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Leading to the Battles of Bemires Heights and Freeman’s Farm, the Battle of Saratoga became known as a highly significant battle Of the American Revolution. These battles were a necessity to the victory of the Revolution for the Americans. The Battles of Bemires Heights and Freeman’s Farm were very necessary because they really helped out the American’s chances of winning more battles that would take place later. As General Burgeoned was leading his forces to Albany, he ran into the American forces at Bemires Heights (where they also fought after the battle of freeman’s farm).The American forces deed to do anything they could to get rid of as many British forces as possible. The Battles that took place had huge turning points for both side because the number of people that were killed and the amount of ammunition that was used affected later battles of the Revolution.

In the Battle of Bemires Heights, Burgeoned had his army retreat northward for the town of Saratoga (silently in the night), having to leave the sick and injured behind, and the dead unburied.This proved how these battles affected the decisions of the fighting forces, some being sick and cruel, while others being intelligent and applicable. The Battle of Freeman’s Farm (taking place on September 19, 1777) was a very significant battle for the British and the Americans. The British were surprised at Bemires Heights, where the British suffered about 500 casualties while the Americans sustained about 280. The battle was taking place on Freeman’s Farm. Freeman was a Loyalist who had earlier left for Canada.After about three hours of battle, the Americans ran out of ammunition, making them have to retreat.

The British then claimed victory at Freeman’s Farm. Freeman’s Farm was located on the west side bank of the Hudson River. It was right near Bemires Heights, making it easy for people to build fortifications in the woods and high outcroppings. It was located a few miles away from Burnoose’s destination of Albany. It was a perfect location for an army to fight and keep themselves in somewhat Of an alright sanctuary. During the Battle, both sides used different tactics and strategies.Burgeoned decided to go with a risky strategy of dividing his army into three columns, two towards Bemires Heights and one to follow the road that paralleled the Hudson.

The American forces (led by Horopito Gates and Benedict Arnold) laced expert riflemen (led by Daniel Morgan) in charge of taking out the left flank of the British (led by Simon Frasier). This strategy worked well for the Americans, of course until they ran out of ammunition. The battle (of Freeman’s Farm) was officially ended when Burgeoned heard word from Sir Henry Clinton.Clinton was getting ready to leave New York City and come assist Burgeoned with the continuous battles. So, he told Burgeoned to hold back and wait for him to get there before he attacked the Americans again. Burgeoned gave up his plan for attack on September 20th, and told his troops to wait until reinforcements arrived. Following the Battle at Freeman’s Farm, was the Battle of Bemires Heights.

Bemires Heights was another big marking point during the American Revolution, also having big turning points for each force.The Battle of Bemires Heights was the most significant battle of the Saratoga campaign because it was the battle that caused Burnoose’s surrender to the American forces. Bemires Heights was also located on the West bank of the Hudson River about 10 miles from Saratoga. The riverbanks went upward; forming bluffs about 100-300 feet high. Bemires Heights was also surrounded by woods, making it harder for the British forces to take out the Americans. Burgeoned led about 1,500 men to fight off the militia at Bemires Heights. The British suffered about 400 casualties while the Americans only reported about 1 50 casualties.

This proved that American forces at times were stronger (or at least more intelligent) than the British. Multiple battle tactics and strategies were used and discussed at the Battle of Bemires Heights. General Horopito Gates and Benedict Arnold were debating whether or not they should keep their fortifications high in the outcroppings where they seemed more affective, or if they should set up fortifications down in the woods below the heights. Gates decided to keep his army where they were, infuriating Arnold, thus making Arnold be relieved from his position in the American army.Daniel Mooring’s groups of riflemen were dispatched under Gates orders. The British were badly outnumbered, but came back when high competent Simon Frasier came into play. Arnold, deceiving his orders, ordered a rifleman to take out Frasier.

Frasier was badly wounded, taking the fighting spirit away from the British. The Battle was officially ended when Henry Clinton told Burgeoned that he was not likely to rescue the dying and losing British forces, leading Burgeoned o surrender to the American army on October 17, 1777.By the end of the Battle, Gates army was left standing with about soldiers. The Campaign of Saratoga was highly significant to the American Revolution because it really affected how the upcoming battles would turn Out (number of soldiers would be different and amount of ammunition). One thing the Battle of Saratoga did for the Revolution was change the American morale dramatically. It caused Horopito Gates to become a hero of the American Revolution. It also led to France stop helping with the American forces and clearing war on Britain, making things a little easier for the American forces.

If the British had won the battle, then things could have been dramatically different. The British would have had more power and troops, making it harder for the American armies to keep up in later battles. Things could be very different now if the American army did not win the Battle of Saratoga. All in all, the Battle of Saratoga proved that disadvantaged and weaker American forces could overpower the stronger British forces. Horopito Gates led his army to annihilate Burnoose’s army at Bemires Heights, causing them to surrender.The Battle at Freeman’s Farm was also a huge turning point for the American’s, having total control over the best fortification spots at Bemires Heights. The significance to the Revolution is easily seen.

Fifth British had the won the Campaign of Saratoga, then things would have been very different for the American forces. It could have even affected the absolute victor of the American Revolution. Just imagine what it would be like if we didn’t win the Revolution and were still under British control. That is why we have to be grateful that Gates led his army to defeat the British in the Battle of Saratoga.

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