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Belonging in american beauty and peter skryznecki summary and response essay help Accounting online class help

American beauty belonging concepts ideas and themes opening scene: *diagetic sound of video camera turning on. * – signifies start film is grainy and ‘amateur’, giving the setting of an interview, which shows us her true thoughts. Close up shot shows her “sad” facial emotions, futhering our perception that this girl does not belong without a role model. scene forshadows this struggle of belonging “i need a father for a role model” – shows innocence and want to belong, need of connection to father and role model in order to find herself. not some horny geek boy who’s going to spray his shorts whenever i bring a girl home from school” – umorous ‘smirk’ type Joke, lightens mood by suprising audience “what a ‘lameo’” this quote conveys her innocence “someone really should Just put him out of his misery” – forshadows her fathers unhappiness, gives the impression he doesnt belong. “want me to kill him for you? ” – random voice, the sudden violence and change of tone shocks audience and foreshadows a murder. “yea.. would you? ” *sudden cut to black* *diagetic sound of camera turning off and tape being removed* – signifies ‘the end’.

Next scene: Light heated non diagetic sound, wide areal shot of American suburbia provides a etting and context for the film narrative first person voice tells us “my name is lester burnam, this is my neighbourhood, this is my street, this is my life. ” As the shot zooms in on a street so to does the narration, ending in “this is my life”, gives us a feeling of how small and insignificant his life is, his entire life belongs inside this street the camera tells us. “in less than a year.. I will be dead” – forshadows his murder and supports the first scene.

Next scene: “of coarse I don’t know that yet” conveys that the film has Just flashed back from the forshadowment and into the present. The areal shot shows a boring, all the same colour room, with everything clean except the central focus. The bed with lester ALONE in it, the empty medium shot shows his LACK of relationship. He doesn’t seem to belong in his own bed. The next shot is a close up of Lester: he is exhausted and sad “… And in a way, I’m dead already. ” This quote confirms the audience’s feelings of alienation; Lester does not belong.

Next we are introduced by the narrative, to his wife Carolyn, who immediately seems like the perfect wife. “See the way the handle on those pruning shears matches her gardening clogs? That’s not an accident ” . -confirms our first impressions that she clearly feels a sense of belonging in her garden. She appears happy. “she used to be happy… we used to be happy’ the narration tells the audience she doesn’t belong however. And then we are re-introduced to Jane, “a though, this is again telling us that Jane doesn’t belong either.

Finally lester sums it up by admitting that he feels the same way as his daughter, he knows he doesn’t belong. Lester works a boring Job, and even this is put on the rocks in front of us as we hear about his imminent ‘letting gd. He seems to cope with this Job by using sarcasm and fake smiles, which represent again how he doesn’t belong at work, as well as at home. The perfect suburgatory house with the perfect family photos, the perfect dinner and the perfect setting is starkly contrasted to the family who lives inside it.

Through this narration and dialogue the audience are able to see past this shell to the group of people who clearly don’t belong in any setting we’ve seen so far. The camera then shows a close up of a picture with a different tone, it is evident that this family was once happy, and belonged together at one point in the past. What changed? ; Is the rhetorical question that is asked. Is there hope? We see caryline at work, she works hard, and is determined. But after a hopeless day of trying to sell a house she is evidently desperate before breaking down emotionally.

This woman obviously is unhappy in her life, both private and at home. She doesn’t belong. Ricky doesn’t belong He goes down to breakfast and: His mother doesn’t remember he doesn’t eat bacon His father is conveys as a hate filled person “how can these faggots always have to rub it in your face? How could they be so shameless? “That’s the thing dad, they don’t think its anything to be ashamed of. ” “well it is” Ricky is obviously scared of his father The awkward, lack of connection is also showed by his family watching tv after he gets home from school.

Theres no hostility but there is no love either. His mother’s lack of animation and emotion, and perfectionist attitude towards the house hold (image of perfection) Ricky feels a sense of belonging in the natural beauty of the world whether it be a plastic bag dancing “like a child beggin me to play with it” – “some benevolent force wanted me to know there was no reason to be afraid ever”, or dying homeless person in the snow. “sometimes there is so much beauty in the world, I feel like I cant take it and my heart is Just going to cave in. Jane feels a sense of belonging and self worth through her attraction and connection to ricky. She is desperate for love. But she chooses not to belong to her society by walking with ricky instead of going with her friend. Though ricky creeps us out and scares us, Jane is not scared of him. We see this through rickys camera – the camera zooms in on her smiling after he makes her a burning tribute, although she pretends o be horrified because she is scared of rejection/wants to fit in in her social group.

Carolyne seeks a sense of belonging through her career, and this leads to her self worth in the form of her love affair with the king of realestate. She obviously agrees him before declaring how stressed she was. This shows us that the adulty is an act of stress relief as well as the sex. She starts shooting to release more of this stress and buys a gun. Why? Forshadows violence? Lester seeks a sense of belonging and self worth through his obsession over Janes friend. He smiles when he heres she would ave sex with him if he worked out, even if she was Joking, he becomes obsessed with his personal image.

His awkwardness and lack of confidence symbolizes his insecurity and lack of belonging. But his newfound confidence, shown by his changing character (rebellion against our preformed Judgements), he smokes dope (symbolic of his newfound rebelliousness), starts openly masterbating instead of shamefully hiding it, stands up against his wife (smiles like hes proud of himself), and starts Jogging “to look good naked”. Also the narration tells us, “it’s a great thing when ou realize you still have the ability to surprise yourself. Just an ordinary guy with nothing to lose. “im looking for the least possible amount of responsibility possible” The atomic, tightly structured family that we see in the beginning, that is desperate to belong in its efforts to live a perfect life, only experience an improvement in the quality of their life after lester begins deconstructing the rigidity of their lives and values. Lester recognizes that life cannot be objectified by personal belongings, but lies in the fun experiences and ability to surprise yourself. Honey you’re going to spill eer on the couch.

Its Just a couch This is a $4000 couch upholstered in Italian silk, its not Just a couch. Its Just a couch this isn’t life this is Just stuff and its become more important to you than living and honey that Just nuts. I’m only trying to help you! We see lester completely transformed, he is living life, and looks comfortable Jogging and being healthy and happy. The narrative quote is today is the first day of the rest of your life. Later in the move we catch up to the forsight, we now have context to Jane’s complaints about her father. How she hates him for damaging her by not loving her s much as her friend.

She asks the man, we now know to be ricky to kill her father. But she says shes not serious.. Rickys family shows the extremeties of the effects of rigidity on belonging. Ricky says to Janes friend Shes not your friend, shes Just someone you use to feel better about yourself Yeah well at least im not ugly Yes you are and youre boring and you know it Finally ricky points out her true ugliness, and we see his ability to see people as they truly are. The final note of the movie is lester telling us he is great. Before he is shot in the head. Exactly like in 1984.

Answer the following questions accoring to Blackrock and Morgan Stanley’s annul reports (attached)

Questions in bold are worth in the aggregate 75% of the total score

What is management’s compensation? How does it compare with the previous 2 years? Is overall compensation in line with the company’s performance?
Please perform a common size balance sheet analysis for both companies for the most recent two FYs. How are they similar? Different? What difference, in your analysis, accounts for any difference income between the companies and why? Internally, how do the balance sheets compare FY to FY? Which company is a better long-term credit risk? Why?
How does each company calculate depreciation/amortization on its long-term assets? How does each account for doubtful/uncollectable receivables?
In what sense are these two companies competitors? Do they compete for the same customers; do they offer the same products/services; are they in the same industry; do they occupy different market niches; do they offer two different solutions to the same customer need or desire? What advantages/disadvantages does each company see relative to the other and to the overall competitive environment?
Please review the accounting policies section of the notes to the financial statements and describe how the companies differ in their financial reporting practices.

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