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Banyan Tree Hotel And Resort Analysis essay help English Literature assignment help

A brand synonymous with private villas, tropical garden spas, and retail galleries promoting traditional craft, Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts received its first guest in 1994 in Phuket, Thailand. Since then, it had grown into a leading manager and developer of niche and premium resorts, hotels and spas in Asia Pacific. Despite having minimal advertising, Banyan Tree achieved global exposure and a high level of brand awareness through the company’s public relations and global marketing programs.

Much interest was also generated by the company’s socially responsible business values and practices caring for the social and natural environments. With a firm foothold in the medium-sized luxury resorts market, the company introduced a new and contemporary brand Angsana in 2000 to gain a wider customer base. As the resorts market became in cravingly crowded with similar competitive offering6, lured by the success of Banyan Tree, the company had to contemplate about expanding its business and preserving its distinct identity.

Banyan Tree and Angsana resorts were expanding geographically outside of Asia and also into the urban hotel market in major cities throughout the world. With around 34 hotels and resorts scheduled to open over the next three years, Banyan Tree faced the challenge of translating and maintaining the success of a niche Asian hospitality brand into various market segments on a global scale. Company Back group By early 2009, Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts (BTHR) managed and/or had ownership interests in 25 resorts and hotels, 68 spas, 65 retail galleries, and two golf courses in 55 locations in 23 countries.

Since its establishment in 1994, the company’s flagship brand, Banyan Tree, had won some four hundred international tourism, hospitality, design, and marketing awards, some of which included the “Best Resort Hotel in Asia-Pacific” (Phuket) for four consecutive years from Business Traveler Awards since 2002, “Seychelles’ Best Resort” and “Seychelles’ Best Spa” from World Travel Awards (2003), “Best Hotels for Rooms.

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