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Behavior Essay I am writing this essay for Mrs. Metty because I acted inappropriately in her class today. Mrs. Metty has discussed my misbehavior with me and I understand why I have received this disciplinary assignment. I have also been informed that this essay would be the punishment for any unacceptable behavior in Mrs. Metty’s class. The reason Mrs. Metty does not tolerate misbehavior is because she cares about me and my success in high school. It is important to her that I do well in my classes and earn good grades.

It is also important to her that I learn study skills, independent work habits, and self-discipline. Self-discipline is one of the most important things I can learn in high school; with that skill I can accomplish many things. I need to learn self-discipline so I can act appropriately in class and progress further toward my goals. Acting silly, goofing off, wasting valuable class time, and acting immature are all signs of disrespectful behavior – not only toward Mrs. Metty, but also toward my classmates who are trying to get the most out of their education.

Along with self-discipline, respect for others is an extremely important thing to learn. I need to realize that there is a time and place for everything. There are times for fun and times for serious work. Mrs. Metty’s class is a time for working hard to make good grades and learn study skills. There will be time for fun later – after school and on the weekends – but in class I need to focus on my schoolwork. It may not seem important to me now, but it will be at some point, and Mrs. Metty knows this even if I don’t yet.

Acting the correct way in class will show respect to my teacher and my classmates. It will also benefit me on many levels. I won’t have to write this essay again, I’ll learn more in class, I’ll get more homework and studying done, and my grades will improve. However, if I choose to break the rules again, I will have to face the consequences again. That is how life works. If I do the right things, I get good consequences. If I do the wrong things, I get bad consequences. I need to remember that I am responsible for my choices.

I decide what I will or will not do. Mrs. Metty hopes that I will learn to make good decisions, but she will continue to provide me with behavior modification exercises like this one if I continue to make bad decisions about my behavior. Even when I get discouraged I should still remember that I am lucky to live in the country, where a free public education is provided to all, I am especially lucky to attend Pace High School where teachers care enough about me to correct my behavior.

Choose one from control theory, strain theory, differential association theory, labeling theory, and various conflict theories, as discussed in the

Choose one from control theory, strain theory, differential association theory, labeling theory, and various conflict theories, as discussed in the chapter and my videos. Please discuss briefly (in 100-250 words), which one makes most sense to you in explaining why some people commit crimes and why this theory particularly makes sense.

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