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Begin by exploring topics in developmental psychology. Reference your textbook, the weekly introductions in your course, and reputable journal Essay

Begin by exploring topics in developmental psychology. Reference your textbook, the weekly introductions in your course, and reputable journal articles to explore topic ideas. Be sure to choose a topic that you are highly interested in. From that topic, you will pose a question for your research.

For example, you may find interest in the life span of adolescence. From there, you may want to explore issues related to adolescent suicide. From this topic you could pose a number of questions to research, such as:

Are adolescents from single-parent homes at higher risk of suicide than those from two-parent homes?
Does lack of play in childhood lead to anxiety and depression in adolescence?
Does “helicopter parenting” lead to anxiety and depression in adolescence?
How to Develop a Research Question

Your research question should enable you draw some unique conclusions so that you are not simply reporting on research that has already been concluded. You may have to do some preliminary research within your topic to determine a suitable question. Here are some examples.

This example is too broad and will likely lead to a confusing and disorganized paper. It lacks parameters.

Why do adolescents commit suicide?

This example is too narrow. It can be answered rather simply with some basic data.

How many adolescent suicides occurred last year?

A good research question specifies the parameters of the research, yet leaves room for analysis and the writer’s unique input.

What are some of the unique social factors that led to an increase in suicide rates among 13- to 18-year-old females in 2015?

(In your paper, you would define two to three social factors you deem significant and connect them with the appropriate physical, cognitive, and socioemotional occurrences happening during this part of life span development. Then, draw your own conclusions from the research you find.)

Once you have your research question, phrase it as a statement so that it can become your thesis statement. The thesis statement is what drives the direction of your paper.

The Research Paper Topic Proposal Assignment

Include the following in your topic proposal:

Your research question
Your thesis statement
A narrative describing your topic and why you chose it (its significance)

Your topic proposal should be 1–2 pages in length. Use current APA Style and cite and reference all sources.

Make sure to read the instructions carefully please!

2015 Council on Social Work Core Competencies

2015 Council on Social Work Core Competencies.

2015 Council on Social Work Core Competencies

Review the nine Core Competencies with corresponding Practice Behaviors (p8-12 of syllabus). Write a paragraph for each competency, summarizing your present assessment of your practice skills in each area. This is in preparation for yourself, your field instructor, and Director of Field Education to know how you view your skills and experience in some areas and maybe little or none in other areas. State your present assessment and not what you want to develop or learn. Continued skill development will be part of your internship. No plagiarism.

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Six Sigma and Hospital Quality

Begin by exploring topics in developmental psychology. Reference your textbook, the weekly introductions in your course, and reputable journal Essay Six Sigma and Hospital Quality.

Focus of the Case Study : For the purpose of this case analysis, you have been brought in as a consultant to a large urban clinic that is considering adopting a six-sigma strategy. The clinic offers primary care, emergency care, endoscopy, colonoscopy and gastrointestinal medicine. The clinic leadership has engaged you to research the process improvements at various hospitals attained through Six Sigma. The article identifies hospitals and healthcare systems that were early adopters of Six Sigma Your case study should have the following structure: o Title page that contains the following information: o Course name and number o Case Title – Six Sigma and Hospital Quality o Case Study o Your name and the date The case analysis should be structured as follows: o Introduction – In the Introduction, you should present a very brief overview of the reasons why healthcare organizations are considering adopting Six Sigma for the purpose of process improvement. o Examination and analysis of the issues – As you discuss the issues presented in the case, examine at least the following areas to provide your client with an in-depth analysis. Your examination can also include other topics that you feel relate to the issue at hand. o Existing quality management tools particularly as these apply to healthcare settings. o Accreditor perspectives such as the Joint Commission o Establishing and monitoring standards within a healthcare setting o Human resource issues such as staff training. o Summary of the findings and recommendations – Prepare a set of findings and recommendations based on your reading of the article and your research. o The title and reference pages are not considered to be a part of the main body of the case study. The length of the main body should be between 2000 to 2500 words. Some helpful tips: Don’t write your entire paper in a continuous essay format, instead separate it by titles as suggested above (Intro, Examination and analysis, Summary). Remember that for this case study you are taking the role of a consultant giving advise to the hospital about quality and process improvement methods. In order to do this you conduct a research to see what existing quality management tools are out there (such as TQM, Reengineering, lean and Six Sigma etc). You then focus on six sigma in particular to see which hospitals/clinics have already adapted it and what the results are. This research and information that you present must be real (not made up) and backed by actual sources. You must also present the viewpoint of some well known accrediting agencies such as the Joint Commission on six sigma. You can then show how will adapting of six sigma impact the hospital’s overall staffing and resources etc. Please also make sure to read the article that I have provided above called “Addressing Variation in Hospital Quality: Is Six Sigma the Answer?” . This article can be used as one of your 6 references, but you still need additional references to include. You can agree or disagree with the author of this article, but in either case you need to provide additional references to support your argument

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COM210: Writing atWork Project#1:Innovation Informal Report The Innovation Project

COM210: Writing atWork Project#1:Innovation Informal Report The Innovation Project.

For your first major project in this course, you will write an informal report addressing how an innovation from within the last 2-3 years could be applied to your unit or department at work. Your report must: • Be in the form of an informal report including heading and formatting elements 

Be 600-1200 words long, not including the addendum • Reference at least 3 reliable sources • Cite sources using either APA style or “neat” links where a web address is embedded in text using descriptive hyperlinks (here is an example of a “neat link”) • Address the audience (in this case, your direct supervisor) as an educated and involved reader who is not necessarily an expert on the topic

• Use standard English and avoid jargon and technical language The preliminary draft of this assignment is worth 5% of your final grade. The final submitted draft of this assignment is worth an additional 10% of your final grade. Detailed Instructions Thetitleofthereportmustbeintheform:“ARecentInnovationin[theparticularfield]:[thespecific innovation].” Example: a report on software thatis a radical improvementto Blackboard entitled: “A Recent InnovationinOnlineEducation:NewSoftware,‘ICan’tBelieveIt’sNotBlackboard’” Content Requirements: In addition to fulfilling the above requirements, your informal report must include the following: • Contextintheformofabriefdescriptionofyourdepartmentintheorganizationwhereyou work and the field in which the innovation has occurred Theorganizationcanbeyourinventionorarealworkplace,butitmusthavesomeconnectionto the field mentionedinyourtitle. • Clear explanations ofwhatthe breakthrough is and how it works. Keepinmindthata“breakthroughisnotnecessarilygoodorbeneficial.Cloningoratomic weaponswere undoubtedly innovationsin theirfields, butthey are not universally regarded as positive developments. • Summaries of 2-4 differing opinions ofthisinnovation These can be pro and con or can emphasize different kinds of benefits or risks. • Atleastonesuggestionforhowtheinnovationmightbeimplementedinyourdepartmentor unit COM210: Writing atWork Project#1:InnovationInformal Report For example, areport on “I Can’tBelieveIt’sNotBlackboard”mightsuggestthatitbetestedfirst in 2 or 3 courses taught by technically proficient instructors and to junior or senior level students, and that a questionnaire/surveybedevelopedforeachparticipanttoassessthesoftware • Anaddendumwithresourcesforfurtherinvestigation,including theresearchsources youhave referred to in the body ofthe document.

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M4 race and crime

M4 race and crime.

Cite some of the problems in the Shonelle Jackson case. Do you think they can be attributed to racism? Why or why not? Do you think judicial override of a jury’s death-penalty verdict constitutes double jeopardy? Does it violate any other constitutional protections? Use material below to help support Gabbidon and Greene: Chapter 7 Alexander, pp. 109-114 of Chapter 3 The Atlantic: “Racism and the Execution Chamberopens in a new window,” by Matt Ford, June 23, 2014 The New Yorker: “Double Jeopardyopens in a new window,” by Paige Williams, November, 17, 2014 Utilize this Link: PDF Version Juvenile Delinquency 1eth Ed. Try this link if having difficulty with the initial one. Thanks

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Design project for the Marine Research Facility

Design project for the Marine Research Facility.

 Design project for the Marine Research Facility. For this task it is needed to draft a report for our managing director that can be used to inform a potential clients of the benefits of using project management consultants as project leaders. Identify the services your firm could offer the project’s clients. It is envisaged that your firm will use your report as the basis for marketing itself to a potential new client. See flyer attached.

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How the kidney and the heart regulate the blood pressure

How the kidney and the heart regulate the blood pressure.

Write an essay explaining the 3 steps that our body takes to regulate the blood from the kidney and heart. The steps from the ANP ( atrial natriuretic peptide ) are 3 and are the following: 1st step: Aldosterone, NA+ and blood volume. 2nd step: Renin-Angiotensin mechanism, and effects of angiotensin II. 3rd step: ADH and blood volume.

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Science Fiction Original Story

Science Fiction Original Story.

For this assignment, you will write an original science fiction short story based on the guidelines and parameters described below. Assignment Guidelines The story should be 2000-3000 words in length, double-spaced, and typed in Times New Roman, 10- point font. Choose one of the following inspirational themes on which to base your story. 1. Earth and Beyond 2. The Future of Food 3. Smarter, Stronger, Faster 4. The City of Tomorrow 5. The Incredible Shrinking Computer 6. The Future of Your Mind Your story should follow the plot outline below. Step 1: Build the World Who are the main characters? Where do they live? When? Select a date that is just on the other side of plausibility. Step 2: Insert Technology Inflection Point Choose a technology you are worried or excited about. What happens in the story that causes that same concern or excitement? Step 3: Explore the Ramifications What are the consequences of the inflection point or conflict? How are the characters or setting affected? Step 4: Insert Human Inflection Point How do the main characters adapt to what is going on? How do they change? What decision do they make? Step 5: Reveal What We Learned How does the setting or the main character change as a result of their reaction or interaction with the technology? Note: If you want some inspiration, read this short story that won a science fiction creative writing contest sponsored by the Intel Corporation. The author wrote “The Lost Emotion” as a response to the competition theme: “Is the Future Friendly?” It contains references to compelling technology, but the story is about people, not just technology. (The elements used in this assignment, primarily the story themes and plot outline steps, are derived from The Tomorrow Project’s fiction competition. Source: “How to Create a Science Fiction Prototype.”

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Review book: Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions by Ariely

Review book: Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions by Ariely.

Report structure ■ Core thesis □Identify and explain the core idea/ideas in the book. □Critically assess how this has changed the way we think about the world. ■ Applicability to business □ Identify and explain how the above idea/ideas could apply to a business context. □ Please use a relevant example. □ Critically assess how this would change business outcomes.

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New mobile game development based on customer behaviour analysis using social media data.

New mobile game development based on customer behaviour analysis using social media data..

A literature review written for the above topic of my dissertation . Provide tables and figures minimum 5 used in the literature review. , please find below a high level description of my dissertation project. ————– The mobile game industry has proven itself to be a stable and steady growing market, Hence this research project is focused/aimed on taking user data from social media and using that data to make a more informed decision on game type and game design, hence being able to target specific customers, or appeal to a specific group as a whole. This project will use unique finders on tweet catcher to identify different groups of individuals their wants and what they are interested in based on the information they freely give out. App Annie will also be used to divulge certain information about the games currently trending across different filters such as their demographics, gender, age, device type. Etc. This information will be cleaned to remove redudndant data and it will be transformed then fed to different machine learning algorithms e.g. neural networks algorithms, decision trees algorithms, random forest algorithms. Once the algorithms have been trained, they will be tested to assess the True positive, False negative, False positive, and true negative prediction based on information given to it. The output would typically be a classed user behaviour. This project will use the Agile methodology allowing for a number of continuous iteration

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State and Local Government

State and Local Government.

State and Local Government Description  5-6 page* (NOT INCLUDING CITE PAGE) summary/ essay discussion of a single, specific recent current event or related set of events  Find articles in major news publications (i.e., New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, et cetera) and/or state and local news sources and write a summarization and discussion of the relevant issues  What is happening with/to whom, why, and what is the significance (why do or should we care)?  RelevancetoFederalism  Must have a MINIMUM of 5 credible news articles and 3 other sources (NGA,, textbook et cetera)  Focus more on the analysis than the facts!  Cite (MLA or APA) all sources, including URLs for online content

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