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BBA 3602 Columbia Southern University Apple Company Culture & HR Plans HW

BBA 3602 Columbia Southern University Apple Company Culture & HR Plans HW.

InstructionsFor this scholarly activity, develop a supporting human resource (HR) plan for an organizational strategy by completing the following tasks:Research a company that has undergone (or attempted to undergo) a shift in organization or culture within the past five years. This shift must have been a result of innovation. Some examples of companies that have gone through this change are Apple, General Motors, Marvel, Delta Airlines, Starbucks, Old Spice, J. Crew, CBS, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Nintendo, Converse, Lego, and Lacoste.Describe the organization or culture before and after the shift. Has the shift been successful (e.g., made the company more profitable or influenced the employees to be more productive employees), or did the shift fail?Layout the human resource plan you would suggest for the company you have chosen. Explain your choices.Your analysis of a company and proposed HR plan should consist of a minimum of three pages (maximum of four) of text. You are required to use at least one outside source to support your explanation and plan. Your scholarly submission should be formatted in accordance with APA style.ResourcesThe following resource(s) may help you with this assignment.Citation GuideSubmit Writing Center Request
BBA 3602 Columbia Southern University Apple Company Culture & HR Plans HW

BUS 082 San Jose City College Coffee Doughnuts Business Idea Entrepreneurship PPT.

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PurposeYour semester project will be very personal and it will be as relevant as you make it. Most students simply go through college to get it done because it’s considered by many as the perfect path to the ideal job and salary. Often times little thought is given to what they really want to, why they want to do it, where they prefer to do it, or how can they really achieve their goals. Your goal this semester is to achieve clarity about yourself so you can take control of your career and your life. Be mindful and purposeful with your choices; ask yourself WHY with every choice you make. Begin work on your entrepreneurial adventure and personal brand. When you step from college into the work market place, you will be confident about what you are looking for, what you are offering, and that you will be excellent. Shark Tank Pitch GuidelinesYou will have no more than 3 minutes to deliver your pitch.Include in your pitch your name, your location, and your background.Share your business mission and products and services.Who is your target market or customer?State your current progress towards your plans.What do you need to get there?Final Output Shark Tank Presentation Script – 100 points
BUS 082 San Jose City College Coffee Doughnuts Business Idea Entrepreneurship PPT

With the urgent need for new treatments for serious diseases and concerns about other existing unmet patient needs as well as the cost of traditional drug discovery and other productivity issues on the constant increase, drug repurposing has become an attractive alternative. Drug repurposing is defined as the process of discovering new indications for existing drug compounds (Tari and Patel, 2014). Tari

UCB Spanish Vocabulary Word Spelling & Word Meaning Worksheet

UCB Spanish Vocabulary Word Spelling & Word Meaning Worksheet.

Submit answers for the following activities.Page 76 (Activity 2: Palabras and Activity 4.:¿Qué es?)Page 79 (Activity 7: Respuestas negativas)Page 80 (Activity 9: Uno poco de aritmética)Page 84 (Activity 13: Nacionalidades and Activity 14: Al contrario) Page 89 (Activity 23: Compañeros de estudio)Page 90 (Activity 26: Todos nosotros)Page 100 (Activity D: Present indicative of regular -er and -ir verbs)Page 108 (Práctica 2: ¿Qué es?Page 110 (Práctica 7: Minidiálogos)Page 111 (Práctica 9: Minidiálogos)Page 115 (Práctica 16: Lo que va a pasar)Page 120 (Práctica 22: ¿Qué tienen?)Page 131 (Práctica E: Present indicative of e:ie stem-changing verbs.
UCB Spanish Vocabulary Word Spelling & Word Meaning Worksheet

Discussion unit 6

cheap assignment writing service Discussion unit 6.

In this Discussion, you will explore how you can apply descriptive statistics, probability calculations, normal distribution calculations, hypothesis testing, regression, and forecasting to current events.Research an article on a current event that centers on a controversial issue where the two sides are claiming opposing views. Then, describe how you would analyze the situation to settle the issue if you were involved in this event. For example, if the article was about whether a proposed new law about gun control will reduce deaths, you may describe how you would use hypothesis testing to compare data from states where such laws exist. Or, if the article was about actions to take to reduce gas prices, you could talk about how you would use regression to figure out which factors affected prices at the pump the most.Please note that this Discussion should be limited to how statistical analysis can be applied to current issues. This is not the place to champion a particular position on the issue you are discussing or get into an argument about the various sides of an issue. Remember, you are here to analyze, not proselytize.Also note that the article you are citing must be discussing the opposing views on the issue. Do not introduce your own perspective on what is being disputed. For example if the article is about the new budget being passed but does not discuss any conflicts of opinion, it doesn’t qualify.Please use the template below in your answers so everyone can easily follow your answers to all the questions (copy and paste to your post).Use this template for your Unit 6 Discussion.Summary of the articleBriefly describe the current event described in the article.Central questionWhat does the article say about the issue being disputed? What are the conflicting points of view according to the article? Use direct quotes from the article to summarize the dispute and the opposing sides.There has to be some specific issue in dispute at the center (do tax breaks increase spending, what impacts health care costs the most, etc.), and the sides have to be defending a particular position.Do not use examples where the issue is based on opinions or morality. For example, “Should abortion be legal?” is largely a morality question and is not suitable for statistical analysis. Conducting a survey to ask people about their opinions is not the same as analyzing data and making conclusions- you still only have opinions.MethodologyExplain which methodology you will apply. Provide the relevant details. Where will your data come from? How will the results from this methodology answer the question you described above?If you are going to use forecasting, explain how you will do that (which methodology and why) and how you will measure your accuracy. How will the forecast settle the issue?If you do a regression analysis, explain what the dependent and independent variables will be.If you will do hypothesis testing, what will the null and alternative hypothesis be?
Discussion unit 6

BUS 530 Trident University MOD1 Consumer Demand and Pricing Essay

BUS 530 Trident University MOD1 Consumer Demand and Pricing Essay.

For Module 1, you did research on consumer demand and pricing for your business idea. Continue with the same business idea that you wrote about for Module 1, but now look at the cost side of your business.Do some research on various potential start-up expenses for your business based on research on wages, office space rental rates, etc., in your home town. More specifically, write a three-page paper answering the following questions:What do you think the main expenses will be for your business? Make sure to discuss labor, rent, equipment, and any other major expense you can think of.Do some research on the internet or from your own personal contacts to get a ballpark estimate of how much the specific expenses are in your home town for the items that you listed in your answer to Question 1 above. You can use Craig’s List or similar webpages to get an idea about wages for different positions that you may need to hire for, and there are many webpages that have advertisements for renting commercial property in different parts of the country.Finally, break down your expenses into fixed plus variable costs. Make sure to cite two of the required background readings as justification for your classifications of your different expenses into the fixed and variable cost categories.
BUS 530 Trident University MOD1 Consumer Demand and Pricing Essay

What I Would Like To Explore

Discussion 2: What Would You Like to Explore? Is there a topic or idea that has been on your mind that you are thinking about for your dissertation or doctoral study? Is there a problem in your work or social sphere that you feel compelled to understand and act upon? Have you read a story or viewed a documentary and thought “I could do something like that”? These are just a few of the ways Walden students become inspired to choose what they would like to study for their dissertation or doctoral study.

Once you have watched this week’s Scholar of Change video, you have the opportunity to reflect on how that student merged their academic studies with their passion for making a difference. In this Discussion, you have an opportunity to start that journey, to consider a topic you would like to explore. For this Discussion, you will explore topics in your discipline of interest to you that you want to research using a qualitative approach.

To prepare for this Discussion:

• Review the Learning Resources related to qualitative research.

• Consider a topic in your discipline that is of interest to you. This could come from a prior course or something from your work or personal setting for which you have a passion. Then:

Based on your initial understanding of qualitative research, post a description of the topic you chose in terms of how it could be conceptualized as a qualitative study. Include:

1. What is the phenomenon of interest?

2. What experiences or contextual issues might influence how this phenomenon could be studied?

3. In what setting(s) could a topic like this be explored? 4. What connection do you have to this topic, and why do you think it is important to explore this as a qualitative study?

5. What possibilities could the results of this research have for social change?

The phenomenon I am interested in is substance abuse relapse. Be sure to support your main post and response post with reference to the week’s Learning Resources and other scholarly evidence in APA style.

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