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Role of managers Report By Caroline McNaught Role of managers Report By Caroline McNaught CONTENTS * Analyse Jess’s role as manager of the Customer Engagement team using appropriate management and leadership theories. * Analyse how assertiveness, influencing and negotiating techniques could be used with reference to specific team members and show why the techniques proposed might be effective in this situation. * Identify potential sources of conflict within her team and the effects of these conflicts. Provide techniques to assist Jess in the management of these conflicts.

Consider approaches to managing meetings and make suggestions that may help Jess in her management and conduct of team meetings. * Outline techniques that may help Jess manage her time. * Identify and deal with the stress that Jess currently faces. * Provide approaches that may assist Jess in managing problems and enhance her decision making skills. * References Introduction My name is Caroline McNaught and currently I am a mentor for Jess Green who is a newly appointed manager for the New Customer Engagement team of Balance Banking PLC.

I have been asked to write a report regarding Jess’s role as manager and some of the obstacles that have been getting in the way of her being able to do her job efficiently. These include lifting team morale, managing conflicts within her team, approaches to managing meetings, time management and dealing with stress. The aim of this report is to inform Jess of some techniques that can be used effectively to help her in her new position. Analyse Jess’s role as manager of the Customer Engagement team using appropriate management and leadership theories.

Jess’s role as manager is to ensure that the performance of her team is geared towards achieving the strategic objectives of the organisation. These are: * To achieve financial security and return to profit. * To become a place of choice for employees. * To create an open and transparent management style. * To focus on customer and shareholder needs. * To focus on long-term quality profitability. * To create a new business mix and manage the business risk. Unfortunately for Jess, not all of her team are performing very well.

Some of them are reluctant to embrace the changes that have occurred since the restructuring of the organisation. For Jess to be able to achieve the goals of the organisation then she must look at the alternate ways of managing her team. In reality, Jess’s role of manager changes every day into many different roles. Some of these roles include being a planner, organiser, negotiator, leader and representing her team at board meetings. As tasks and situations change Jess has to be able to keep up with these changes herself.

In today’s society being a manager has many more obstacles to overcome than earlier years. With new technology, globalisation and the changing marketplace being just a few of these obstacles faced today. Many theorists have different views on the role of manager. In 1916, Henri Fayols book Administration Industrielle et Generale was first published. From Fayols observations of managers he concluded that every managerial job contained the same five elements. These elements are: * Planning * Organising * Commanding * Co-ordinating * Controlling ( H.

Fayol, 1916) Fayols framework for looking at what a manager does is still valid today. By planning, organising, co-ordinating and commanding then Jess may be able to take control of her team in a more productive way. Henry Mintzberg is another theorist who studied the activities of managers and identified 10 roles common to the work of all managers. Mintzberg published his book, “Mintzberg on Management: Inside our Strange World of Organisations,” in 1990. The ten roles are: 1. Figurehead. 2. Leader. 3. Liaison. 4. Monitor. 5. Disseminator. 6. Spokesperson.

Accounting / Risk Identification – Starbucks

Accounting / Risk Identification – Starbucks.


Accounting / Risk Identification – Starbucks

See attached PDF for full instructions with links included to Starbucks 10k Reports for the Fiscal Years 2016, 2017, 2018. Use only the 10K reports as your source. Remember the Risk Identification is an Accounting-Response, not Managerial or Marketing

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