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Analyzes 1862 Civil War event, North & South strategies, leadership, outcome, focusing on decisions of Union General George McClellan.

At the beginning of the last week of June, 1862, the American Civil War briefly appeared as though it might be on the point of ending in a Union victory. The Army of the Potomac, under Gen. George McClellan, stood at some points within about six miles of the Confederate capital of Richmond, Virginia. Had McClellan and the Union forces been able to make good those six miles, the result would have been catastrophic for the Confederate cause. For a variety of reasons that will be outlined more fully below, Richmond was of immense strategic importance to the south, and its loss might well have brought a swift end to the war.

McClellan failed to seize the opportunity, however; instead, though faced by inferior numbers, he began a retreat. In the course of that retreat, he was again offered a chance to seize…

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