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The enabling objectives to get the research goal are the following: 1) To read and analyze the secondary sources on the research topic 2) To collect the empirical data 3) To Implement the necessary research method 4) To create a table, showing the most frequent terms. The hypothesis is that convinced political terms are used more often in the speech of Barack Obama than other terms. The research methods of research applied in the study: Library research: the study of the secondary sources on the research theme. Quantitative empirical research method: corpus-based quantitative research.

The main research method applied in the study was quantitative frequency analysis. Chapter 1 is devoted to the secondary sources analysis on the research topic. Chapter 2 explains the research methodology applied In the study. Chapter 3 presents the research results and discussion on finding. Appendix contains the table presenting the most frequently used terms. Analysis of Secondary Sources Literature Review) (The Chapter I presents the literature connected with analysis of Barack Obama s text; also his expressed ideology and its manipulations are mentioned then.Opinions and thoughts of Jury Harvard “Critical Discourse Analysis of Obama ‘s Political Discourse” and Jan Langford “Ideology in Obama ‘s Prague Speech in the Mirror of Discourse Analysis” (2010) are presented and compared in Chapter l.

Jury Harvard used quantitative method to write his analysis, and when he counted all the words, what he were interested in, he expressed the ideas, which are very remarkable. . ” .. “New’, which characterizes the strategy and ideas of the newly sworn president and his administration”, this extract is about Barack Obama ‘s often used word “new”.Jury Harvard ‘s opinion about the use of this word is very interesting. He considers that the fact of using the word “new’, so often as Barack Obama does, shows his ideological aspects and promptitude for the innovations.

Jan Langford looked for the rhyme, speed and phonetic features of Barack Obama ‘s speech, but her conclusion and thoughts are very similar to Jury Harvard. Jan Langford considered that his speech employs rhyme, repetition and stress. He also stresses the word “new’ in his speeches very often, and Jan Langford noticed it. “There is new energy to harness, new Jobs to be created, new schools to built… , Hess are Barack Obama ‘s words which were analyzed by two people.

TO summarize, Chapter I deals with the secondary sources concerned with previous analysis of the speeches of Barack Obama. Methodology This Chapter II will deal with the methodology used in this research. First the research method will be presented and then the research procedure will be described step by step. There are many methods to analyze the text, but theme of chosen paper will be analyzed by quantitative method. Quantitative research is used generally in social sciences such as political science.Qualitative methods construct information Just on the particular cases studied, and any more main conclusions are only hypotheses. Quantitative methods may be used to verify, which such methods can the social sciences become truly scientific, also advocates of qualitative methods argue that quantitative methods tend to obscure the reality of the public phenomena under the study, because they abandon the non-measurable issues, which could be the most valuable.

In this paper the author was used to gather quantitative data -?to deal with information connected with numbers and anything that is measurable.Statistics, tables and graphs will be presented as the results of these methods in appendix. The following chapter will be devoted to giving the results. Findings and Discussion The world of linguistics has been affected he and stimulated by Barack Obama ‘s individuality. Many new words have been created. Bambini, is linking with the passion and obsession he has been accepted and favored by many. Barack Obama ‘s ideology and philosophy have been referred to as one of the most confusing and difficult ideologies to analyze.

In the speech of Barack Obama he strong religious content ideas can be found, for example: 1) “Thank you. God bless you. And God bless the United States of America. ” 2) “This is the source of our confidence – the knowledge that God calls on us to shape an uncertain destiny. ” 3) “…

On the horizon and God’s grass upon us, we carried forth that great gift of freedom and delivered it safely to future generations. ” 4) “… The God – given promise that all are equal, all are free and all deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness. ” Barack Obama to win the supporting of audience.The fact, which was very interesting to find out was that Barack Obama uses the words “we”, “Americans”, “each of us”, “all”, “our” very often to his speech(l), and from the psychological point of view it is made to create a close relationship between the president an his honorable audience.

( From Barack Obama ‘s inaugural speech quantitative analysis) In order to arrive at a more quantitative result of this analysis, a keyword analysis of the most frequently used words and nuances in Obama ‘s speech gave the following findings. His speech consisted of 2403 words, and the pronoun “we” – was repeated 2 times.

Analyzing the role of religion in the Caribbean

Analyzing the role of religion in the Caribbean.

FORMAT The completed essay must be between 7 pages minimum, 10 pages maximum, excluding cover page and bibliography.Your essay must demonstrate a clear analysis of the issues raised in the question, using critical thought. You are required to do more than simply describe the issues; you must show how issues raised by different texts (readings, videos, modules) interact with and/or challenge each other. Essays must incorporate correct spelling, grammar, sentence structure, referencing and a bibliography (you may use either APA, MLA or Chicago referencing format). Essays are to be double-spaced and typed in 12-point Times New Roman font, with standard margins. You must use clear and grammatically-correct English. PLEASE NOTE: Do not put generic dictionary definitions in your essay ie. “According to the definition of slavery is…” etc. If you must use a definition, find one from one of the course readings. Do not limit your essay to the 5 paragraph model!! It is better to organize your essay by theme rather than number of paragraphs. No paragraph should be a page (or greater) in length. Your introductory paragraph MUST have a thesis statement. A thesis statement typically uses the same wording of the question and topic you have chosen to develop a statement about how you will answer that question. For example, if the essay question you chose was “What are some of the significant differences between the culture of enslaved Africans and the culture of indentured Indians?” your thesis statement might read “This paper will explore some of the significant differences between the culture of enslaved Africans and that of indentured Indians by looking at the experiences of both groups on the plantation specifically in terms of family organization, music and dance”. Required references: You must use two (2) course readings (excluding the modules), one (1) course video, and one (1) outside scholarly source in your essay. Failure to provide these four minimum references will result in an automatic grade of F. SUBMISSION **Your essay will be automatically submitted to TurnItIn once you submit through Assignments on D2L. If you do not want your paper to be submitted to TurnItIn you must notify me prior to the due date for the essay. No late papers will be accepted without proper documentation ie. Ryerson Medical Certificate Students who intend to submit a late paper with documentation must inform me in advance. OUTSIDE SCHOLARY SOURCES The Ryerson library has an extensive Caribbean Studies collection, and a Caribbean Studies database, that can be accessed here: An outside scholarly source would include: peer-reviewed scholarly journal article; scholarly book; scholarly website. You can find many scholarly sources here: If you are in doubt as to whether a website is a scholarly source or not, please post the link in the Discussion Board Q & A and I will respond. The following are NOT scholarly sources: newspaper and magazine articles, personal websites and blogs; novels and literary works; government websites; Wikipedia, encyclopaedias and dictionaries; websites not from a scholarly site. Essay Topic . Religion and spirituality have played a significant role in Caribbean cultures of resistance, but paradoxically they have also played a role in the oppression of Caribbean people. Discuss and analyze the role of religion in the Caribbean as both a liberating and an oppressing force

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