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By following security procedures and limiting off-hours access, a building can be made safer and more secure. Schedule of Hours • Security is not just locks and security guards, it is also a set of procedures designed to keep the building safe. Develop a schedule for deliveries that is strictly adhered to, and work with delivery companies to develop a schedule that will allow your company to receive shipments. Delivery companies can put your location at a specific point in their daily delivery schedule to make sure that they arrive during your posted hours. Do not accept deliveries outside of the posted hours.

Create a schedule of hours for visitors as well, and do not allow visitors outside those scheduled times. Work with the managers in your company to develop an office-hours schedule to cover the times when a majority of the employees will be in and out of the building. Employees working outside of the scheduled office hours will need permission from management. Secure all Doors and Windows • Have delivery doors locked when not in use. Only allow certain people to have the key. Install a badge-entry system that only allows employees with a badge to enter the building during office hours.

Employees working off hours should only be allowed to enter and leave the building through the security guard station. First-floor windows should be closed and locked. If first-floor windows need to be opened, they should only be opened by a security guard. Video • Video surveillance should be installed at all entrances, delivery doors and along the walls of the first floor. A video security surveillance guard should be able to see all possible areas of entrance to the building on the first floor, and there should also be cameras that offer a wide view of the surrounding grounds and the parking lot.

If possible, cameras should be set up directly in the parking lot to get a good view of vehicles as they come and go. Parking • The parking lot should be reserved for employees only, with the exception of spots designated for visitors. Employees should be required to display a parking pass in the windows of their vehicles at all times, and any vehicle that does not display a parking pass should be towed from the lot. Employees should also be required to register the make, model, color and license plate number of their vehicles with security to ensure that parking passes are not being used on non-employee vehicles.

Knowing that your livelihood is protected with a commercial security system will give you peace of mind and that is an invaluable feeling. It may seem overwhelming at first when it comes to choosing your commercial security system, but it does not have to be. A good security company will help you pick the perfect commercial security system to meet your business needs. They will be there for you when you need them and notify the police if the worst should happen and your business does get broken into. A good quality commercial security system provider will work with you and your budget.

They will help you balance the risk, need, and your insurer’s requirements with your budget. Your commercial security system provider should take you through the process with the most cost effective solution. A good security provider will also give you trouble-free service. They should have engineers available to you twenty-hours a day, seven days a week because you never know when your system might need servicing. They should not just sell you a security system and then walk away not to be heard from again.

They will continue to be there for you whenever you need them and will come out to your business to service your commercial security system if need be. | | | | | | 2. Why Purchase a Commercial Security System? [pic]You can get your commercial security system in electronic form today. There are many excellent reasons to purchase a commercial security system. First off, you will get a good commercial security alarm system. It will alert the police and the security company if someone tries to break into your business. You can also get a video surveillance system that will allow you to record anything and everything that goes on in your business.

Whether you are being robbed by someone that has broke in or one of your employees, it will catch it on video. You can even have the cameras outside as well as inside your business. You can view the video images locally or remotely any time you want. The video can also be used to improve customer service and productivity. Also, if you happen to be sued because a customer says something happened to them while in your store, then you will have proof one way or another of what really happened to that customer. You should also have your security expert install a hold-up alarm if your business deals with a cash flow on a daily basis.

Implementation of Smart Pill Box Technology

Implementation of Smart Pill Box Technology.

 You need to submit a course project proposal with the following requirements: 1- A journal article as the baseline of your course project. 2- You need to look at a health problem where computer network can be used to solve problem or improve system. (Smart Bill Box ) Selected 3- The network tools You are using for your course project. 4- You also need to add to the course proposal the following items: a. You need to describe the computer network techniques in detail and provide evidence from the literature. b. The techniques you are planning to use to solve the problem or improve the system and why you choose it? Network Analysis, Diagrams and Topology, Technical Requirements, Type of network, Transmission protocol, Network Model, Software, Risk Management, Contingency Plan and Implementation Cost. c. Your expecting results.

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