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Mr. Aneke Isreal and to all the Lecturer in computer science department. We wish to express our sincere appreciation tour heavenly father who gave me the wisdom and knowledge to write this project and to our earthly fathers and mothers who helped in making this project a success especially in the area of finance. Computer based maternity database system is used to track those information that exist or happening during or after pregnancy but before childbirth.

Effective and appropriate Antenatal and post natal care should be offered to all pregnant women. However, different countries offer different sets of routine ANC, which are hardly based on explicit effectiveness criteria, being mainly linked with long-term tradition or other inexplicit criteria. Some interventions still provided to women with normal pregnancies are not effective, and many of them have not been evaluated. These interventions should be eliminated from basic health care packages, and more research is needed on those interventions of unknown effectiveness.

This project is written to help hospitals especially Poly Clinic Asata hospital Enugu in the areas they encounter problems in keeping their pre natal information for pregnant woman and the solution given to tackle those problem. This is implemented with visual basic programming language and Microsoft Access for effective pre natal information for pregnant woman information keeping.

Moreover, it introduces the needed holistic approach (biological care and concern with intellectual, emotional, social and cultural needs of women, babies and families) (2) during pregnancy. Care during pregnancy should enable a woman to make informed decisions, based on her needs, after discussing matters fully with the professionals involved. Any interventions offered in the Antenatal and post natal period should be of proven effectiveness and be acceptable to the recipients. Both the individual components and the full package of ANC should conform to these criteria.

The aim of computer based pre natal information is to promote early intervention by the hospital and, when necessary. The approach aims to ensure that rapid and appropriate action is taken to tackle absence problems as soon as they become apparent. The nine months of prenatal development are usually divided into three stages. These are the germinal period, the embryonic period, and the fetal period. During the germinal period, which lasts from conception until day 14, the fertilized egg, called a zygote, undergoes rapid cell division and growth. At the same time, its cells begin to differentiate and cluster to assume specialized roles.

For example, some cells begin to form the support structures of the placenta, which will provide food and oxygen to the fetus, while others begin to form structures of the developing human. Another significant achievement of the germinal stage is implantation of the cell mass, now called the blastocyst, into the inner wall of the mother’s uterus, where it will remain for the duration of prenatal development. Implantation also triggers hormonal changes in the mother’s body that enables it to nurture the developing human . The embryonic period lasts from day 14 through the eighth week.

During this time, major structures and organ systems begin to form. During the fourth week, for example, the brain begins to develop, a primitive heart starts to beat, and the eyes, ears, and mouth begin to form. By eight weeks after conception, the embryo has most of its basic organ systems, facial features have formed, and even fingers and toes have appeared. See Embryology. During the fetal period, from the ninth week until birth, major organs grow in size and complexity, the muscular and nervous systems develop, and the sex organs form. By the fourth or fifth month, mothers can begin to feel the fetus moving within them.

The fetus startles in response to sudden, loud noises outside the womb, and its hiccupping can be detected. Brain development is dramatic. Nearly all nerve cells that the brain will use throughout life are formed, and brain regions become specialized in function. As birth approaches, the fetus grows significantly in size and adds protective fat stores in preparation for life outside the womb. See Fetus. This has to do with the title of the project, which is the design, and implementation of a Computer based maternity database system for a Poly Clinic Asata hospital.

Due to the problem encountered with the pregnant woman attitude to their check up and treatment, the need arise to develop a software that will assist to solve the problem. The problem caused by the use of manual method of keeping pre natal information for pregnant woman can only be solved by computerizing the hospital pre natal information for pregnant woman. The main purposes of this project are a. This regulation prescribes procedures for the maintenance of pre natal information for pregnant woman at all levels of command and in all types of hospitals. b.

Pre natal information for pregnant woman are kept for recording the check up and treatment performed by each patient in the hospital in order to make an equitable determination of check up and treatment assignments. A separate roster generally will be maintained for each check up and treatment requiring the detail of individuals. All assignments to detail, except authorized special check up and treatment details, normally will be made in accordance with applicable rosters. c. Hospital administrators are authorized to establish methods and procedures which will best suit the needs of their hospitals.

However, those methods and procedures must comply with the spirit and intent of this regulation. Computer based maternity database system works best as an early intervention; more success was reported when targeted at more entrenched cases. ‘ • ‘Robust and rigorous attendance-monitoring systems are essential to identify cases and to support any necessary court action.

The same systems need to quickly intercept any cases where improvements are not sustained post-fast track to attendance. While some patient care is usually required, the nursing supervisor’s new check up and treatment include setting up check up and treatment schedules, assigning check up and treatment to a nursing staff, and ensuring that each member of the nursing team is adequately trained. This means that they must ensure that nursing records are correctly maintained, that report is correctly given at each shift change, and that equipment and other supplies are in stock. The aims and objectives of this project are listed below.

Improved check up and treatment load functionality: Staffing levels and appropriate skill mix per shift can be more easily determined by the shift modules. This leads to less time spent in designing and amending rosters. 2. Better care planning: Time spent on care planning is reduced, while the quality of what is recorded is improved. This makes for more complete care plans and more complete assessments and evaluations. 3. Better drug administration: Electronically prescribed drugs are more legible, thus making it less likely that drugs would be wrongly administered to pregnant woman.

KSAO’ and competenices

KSAO’ and competenices.

 A brief discussion of each job titles you will prioritize and why a. Plan to prioritize at least 4 of the job titles: Concession Team Member Projectionist Assistant Manager General Manager 2. A general plan for each prioritized job title above *To select by assessing KSAOs and/or competencies

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