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I always thought that Filipino directors and writers only know how to create a love story, but after watching Bayan Ko I was shocked on how good it was. This kind of shows should often be created because this are the ones which really mattered and what the society needs, the truth. “Bayan Ko” has everything a political drama needs, but what made it stand-out is its straightforward attacks towards the audience’s political mind set.

It attacks the ever familiar issues that we’ve been experiencing since the colonial time such as graft and corruption, political dynasties, vote buying, bureaucracy, red tape, illegal gambling, and even morality of politician’s personal relationship. “Bayan Ko” isn’t just for good entertainment but it also serves as a starting protest against our society’s wrong mind set of what makes a good governance and true public service. Almost every scene in the series makes my nerves erupt.

The way the Filipino politicians were portrayed was very true; what saddens me is that it was set on a small province that’s very poor. It truthfully depicted the mass suffering of the province while the unlawful leaders enjoyed the infinite glamorous lifestyle. But despite of the evilness that wraps the series, there are some notable characters too that restores your faith in humanity. Greed, insecurity, lust; these are the reasons why everyone would screw others up just to be on top.

Days have change now, money is not that easy to find today; if people find an easy way to gain profit they’d mostly take it for their own benefit. A lot of people would now literally do anything to survive, some might even sell their soul to the devil if I should say. What’s funny about us, the people who mostly rant about the government being corrupt, is also corrupt in our own ways. We’re all bunch of hypocrites! I admit that at some part of my life I’ve committed corruption. I’ve deceived my parents on buying me new shoes because I need it for our PE subject when I was in my high school days.

When I was in my 3rd year in high school I didn’t buy I single paper because I was pretty confident that my seatmates would give me one. Those might be simple deceptions but that’s still corruption. As a business management student and a future business man in the future, honestly is and always be the golden rule in my career. As always this should start within us, in simple or great matters. To be honest is to have integrity, to be genuine and sincere, incorruptible, good, heartfelt, and natural.

We were created to live out magnificent things in your everyday life, inhale and exhale them with every breath, pour them into your companions, channel them into your career, prayers, and dreams. We need to remove the “kanya-kanya” mentality in ourselves, in order for us to succeed, others should also succeed with us. Help one another. Jealousy and insecurities might be a possible blunder in our path but remember that in God’s eyes we are all equal, all the material things that we obtain today doesn’t really count at all in the other side.

Analyze the use of satire as a means of social critique in Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal.

Analyze the use of satire as a means of social critique in Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal..

1. Your essays must be double-spaced and follow the standard essay format. You must use Times New Roman 12 point font or the default in word. 2. You are not required to do research for this essay. However, if you intend to include research sources, you must correctly cite your sources using MLA documentation. Also, please include in-text citations for any quotations that you include from the texts. Therefore, needs a work cited page because we are using quotes from the text!

3. Introduction – introduce the author and strong thesis to introduce arguments so the reader knows where the essay will be going. 4. Spelling and Grammer and Style important, no 5 paragraphs even though short word count 5. Primary texts (literary texts), in-text-citations = quotes. It is important that for every argument made, you must use quotes to prove it and integrating the quotes is key! 

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