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I did like the title ” Criminal Minds” , it fits the article. The article discusses brain function and development and the study of criminal brains being different than a healthy non criminal brain. ( I also love the television show Criminal Minds too) 5) An assumption n”Beautiful brains” is that all teenagers act irresponsibly or erratically , especially when there is a greater reward.

An assumption in “Criminal minds” could be that all criminals start off as “bad seeds” or quickly turn to criminal activity very young. 6) Beautiful brains ethical dilemma could be where the father , Author David Dobbs is researching how teenagers brains work , and at what age maturity actually does set in. It has to be difficult to research something like this , knowing that your child has fallen from his grace as well, speeding. Criminal Minds ethical dilemma could be lacing children into categories , especially when it has a negative spin on it.

Researching children in itself is a difficult thing when the child has had a rough beginning and has had horrible things happen to him. 7) I do believe that brain development is not complete until after our adolescent years and maybe even well into our twenties. I am not the same person I was when I was 26 or 16 for that matter. I have had life experiences that have taught me and changed me into who I am today. As well as many different people that have had an impact on my life and how I choose to live it.

Children and adolescents are not usually held responsible in a court of law for a reason , they usually are not mature enough or responsible enough to fully understand what happened or the consequences for their behavior. Without proper instruction and supervision , a child can veer one way or another very quickly. Also morals, respect and love play a part in that childs development as well. 8)” Experts link teen brains’ immaturity, Juvenile crime” by Malcolm Ritter, Associated Press http://abcnews. go. comnechnology Beautiful Brains and Corrupt Minds: Article Analysis By scooper7

Implementation of a Logistics System

Implementation of a Logistics System.

Implementation of a Logistics System Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details Read and provide a response for “DH” and “JG” essay. Each reply must be a minimum of 500 words and include at least 2 scholarly resources. Acceptable sources include the textbook, the Bible, outside scholarly articles, etc. Substantive replies, in contrast to perfunctory replies, add value to the forum, enhance learning, and contain references to any new concepts or ideas presented. The following suggestions will aid you in successfully composing substantive responses: Compare/contrast the findings of others with your research. Demonstrate critical thinking. Compare how the findings of others relate/add to the concepts learned in the required readings. Demonstrate critical thinking. Share additional knowledge regarding the key topic that relates to the thread. Demonstrate critical thinking.

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