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Belt and Road Initiative affect the economic development in Southeast Asia

Group the Belt and Road Initiative by investment categories such as infrastructure, energy, oil sector, etc. Discuss how the investment is distributed across Southeast Asia Countries. Different pros and cons in different categories. Group in different sectors.

Talks about the benefit associated with different investment category sectors organizing by benefiting whom and how. Benefitting China or the Southeast Asia countries.

Delete things unrelated to Southeast Asia, just focus on Belt and Road Initiative in Southeast Asia. Or using things that happen in other regions in this paper to make a comparison with BRI in Southeast Asia.

Read through everything and make sure that all sources and research focus on Southeast Asia.

Also, need to specify the drawback of the BRI in Southeast Asia.

If BRI is this good for the regional economy, what are still observing opposition or concerns by some countries?

Also, I need you to specify each data in this paper and I will provide the draft to you. There are references you can use. Also, I need two or three graphs illustrating the basic situation of BRI in Southeast China. Such as the graph in the file I provide. Also like the trend of BRI in Southeast Asia, the investment flow. Please use the data from China Global Investment Tracker to make graphs.

I need a thesis argument such as despite the drawbacks, BRI actually benefits Southeast Asia countries in particular sectors or something. Please read the red comment on draft2 and use that to revise this paper.

Combine draft2 and draft2 part2 into one full paper.

Focus on the logic and persuasion of the paper.