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Bathing Reflection Essay

For this clinical activity you will complete a newborn bath and write up a summary of the experience, what were your thoughts before the bath, have you bathed a newborn before, how did you help the family, what did you notice the nurse or clinical instructor doing while the bath was being performed, how did you feel during and any other reflection you have on the experience. During my clinical experience I didn’t complete a bath. However I would reflect on my own experience of bathing my 4 month old grandson. Going in I thought it would be easy however with his fragile body it was different. So if we can elaborate and express I didnt give a bath during my clinical rotation. No sources needed all from personal experience. Nothing factual.

Case Study Scenario 1

Case Study Scenario 1.

Your essay is to be written in an academic style with appropriate grammar, sentences and paragraphs. You are not required to number each of the paragraphs, and you should not use dot points. You should structure your essay as follows and answer the legal and ethical questions included below. Introduction A short introductory paragraph that outlines what you will be presenting in your case report. You do not need to include a detailed account of the facts in the scenario; the markers are aware of the facts and this is an unnecessary use of words. Legal Issues Using structured sentences and paragraphs, answer the following questions in relation to the legal issues around consent, raised by the case.

1. If Joseph and Cindy decided to sue Dr Lin, what type of legal action would that be? What are the elements of the offence that Joseph and Cindy need to prove for the action to be successful? What is the standard of proof required in this case?

2. Describe the defence that Dr Lin could raise. This includes describing the elements of a valid consent (with supporting case law and legislation), and the process for obtaining consent in those circumstances when an adult cannot provide it themselves.

3. What are the possible outcomes of this case?Ethical Issues With reference to Beauchamp and Childress’ (2009) four principles of bioethics:

4. Identify two principles that are relevant in this scenario and describe how they apply to the facts in the scenario.

5. Describe where a conflict between these principles may arise by considering the different values of stakeholders in the scenario.

6. Apply the Kerridge et al. (2013) model for ethical problem solving to address the conflict.

Conclusion Write a short concluding paragraph that brings it all together. NB* you are not required to decide the outcome of this case – in relation to the legal issues this would be a role for the courts. In relation to the ethical issues, there will not be one “right” answer, so the focus for this task is the process that you are being asked to apply

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Combo Applications

Bathing Reflection Essay Combo Applications.

You are working for the company Combo Applications, a company specializing in software and hardware solutions for companies. 

You are the Finance Director of the company. The company publishes financial statements at the year end, which is on the 31st December 2017.

The CEO of the company is asking your opinion about the relevant accounting treatment that every transaction should receive. 

Choosing the appropriate accounting treatment should be based on your understanding to the accounting standards under which these business transactions fall. 

The CEO is asking you to present a comprehensive report of the implications of each choice on the Statement of Financial Position and the Income Statement. 

The CEO is asking you to critically comment on the appropriateness of fair value and historical value reporting methods in each of the above mentioned transactions.

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How to plan the perfect party,it’s a PROCESS essay so the process of how to plan a perfect party has to be explain

How to plan the perfect party,it’s a PROCESS essay so the process of how to plan a perfect party has to be explain.

it’s a PROCESS essay so the process of how to plan a perfect party has to be explain 
4 pharagraphs

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questions help

Was the candidate successful in fulfilling their duties, objectives and
responsibilities? If no, please give details.
-What are the candidate’s strengths?
-Which areas would the candidate benefit from improving?
Were there any issues/challenges you are aware of that impacted their job
How would you describe the candidate as a person? What is their general
reputation among co-workers and supervisor/s?
Which role does the candidate normally take in a team situation (innovator,
coordinator, leader, finisher, organizer)?
How would you rate the candidates ability to motivate, mentor and train others?
How does the candidate handle conflict? How do they handle pressure or highly
stressful situations?
Please rate the candidates communication skills, both written and verbal
In your opinion, what motivates the candidate?
How would you describe the candidates management / leadership style?
Describe a leadership challenge that the candidate faced and how they met the

The Science of Evidence

The Science of Evidence.

The focus will shift to the scientific processes accomplished within the crime laboratory. In addition to the scientific processes, it is important to understand the standards applied to determine if the scientific process and its results can or should be admitted at trial. While science uses the peer review process to evaluate credibility, the courts also use case law to evaluate the standards for forensic science. You are also strongly encouraged to review the recommended sources, which may further support this assignment. In your paper, address the following: Evaluate the evolution of forensic science, focusing on the types of scientific analysis conducted in crime laboratories. Explain how the changes in science and evidence processing over the last century have affected the criminal justice system. Describe at least four major types of scientific testing conducted by crime laboratories. Describe the evidentiary value of the four major testing processes identified. Analyze the current standards (based on case law) for admitting scientific evidence at trial, specifically addressing the four types of scientific testing identified in your paper. The Science of Evidence paper

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Analyzing a Multi-variate Data Set

Analyzing a Multi-variate Data Set.

use minitab 18 for analyses data You will present a research question which you will address using a multi-variate data set and appropriate multivariate statistical techniques. You will have to:- a) Identify appropriate hypothesis/hypotheses to test b) Devise an appropriate sampling framework and select the sub-set of data to be analysed (the sub-set will be listed in an appendix) c) Briefly describe patterns associated with the data set by using appropriate figures d) Analyse the data by using appropriate statistical tests. Consider all tests from Level 5 and include at least one multivariate test. e) Interpret the results of the statistical techniques

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Research Design Assignment

Research Design Assignment.

This assignment requires you to synthesize course concepts and apply them to a research article. This assignment can be based on any qualitative or quantitative research study you have read as part of the Concept Paper Assignments. This Assignment can be completed in pairs

Research Article Critique

Your task is to locate a published research study using human subjects from a credible source (it must be a peer reviewed journal article and a research study) for a topic related consumer behaviour and complete the following:


Research Summary (1-2 pages)

1.       State the complete reference for the research (including the author, title, journal, pages, and URL, if applicable).

2.       Write a paragraph describing the purpose of the study. Identify relevant concepts and definitions relevant to the study.

3.       Summarize the method in two paragraphs. Describe the approach, sample and information related to the instrumentation (observation or questions asked)

4.       Describe how the researchers analyzed their data in a paragraph. How did the researchers arrive at conclusions for the study? How did the make sense of the qualitative data they collected?

5.       Summarize key findings of the study and its conclusions (one paragraph)


Note: Failing to select an article from a peer reviewed journal will result in 0 on this assignment

Research Assessment (1-2 pages)

1.       Assess the appropriateness of the research approach based on the stated problem. Is the study valuable to the subject of consumer behaviour? How effective was the approach selected. Are you comfortable with the conclusions made by the author? Explain your answer in 3-4 paragraphs. You MAY use first person for the assessment however, additional sources and resources will assist in your critique of the authors (a minimum of 4 is advised). The lecture and activities from Nov 28 will focus on critiquing research and may be used as a resource.


Study Recommendations and new research design (2-3 pages)

1.       Identify a minimum 5 recommendations to improve the study you assessed.

2.      Design an outline for a revised study.

a.       Your outline will provide the following:

                                                               i.      Your research problem (explain the need for the research and the research question)

                                                             ii.      Your research approach (qualitative/quantitative) and your research method (survey, observation, focus group, interview) including sampling process and description of the sample. Some examples of the questions you will ask or observations you will make in the research process

                                                           iii.      Implementation (how will you collect information and when)

                                                           iv.      Analysis: what information are you seeking specifically? How will you analyze information? What tools will you use to summarize information? How will you make sense of the data? (provide samples of tools and/or sample information)


Students are expected to comply with the college policy regarding the proper citation of sources. The penalty for plagiarism is that you will receive 0 on your assignment.


The late penalty is 10% (applied 10 minutes after the assignment deadline and due date and every day until the assignment is received). Students experiencing circumstances which may require special consideration are advised to speak to faculty earlier than 72 hours before the assignment deadline.


Grammar and style is important to conveying your thoughts in this paper. Students are advised to use resources such as writing workshops, grammar checkers (via web) to minimize careless errors.  International and ‘English as a Second Language Students’ are advised to also check with the international student office for assistance with reports.  Beginning your assignment early will assist in your ability to obtain support for draft revisions.


In instances where poor grammar/presentation hinders the instructor’s ability to assess the submission, students will be required to resubmit the assignment.  

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Leadership and management

In every area of health care, the professional nurse is expected to provide leadership and management expertise. How would you describe your leadership style?
Explain the role that communication and conflict resolution play in effective leadership. How has this week changed your views on leadership?