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The following paper presents a detailed examination of women in the confederacy.

The writer discusses the duties and involvement that women had in the way as well as examples of patriotism shown by women. We are also given some examples of female heroines from the war.
From the paper:

“When we think about a Southern Belle, we envision a pale, fragile wisp of a woman who swoons if it gets to hot. She is delicate and beautiful and must be taken care of by a man. Over the last centuries this is the image that we have adopted when it comes to the way we perceive Southern women. The reality however is much different. Even during the Civil War women of the Confederate side were tough, capable and willing to do what ever it took to win the war effort against the North.”

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Ch. 3 discuses the differences in ”Guidelines, Principle, and Theories” pdf Most companies release their guidelines so that developers can follow them.
Follow the Android or IOS guidelines. Find three examples of apps that break or follow the system design guidelines. This can be all in one app or across 3 apps.
Android Guidelines (Links to an external site.)
ios Guidelines

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