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Barbie Doll Essay, Research Paper

Margie Pearcy & # 8217 ; s “ Barbie Doll ”

Margie Pearcy & # 8217 ; s “ Barbie Doll ” inside informations the image that society undertakings upon and expects from its immature female population. From an early age these immature adult females struggle to conform to the criterions that society has defined for them. The consequences frequently are black, taking to emotional struggles that are frequently hard if non impossible to decide.

Beautiful, flawless dolls such as Barbie are often the first beginning of association that small misss have with the values placed on them by society. Parents give small yearlings dolls, illumination ranges, and cherry-candy coloured lip rouges ( 2-4 ) for toies. This would look guiltless plenty, but already the guidelines are being set for what society at big expects misss to be. At this immature age, small misss can non truly differ from what is expected since they are under the complete influence of their parents.

Engulfed with these types of nowadayss, the kid is already larning her function in society. In pubescence, during these most disruptive old ages, the miss kid is covering a barbarous blow by a equal who tells her she has a “ large olfactory organ and fat legs ” ( 5-6 ) . Here we see the beginning of the struggle that will blight the immature miss.

The second of stanza of “ Barbie Doll ” demonstrates the interior struggle these immature misss are sing as they become acutely cognizant of how different they may be from what society perceives as the ideal female. Although a miss can be healthy and intelligent, it is non expected for her to possess the physical qualities of “ strong weaponries and back, abundant sexual thrust and manual sleight ” ( 8-9 ) . These epitomize male traits, and immature misss begin to comprehend these as negative and unnatural for themselves. Feeling less than

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worthy or valuable, the miss feels she owes society an apology for possessing these

features ( 10 ) . Percy drive the point place by composing, “ everyone saw a fat olfactory organ on

large legs ” ( 11 ) . This line emphasizes the ugliness the miss feels by non mensurating up to be the perfect or ideal female, a criterion set by society. At this point, the miss begins the battle to accomplish the ideal female character, that Barbie Doll image with the perfect face, hair, and unrealistic figure.

Not merely does society set criterions for physical properties, it besides dictates stereotyped behaviour of the female toward members of the opposite sex. The miss is told “ to play coy, exhorted to come on hearty, exercising, diet, smile, and wheedle ” ( 12-14 ) to pull work forces. She is to use manners that are actuall

Ys fake, non a true representation of what she is on the interior. In add-on to experiencing she must look beautiful and thin, the miss is pressured to move in a pretentious mode to be accepted by society as an ideal member of her sex. She must “ play up ” to work forces and state and make things that will bolster the male self-importance and solidify her function as the ultimate female. This type of programming instills a sense of “ losing ” one’s inner ego. “ Her good nature wore out like a fan belt ” ( 15-16 ) symbolizes this loss of ego and a alteration in the girl’s attitude. As a consequence of compromising or losing her true ego to the demands of society, the immature girl/woman is confronted with the realisation that life this “ bogus ” being has left her alone, empty, and in hurting. Dejected and depressed, she symbolically “ cut off her nose and her legs and offered them up ” ( 17-18 ) . The girl’s emotional agony is so intense that she chooses decease as the solution to stop her hurting and to counterbalance for losing her true individuality, the

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one society failed to acknowledge and raising.

In the 4th and concluding stanza of “ Barbie Doll ” Pearcy utilizes dry imagination to

convey to the readers the senseless mode in which society positions immature adult females. The miss is seen in her coffin “ with the mortician & # 8217 ; s cosmetics painted on, a turned-up putty olfactory organ ” ( 20-21 ) . These images continue the travesty and hide the effects that society has inflicted on its victim. Her caretakers have her “ dressed in a pink and white nightgown ”

( 22 ) in order to keep the ultimate feminine image. Tragically and ironically, the miss is recognized as reasonably merely in decease as noted in line 23. Even here, nevertheless, society fails to see the “ existent ” individual. They see the image that a ill-conceived society has created. The writer writes, “ Consummation at last ” ( 24 ) to convey to us that in decease the miss has achieved society & # 8217 ; s end for her, to model her into a existent life Barbie Doll. “ To every adult female a happy stoping ” ( 25 ) continues society & # 8217 ; s misrepresentation that a adult female is happy and fulfilled if she possesses physical beauty and Acts of the Apostless in a certain mode.

“ Barbie Doll ” offers a sad but realistic position of the drastic effects that can happen from life in a society that Judgess immature adult females by unrealistic, false, and superficial values. Too frequently society fails immature adult females by declining to acknowledge, appreciate, and value true beauty, that which lies in immature misss & # 8217 ; Black Marias, liquors, and characters. These are the lone true things that make a immature lady beautiful, and the lone qualities that can supply permanent felicity.


Analyzing The Upside-Down Kingdom

Analyzing The Upside-Down Kingdom.

Write a 3-4 page, typed essay, analyzing The Upside-Down Kingdom using the following format: In one paragraph describe the main point (thesis) that Kraybill develops in his book (read the preface!). Then select three chapters from among chapters 1 and 5-12, and show how Kraybill defends/develops his thesis in those chapters. (You may not use chapters 2, 3, or 4 for this assignment.) Finally, include two questions or issues the book raised for you, for use in class discussion (Week 6). This assignment must be submitted to This assignment is a building block for the final paper.

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