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BCC Social Problem & the Problem of E Waste in Africa Analysis

BCC Social Problem & the Problem of E Waste in Africa Analysis.

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Please watch the documentary Blame Game – E Waste in Africa and Solutions (documentary) by clicking on this link: After watching the video, write a 1- 2 page (double-spaced) paper applying the 3 major sociological perspectives to this issue of e-waste dumping. Put yourself in the role of the theorist–what would each theorist (or perspective) focus on in terms of the issues that are presented in this documentary? What solution(s) would you propose to solve this social problem?
BCC Social Problem & the Problem of E Waste in Africa Analysis

Management Problems in Culture Works ESL Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Organization Size, Life Cycle, and Decline Innovation and Change Conclusion Introduction Organizational analysis is important since it helps in identification of problems that might be affecting the smooth running or the performance of the organization. Organizations are faced with a number of issues that affect them. Some of the problems that they have to deal with are the structural and operational problems. This paper is an analysis of an organization whereby two problems (structural problems) affecting it are to be solved based on appropriate analytical tools. These tools should be able to provide actionable recommendations from which the organization will have to implement. Organization Size, Life Cycle, and Decline One of the major problems that the organizations face is based on its size, as well as its life cycle. As the organization grows, managing it becomes a tedious task. Growth of the organization becomes a huge challenge to the managers and employees. An organization cannot afford to be static especially in the current economic environment that is highly dynamic. Therefore, growth is inevitable. As the organization grows, it calls for the imple4mentation of complex systems and procedures. Further, bureaucracy in such organizations becomes quite complex. This presents a problem that has to be solved by the management. It is imperative to note that the size of the organization has an influence on its design, as well as goal achievement. It also influences the life cycle of the organization. CultureWorks ESL has to deal with these problems following its increase in size. The growth in size was due to its alliance with Carleton University. The management needs to implement complex systems, which can easily handle the size of the resultant organization. It has to increase the number of employees and restructure its current structure in order to address the issues associated with the increase in size appropriately. Therefore, the organization should deal with the problem before it affects its performance. It should assess the various theories available that address the issue of organizational size and life cycle. Some of the theories that the organization can look forward to include the bureaucracy theory. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This theory was developed by a German philosopher and economist known as Max Weber. Under this theory, CultureWorks ESL organization should set the rules and standard procedures that will guide its employees. Different rules are applicable for different organizations. The rules are set based on the organizational size. A large organization has many employees who need to be guided by rules that are different from those that will guide employees of a small organization. In addition, the organization should set standard procedures. This will be important in that it will help the employees serve customers in a speedy manner. The procedures will also aid in helping employees execute their duties on a timely basis. The bureaucracy theory also addresses the hierarchy of the organization. A substantial hierarchical structure is needed for proper and effective communication. Communication is very essential in an organization. Following its increase in size, CultureWorks ESL should adjust its hierarchical structure to enhance communication. The model of communication could be vertical whereby communication will be from the top managers down to the lower managers. It can also be horizontal communication whereby information will be communicated between individuals within a department, or from department to the department within the organization. The vertical hierarchy is favorable for a large organization and thus CultureWorks ESL should embrace this form of communication. A structure that favor promotions of employees should also be developed. Promotions motivate employees and thus the structure of an organization should address this issue. A large organization has many employees and promotions become a challenge to those involved. We will write a custom Essay on Management Problems in Culture Works ESL specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The organization should develop a structure whereby employee turnover is kept low, and employees should be rewarded constantly for their performances through promotions. Innovation and Change Innovation is the fuel that drives most organizations to success. Therefore, it is imperative for any organization to be innovative. In addition, the organization needs to be changing constantly since the market environment is also changing constantly. The need for innovation and change presents managers with a challenge that they should overcome. It is a problem that requires a skilled manager to address it. The organization should execute structural changes to accommodate the change and prevent the extent of the problem, as well as speedy development of a solution. Cultural change and innovation stir structural change in the organization. The culture of CultureWorks ESL will have to change after it forms an alliance with Carleton University. In addition, the larger organization should be innovative for it to be successful. Cultural change may involve changes in technology. In this case, the organization should use the ambidextrous approach. Here, innovation could follow organic structure whereby creativity will be from bottom personalities to the top personalities. The lower personalities develop new ideas. This is followed by mechanistic whereby the implementation of these ideas starts from the top managers down to the junior personnel. The top managers explore the capabilities of employees and then put their ideas into applications. The structure of the newly formed CultureWorks ESL should encourage innovation and technological changes. The managers can form structures whereby innovation is stimulated by separate creative departments. Further, venture teams can be formed to aid innovation. In addition, innovation can be led by corporate entrepreneurs who have the ability to come up with new ideas, as well as technical and management ability. Not sure if you can write a paper on Management Problems in Culture Works ESL by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Innovation and cultural change are likely to bring a change in the services and products that the organization produces. Therefore, the organization should come up with a way in which it can use to coordinate the new services and products. In the case of CultureWorks ESL, a horizontal coordination model can be used. This is likely to enhance delivery of services. This will give the organization a competitive edge over other institutions, which offer similar services. Under this model, all the organizational departments should coordinate in service delivery. They should maintain an effective communication between each other. The top managers of the organization should coordinate with the middle managers and the lower managers. Furthermore, all managers should coordinate with customers to understand their needs. They should also coordinate with the environment that surrounds the organization. The organization should adopt to a structure that can facilitate the development following its innovation and changes. Conclusion Organizations are faced with constant problems, which they need to solve. Skilled and knowledgeable managers are required to lead the organization in making decisions that will ensure the best solutions for the problems are made. Organizational size highly influences the structure of the organization. It also causes structural problems to the management. The same happens when innovation and changes are introduced in an organization. Leaders and managers in the organization should have ways to deal with these issues in a timely manner.

Missouri Civics

order essay cheap Missouri Civics. Paper details Briefly explain why healthcare coverage is important to the citizens of Mo. and why is it such a huge concern for the government. Search online for Mo. organizations which represent or advocate for people to have healthcare coverage. Search online to see if you can determine what civic actions has already been taken in Mo. regarding healthcare coverage to citizens. Search different civic viewpoints about healthcare coverage and make a list of pro/cons relevant to the need for change. Search Missouri Initiative and Referendum Handbook and briefly explain what steps would be necessary to file an initiative for new legislation about healthcare coverage. Summarize all findings and please list all links for information. Thank youMissouri Civics

MDC Non Verbal Cues in The Movie victor Victoria & Their Effects Summary

MDC Non Verbal Cues in The Movie victor Victoria & Their Effects Summary.

After viewing the 1982 version of the movie “Victor Victoria” (with Julie Andrews and
James Garner), write a 1 ½ to 2 page, double-spaced essay on the various types of the
non-verbal cues used in the movie. Such cues may be used to establish any of the aspects
of the story line, such as time, location, relationships, emotions, mood, etc. In addition,
due to the subject of the movie, they may be used to establish and enhance the gender of
the characters. Keep in mind that such gender-based cues may include subtle messages
to make males seem more masculine, females more feminine. In this particular movie
they may also be used to make a male seem feminine and a female seem masculine. Also
remember that nonverbal cues can include gestures, facial expressions, body movements,
body appearance, eye contact, the use of space, colors, touch, even the use of silence.
Identify and describe in detail at least ten specific examples of nonverbal messages and
explain how the cue was used and the effect it had.
MDC Non Verbal Cues in The Movie victor Victoria & Their Effects Summary

Nova Community College Literature of Childhood and Adolescence Discussion

Nova Community College Literature of Childhood and Adolescence Discussion.

Now that you’ve read the background lesson on folk & fairy tales, two versions each of AT 425, “Little Red Riding Hood,” and “Cinderella,” an article about tales, and a modern feminist fairy tale “The Improper Princess,” I want you to analyze that material and develop your own thoughts about it in a substantial discussion post. Please write a 300-400 word post responding to the questions below (roughly 1-2 paragraphs per question). Your post should contain quotations and direct references to the readings. Then, respond to one of your classmates’ posts. Your response should be at least 4 sentences long and should add interesting thoughts or ideas to the conversation. These posts are due by 11:59pm on Sept. 4.Questions1. Identify a motif (an object, character type, or specific event) for each tale. It doesn’t have to be a different motif for each tale. Can you find any motifs that are repeated in different tales? Is it a motif shared by a pair of tale versions, or is there an interesting difference (for example, the recognition symbol in the two versions of “Cinderella” are a little different). Which motif is most interesting to you, and why?2. Compare some of the traditional and literary characteristics in the tales. What effect does that difference in narrative style have? (Hint: the tales by Perrault, Leprince de Beaumont, and Wrede are more literary; the Grimms and Dasent stay closer to oral traditions.)3. “The Improper Princess” by Patricia C. Wrede is an example of a feminist fairy tale written for children & teens. It also uses parody in some places. I’m sure you noticed that while Wrede uses many traditional motifs, she uses them in some different ways or for different purposes than traditional tales would. Discuss the similarities and differences that you think are most interesting or important between Wrede’s tale and some of the others we’ve read.
Nova Community College Literature of Childhood and Adolescence Discussion