1: Describe

In two paragraphs, discuss a cultural or developmental concept from Chapter 5 that you personally identify with. Paragraph 1: Describe the concept in your own words. Paragraph 2: Relate to the concept on a personal level in a general way, and how it could apply to you as related to the crisis. Cite the text using APA formatting.

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