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1978 Jan. Julian returns to England, and J begins fifteen months of being a househusband spending most of his time caring for Sean. Jan 1st. After a year off from song writing G composes “Blow Away’ and “If You Believe ” while in Hawaii. 2nd week of Jan. Over 1. 5 million copies of “mull of Kintyre” have now sold in the I-JK, making it the biggest single in that nation’s history until 1984. End of Jan. G continues to compose new songs while on vacation with Olivia in Hawaii. Early Feb. Yoko turns to business, buying several acres of Delaware farmland on which to raise prize cows.

During Feb. Rlngo is in Hollywood shooting the TV special Ringo. Mar. Ringo is off to Portugal with Nancy when filming on his TV special ends. 20th Mar. Wings single ‘With a Little Luck”/”Backwards Traveler” is released. From the London Town record, “With a Little Luck” was written by Paul in Scotland and recorded off the Virgin Islands coast on a yacht equipped with the mobile recording set up. Reached #1 in ’78, and was not dance-oriented, as much of the radio play was at that time. “With a Little Luck—Paul McCartney and Wings”London Time”Opens with elec.

Piano and synth pads and lines setting the tempo and feel. Paul’s verse enters with bass and drums, and the bridge is harmonized beautifully. The verse music returns with plenty of synths, and the bridge returns with synths and harmonies. On the next verse, Paul’s vocal ascends into the high range. 2nd t Mar. Wings hold a press conference for their London Town album on a boat sailing up the Thames River. 31st Mar. London Town is released. Apr. G back to his home studio in England. G begins recording music for the George Harrison album.

He listened to his 1970 All Things Must Pass album for inspiration. May. George’s father passes away at George’s UK home. George is asked to finance an upcoming Monty Python film, later entitled the Life of Brain. “With a Little Luck” goes to #1 in the US. Early June. J&Y release a statement to the press about their plans to produce a musical entitled The Ballad of John and Yoko. 1 lth June. John’s first wife, Cynthia, releases several chapters of her upcoming book, A Twist of Lennon (her maiden name was Twist).

She reports that John “introduced her to drugs against her will” and that mfoko stole John from me. ” 13th June. John files a writ in high court to stop further release of portions of Cynthia’s book, alleging that she is in breach of arital confidence. 16th June. The case is heard at the High Court in London, and John loses, so the second part of her chapter releases are published. 29th June. At Paul’s Spirit of Ranachan Studios (that converted barn), Wings begins recording songs for the Back to the Egg album.

Guitarist Laurence Juber and drummer Steve Holly Join Wings fulltime. July. Rlngo travels to France, Sweden and Spain promoting his Bad By album and enjoying vacation time with Nancy Andrews. Aug. A suggestion is made for John and his family to visit his Aunt Mimi in London, but it does not happen. 1st Aug. G’s girlfriend, Olivia, gives birth to their son Dhani (meaning wealthy in the Indian language). 2nd Sep. G and Olivia are married at a private ceremony outside London with no press alerted. After Sep.

Back to the Egg sessions continue in Kent. Monty Python’s Life of Brain film begins shooting in the deserts of Tunisia, with G filming a cameo appearance on Oct 2 n Sep. Robert Stigwood’s tilm S Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band opens in theaters. Starring George Burns, the Bee Gees, Peter Frampton and Earth, Wind and Fire. Critics pan the film, but many moviegoers praise the film’s musical numbers. Oct. Another Beatle-related movie, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, opens in London theaters, having opened in the US the prior April.

Produced by Steven Spielberg. The story involves four teenage frills as they try to meet the Bealtes during their debut on the Ed Sullivan show on 2/9/64. Early Oct. Back to the Egg recording sessions continue at Abbey Road Studio Two in London. Pual has put together a supergroup of guest artists billed as Rockestra. Musicians such as Pete Townshend, Dave Gilmour, John Bonham and John Pual Jones record the “Rockestra Theme. ” 9th Oct. For Sean’s 3rd birthday and John’s 38th birthday, a party s held at Tavern on theGreen in Central Park, NY.

November through December. London Town album is #38 on the US charts. Paul and Wings continue work on Back to the Egg, using Paul’s new location, called Replica Studios, in the basement of his MPL music offices. Called Replica Studios because it is an exact replica of Abbey Road Studio Two, where he and the Beatles often recorded. End of Nov. Wings Greatest Hits, a compilation album, isreleased. 7th Dec. While attending a concert by Elton John and Eric Clapton, George’s persuaded to Join them onstage. They perform “Further Up the Road. “

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