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Based on the questions below, you should organize and present your case in a written report. In order to

Based on the questions below, you should organize and present your case in a written report. In order to successfully complete this assignment, your report should: Succinctly define the situation (no more than 15-20% of the paper). Enumerate the options to be considered. Weigh each option’s positives and negatives. Declare your decision. Provide support for your decision. Please read the attached case study and answer the following questions in written report format. Case Questions: -Who are the “ideal” target consumers? -How should each participant in the decision making process be addressed? -How could these participants best be reached? -What is the appropriate message for each? -What is the role of the “support program”? -What is the ideal rollout schedule for key integrated marketing communications activities?
There is a clean distinction between cult and religion (Crnic, 2009). The debate between the differences about the two sparks a lot of difference of what exactly should be termed as a cult. Some view it as being a religion by itself. Others see it as a corrupt or wrong practice with a lot of secrecy. In some countries, cults are not accepted. In these countries, they term cults as criminal, antisocial and brainwashing practice. Sociologists have looked into the technical sense of these practices. Sociologists see cults as tension group within a society. On the other hand, religion is a vibrant movement in the lives of many people (Fisher, 2010). It has gained popularity over the majority of people in the world. The beliefs and practices of these traditions have changed over time. This thesis gives account of the difference between cults and religion. The differences between these two disciplines cut across various elements that affect the society. The changing nature of both cults and religion touches on the role of women, issues and controversies of fundamentalism, globalization and interfaith initiatives (Fisher, 2010). The modern religious world is an emphasis about personal consciousness in contemporary life. All religions in the world have a connecting purpose that they share. They all strive to achieve the goal of tying people back to something behind the surface of life. On the other hand, cults explain spiritual needs. It splits personal deeds to good cult self and dirty old self. This requires one to assess oneself from his or her old life to the new life in the cult. Moreover, the followers have to be cleansed from the evil deeds they did in the past (Nosco, 2008). During conversion the follower unconsciously surrenders to external forces. The cult cares little about people’s identity. Members hasten to make quick decision to join whilst having little information about the cult. Cults see the family as an enemy to the success of an individual (Moore, Pinn
Grossmont College Police Officers and Mental Illness Reflection Essay.

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This assignment requires students to write a one-page reflection paper. After our discussion of police and mental illness, students must answer the following question:”How can police departments provide greater support to officers who experience stress-related mental illness? What are some potential legal concerns relating to officers who experience mental illness?”When answering the question, be sure to make clear connections between a specific example from the documentary and specific ideas/concepts from the reading material.Maximum Points: 8Technical Requirements:Page Limit: 1 page (strictly enforced)Body of Paper: Double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch marginsHeader: Student name, Course title, Date
Grossmont College Police Officers and Mental Illness Reflection Essay

Evenin’ Air Blues Essay

The poem Evenin’ Air Blues written by Langston Hughes was published in 1951. The poem consists of four six line stanzas or sestets. In the poem, a poor black man, who is probably an escaped slave, in a sad tone, speaks about the mismatch between the picture of Northern American states that existed among the Southern slaves and the reality in which although there is no slavery, living conditions are hard, and people can hardly makes their ends meet. The first stanza of Evenin’ Air Blues is a sestet, and the rhyme scheme is “ababcb”. The rhyming words are “North”, “fine”, “months” and “mind”. The first two words are repeated two times each. He chose those particular words to emphasize the basic introductory information which is the location – North, its alleged description – fine, the amount of time he spent there – months, and the effect it had on him – that he almost lost his mind. Some critics have pointed out that rhyming “fine” and “minds” is technically a really bad move, and that it takes away much of the poems quality (Tracy, 158). Repetition as a tool is used here to show how rumors about the life in the North are repeated almost like a mantra among the Southern slaves. The second stanza of the poem also consists of six lines with the rhyme scheme is “efefgf”. The words that carry the rhyme are “breakfast”, “air”, “supper” and “spare”, the first two of which are used twice. The most prominent words that carry the rhyme are related to food – “breakfast” and “supper”, and they are used alongside the word “air” which is associated with emptiness and void. By doing this, the poet achieves his goal of vividly describing the day-by-day struggle that all of the black people faced. The main tool here is literal image. Hughes uses it very effectively so the reader can almost feel his long days without food and shelter. The physical repetition of words parallels the sameness of days in his life. That way, we get the picture of the lack of basic existential necessities that the speaker faces. In the third stanza, we get somewhat different but simple rhyme scheme – “hjhjhj”, but the number of lines is the same as in the first two. The rhyming words in this stanza are “dancin’”, “away”, “stay”, and the first two are, again, repeated two times. The word “dancin’” is chosen and repeated to transfer the atmosphere of dance nights; “away” is used in order to show the effect dance has on his sadness, and “stay” is used to emphasize the permanence of his melancholy only occasionally interrupted by dances. In this stanza, the reader is introduced to the idea of dance as an antidote to poverty and suffering in a big city. The main tool in this stanza is personification, which is apparent in the last line, when the poet says how “blues forgets to stay”. In my view, by using this tool, the poet wants to emphasize how the speaker feels the blues as a conscious force or a spirit because of its power over him. This stanza shows us that artistic expression is what keeps people sane and gives them power to endure the hardships they face. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The final stanza is quite distinct from the rest of the poem since it is written in the rhyme scheme “kkkkkk”, which is a very unusual rhyme. In this stanza, the words that carry the rhyme are “me”, which is repeated three times, “be” repeated two times and “see”. “Me” and “be” are used in an altering way to indicate how the speaker’s person is the permanent dwelling of the blues. The word “see” is used almost as a call for the reader to notice how apparent the cause of his sadness is. As for the number of lines, this stanza conforms to the rest of the poem, which means that it has six lines. The main tool which is used here very effectively is internal rhyme, and it can be found in the last line where the poet rhymes “me” and “see” line internally. The poet uses the opportunity to repeat the word “me” for the fourth time in this stanza almost as a way of physically pointing at himself to draw the attention of the society at his conditions. This effect is made even stronger since the word is rhymed with the verb “see”, which calls for people’s attention almost like an imperative. In conclusion, one might say that although criticized for its technical issues like problematic rhyme in “fine – mind” and dialectal inconsistencies, this poem is very valuable because it provides a vivid picture of disappointment in the life in the North. It is also worth adding that the poet has succeeded in transferring the lives of ordinary, poor, black people into artistic expression, and at the same time, he preserved the tone and atmosphere of everyday life by using the colloquial Southern dialect. Works Cited Tracy, Steven C.. Langston Hughes

GB 560 Phoenix Changing Management Processes of Coca Cola Company Project

assignment helper GB 560 Phoenix Changing Management Processes of Coca Cola Company Project.

Redman (2019) states that the world is changing quickly, change is hard, and many change efforts fail. A leader must have a good plan in place to navigate through these changes to stay successful. Now, you will apply that knowledge to a company scenario, building in an implementation plan into the process so it is actionable. Select one business from the current winners of the Malcolm Baldrige Award Recipients. Assume that you are the new CEO of this business who has goals of expanding your business. You can select one or more from the following list, or develop your own goals:

Expand nationally or internationally
Change your business offering(s) or target customers
Merger or acquisition
Another goal of your choice

Select a company that you have not used for another assignment ***(I have already used MidwayUSA & Greater Baltimore Medical Center HealthCare Inc (GBMC).*** Practicing with more than one company will give you greater insight into how the processes you use may need to be tailored to company/industry differences.
For this 4- to 6-page APA-compliant paper (not including title and reference pages) respond to the following:
Section 1 – Overview and Goal Description

Select the company that you will use for this paper. Provide an explanation and rationale for your choice. As there are many categories in the Baldrige site, you may want to explore an industry you know well or look to expand your knowledge by selecting an industry you are unfamiliar with.
Describe the vision, mission, and values as individual components in the current state of the company. Explain the systems relationship of these elements and how they are related to helping the company achieve success.
Provide any additional background information to provide additional context.
As the new CEO, identify the growth goal(s) you would like to achieve including a rationale for this choice(s).

Section 2 – Change Management Best Practices

Search for best practices in change management. Use at least two resources from your readings/videos from this unit, as well as two other sources you have uncovered in your research. These sources are not required to be scholarly. You may also include personal experiences as part of your research.
Present a synopsis of three best practices in change management, describing how they can support the change that you are working on for this assignment.
Describe where you will incorporate these best practices into your plan.

Section 3 – Change Management Plan Implementation

Complete the change readiness assessment from your learning activity, and list the results. Discuss how this information can help you prepare more successfully for leading this change.
Define the goals of the change management plan for the goal you have identified in Section 1.
Present the change management plan you will be using to fulfill the growth goal. You may use the video as seen in the readings, Managing Change.

Edge Training Systems. (2007). Managing change: The complete perspective [Video].…

Explain what tools and processes will be used to implement the action plan.
Describe the measurement process you will use to determine project success.

GB 560 Phoenix Changing Management Processes of Coca Cola Company Project

Discussing and comparing the Tyler model

In this essay I will be discussing and comparing the Tyler model and Knowles model for Adult Learners. This can be seen in section one where the comparison and contrasting of the two models will be established in order to get a better understanding. In section two I will choose one of the two models that are most appropriate for a learning context. The conclusion will consist of a summary of the key points established throughout this paper. Section One Tyler was very much linked with curriculum theory, development, educational assessment and evaluation. In education individuals regard Tyler as the “father” of behavioral objectives. This form of approach puts much more importance on the needs of the learner. There are similarities between Tyler’s and that of the andragogical model as they both relate specifically to the individuals self direction and their experience. Tyler regularly used this in learning to be a development during which an individual attains new patterns of behaviour. He had four basic questions regarding to learning: What educational purposes should the school seek to attain? What educational experiences can be provided that are likely to attain these purposes? How can these educational experiences be effectively organized? How can we determine whether these purposes are being attained? (Boone, pp.26) The previous questions are now well known in adult education. “Knowledge of the psychology of learning helps set bounds on what can be learned within the given time and the current environment of the organization” (Boone. Pp. 26). Tyler thought that the makeup of a school’s curriculum had to relate to three main factors that together form the elements of an individuals education experience. First off would be the nature of the individual learner, which may include the individuals developmental factors, their learner interests/needs and also their life experiences. Second would involve the individuals values and aims of society, which may include values and attitudes. The last being knowledge of the subject matter. What the learner believes to be worthy and usable knowledge. In answering the four questions and in designing learning experience for students, curriculum developers had to establish judgments through the three factors. He believed that when “setting educational objectives, programmers should take into consideration the learners, society, philosophical considerations within the institution conducting the program, the intellectual climate of society and experts in the subject” (Bye

MEDU 5613 LTU Curriculum & Instruction Go Hand in Hand Instructional Leaders Essay

MEDU 5613 LTU Curriculum & Instruction Go Hand in Hand Instructional Leaders Essay.

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Curriculum and instruction go hand in hand. Instructional leaders
are often involved in developing, implementing, and evaluating
curriculum. After reading chapter 19, select one of the
following questions, locate at least two other credible sources related
to the topic and submit a two to three-page review. How should cultural diversity be addressed in the curriculum? How
might addressing the issue of student diversity be an ethical issue?Explain the Understanding by Design (Ubd) Model for developing units. What are the benefits and challenges with this model?What innovative curriculum designs are you considering, or would you
like to consider for your district or campus? Explain the plan and the
benefits you anticipate.
MEDU 5613 LTU Curriculum & Instruction Go Hand in Hand Instructional Leaders Essay

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