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Barn Burning BY karaa479 Mr. Summers September 26th “The Bass, the River, and Shiela Mant” is a story about a young boy who thought he loved a young girl. He spent countless days trying to impress her and get her attention and when he finally does he soon realizes not everyone is as perfect as they look on the outside and good looks can only get you so far. After days and days of showing off his swimming skills in front of Sheila and getting no feedback he finally catches her eye. After working up the confidence he decided to get himself together and ask Sheila out.

Approaching her with all of his thoughts together he spits it out and asks her on a date, not expecting the answer he got she accepted! Later that night he saw Shiela approaching his way. It was obvious she wasn’t exactly thrilled to be going out with him but he surely was and nothing was going to ruin it. He got the canoe out and ready and helped her onto it. She was hesitant but proceeded. As they continue floating the conversation of fishing gets brought up and he shortly discovers she hates fishing. “Boring” is what she described it as.

While loating shortly after his unfortunate discovery he realizes one of the largest bass he’d ever seen was attatched to his rod. Stuck between keeping her attention and keeping ahold of the fish he decides to let the fish go because their time together is more important than anything. As they walk around the fair she shortly finds her other friends and ends up leaving with someone else. After all that time he’d spent wasted on getting her attention he soon realized after a day of getting to know her not everything is as great as it seems and certainly not worth giving up something you love for.

Select a local program in your community (please choose somewhere in Houston, Texas)that provides counseling services (examples: community mental health

Select a local program in your community (please choose somewhere in Houston, Texas)that provides counseling services (examples: community mental health agency program, school counseling program, support group program). Imagine that you have been asked by the program you chose to conduct a needs assessment to identify any gaps in services and recommendations for services to fit the needs of the community. Write a 700-1,050-word essay describing the program you would conduct a needs assessment on in your community. Address the following in your essay: Describe how you would do a needs assessment to determine the need for such a program. Would you use quantitative or qualitative tools? Why? What tool would you use to measure the outcome of the program? Would you use a quantitative or a qualitative tool? Why? Research one intervention you would recommend to the program and evaluate its effectiveness. Discuss its validity and reliability as an intervention. Was the research conducted based on quantitative or qualitative measures? How would you report your findings and engage stakeholders of the program and in the community to implement your recommendations? Include a minimum of three scholarly resources in your essay. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

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