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BACKGROUND  Should include the Big Problem (the review of the literature):  Current Problem: Framework:  Aim/purpose  and Research question(s):  METHODS: Should

BACKGROUND  Should include the Big Problem (the review of the literature):  Current Problem: Framework:  Aim/purpose  and Research question(s):  METHODS: Should include the Design and Participants,Data collection and Data analysis  RESULTS: What did the researcher find?  DISCUSSION: What did the researcher conclude and recommend?YOUR CRITIQUE: Language- was the language of the article easy to understand?:  Was the Research purpose clear?  Were the methods clearly identified? Why did the researcher choose a qualitative approach?  Were the results presented without bias and ethical concerns identified? What was the main point in the discussion ?  Significance:  Value to nursing:  What were the identifiable Weaknesses :  COLLEGE_STUDENT_PERCEPTIONS_ON_CAMPUS_AL (1).pdf

Analyzing Social Problems and Social Policy

Analyzing Social Problems and Social Policy.

You might think that social problems only affect those who suffer from the problem directly, but they actually have much broader impact. For example, the public education system shapes the educational experiences of those who are not a part of the private school system. The government provides policies and procedures necessary to develop the public education system and make recommendations on ways to engage youth. If the system does not adhere to these policies or engage the youth effectively, we may be faced with a population of adults that have not received an adequate education. Social problems, if unchecked, may affect a large number of people in the society. As a social worker, you should be keen in discerning social problems and addressing them. Identify a problem that affects populations that social workers serve-child welfare/abuse. 2-4 double-spaced pages in APA format): In addition to a minimum of six scholarly references, which may include electronic government documents and reputable websites, your paper should include: A description of the social problem you selected and any known causes or explanations for the problem A description of the problem’s prevalence in society A description of the specific population impacted by this social problem, if any. If the social problem you selected does affect a specific population, include an explanation of why that might be the case. An explanation of the theories that support the problem and approaches scholars and policy analysts use to address the problem

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HLTH 4520: Healthcare Finance

BACKGROUND  Should include the Big Problem (the review of the literature):  Current Problem: Framework:  Aim/purpose  and Research question(s):  METHODS: Should Discussion: To Buy or Not to Buy: That is the Question
Your Women’s Health Services Center has determined that there is an opportunity to generate revenue by purchasing a digital mammogram machine. The cost of the machine is $250,000, with annual maintenance fees of $2,500 and is estimated to last 5 years. The radiology center will be open 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, and 50 weeks a year. The current volume of mammograms is 18 per day, and the reimbursement is $215 per mammogram. The radiologist is paid $50 to read each mammogram, and the salary for the full-time mammogram tech is $95,000 annually, including benefits. The cost of disposable supplies is $3.00 for each test. The potential volume for the new digital mammogram machine is 28 per day.
To Prepare:
Review the Resources for this week and review the two case studies in Pink and Song (2018) to provide a framework for the Women’s Health Services Center digital mammogram machine purchase.
Reflect on the scenario presented and consider whether you, as a healthcare leader, would recommend that the Women’s Health Services Center purchase the digital mammogram machine.
Post a comprehensive response that addresses the following:
Explain how the operating budget, capital budget, and cash flow related to the scenario presented may help you as a healthcare leader in the decision-making process for a large purchase.
Explain whether you would recommend to complete the large purchase for the healthcare organization and explain why. Be specific and provide examples.
Penner, S. J. (2017). Economics and financial management for nurses and nurse leaders (3rd ed.). New York, NY: Springer Publishing.
Chapter 5, “Reporting and Managing Budgets” (pp. 111–135)
Chapter 6, “Budget Planning” (pp. 141–160)
Chapter 7, “Special Purpose, Capital, and Other Budgets” (pp. 163–185)
Pink, G. H.,

Health in society

Health in society.


full information is stated in the assignment brief. i chose “obesity” as my health issue to be discussed on. This topic has to be focused mostly on United Kingdom. The references must by Harvard referencing style. The role of the nurse at the last page of assignment brief must be discussed in 3 other nursing field that i am not currently studying which are ….. CHILD, MENTAL HEALTH AND LEARNING DISABILITY FIELDS as i am currently studying adult nurse

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Advanced Globalization in Sports

The instructions are below, I just need the presentation done, so I can go over it and act it out in a 15-17 min presentation
The goal of this assignment is for you to learn more about a NSGB, assimilate the past three weeks of course material, and to present the material. Another goal is for you to analyze the business operations of the organization and to apply course material and outside research to your overall assessment of their business operations.
You will act in the role of consultants hired to analyze the business operations of a NSGB. You will select a NSGB and put together a creative presentation that provides information as well as your recommendations to that NSGB. The NSGB must exist in a country other than your own. For example, if you live in the U.S., you cannot select The United States Olympic Committee.
Before beginning the presentation, you must submit an email at least two weeks prior to the deadline with the following: the NSGB, a short description, and why you chose this organization. Once, approved, you will create a 15-17 minute presentation.The presentation should also include either separate pages of notes or notes written in a section of the presentation. You must also maintain a high level of professionalism. Establish eye contact, business casual dress, aesthetically pleasing slides, and be mindful of tone and pace. You must cite three course materials as well as three outside course materials.
> Feel free to organize the topics below in a way that is fluid and makes sense to you.
Brief history of the organization Strategic Vision/Mission Goals to reach this vision/mission
Organizational chart or hierarchy of the organization
Individuals (and backgrounds) of leadership
Include any information you discovered about the culture (slogans, logos, terms, work setting, customs, myths, legends, etc.)
Sport/s served
Brief history of the sport served in the region
Youth sport model (sporting structure that encourages participation in the sport)
Successes/Failures of the youth sport model
Elite athlete development model/Successes/Failure of elite athlete development model
Any controversies surrounding the organization
SWOT Analysis of the organization (Refer to week two readings)
Analyzing the organization using Porter’s Five Forces
Future expansion of the sport and future goals of the organization
Final recommendations you have for the NSGB moving forward

History of Rock Music

History of Rock Music.

 For the first page, please compose a well written response to the promt. Make sure to support your arguments by providing examples from the lectures, textbook, or any other sources. Cite your sources when applicable. Original thread counts as 7/10 points. The instruction and prompt for the assignment will be provided in the additional materials.For the second page, please read, rate, and respond to 2 posts from group discussion (which will be included in the instruction document) : provide constructive criticism and feedback as well as any other observations. Be thoughtful and thorough. On a scale from 0-5 rate your classmates’ posts. Each response for each post should be a page long.

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Informing speech:Which is best money, fame or respect and why? also need a well written outline.

Informing speech:Which is best money, fame or respect and why? also need a well written outline..

Which is best money, fame or respect and why?
also need a well written outline.

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Fredrick Douglass. What to the Slave is the 4th of July?”

Fredrick Douglass. What to the Slave is the 4th of July?”.


3-4 pages, double-spaced 12-point font Prompt: Make an argument that sheds new light on course reading (Text 1) by using a key idea or claim from a second-course reading (Text 2).

Text 1: Fredrick Douglass. “What to the Slave is the 4th of July?”

Text 2: U.S. Consitution

To complete this assignment, select two-course readings that you think could be put in conversation with one another and perform the following tasks: 1. Identify any inconsistency in Text 1. 2. Pose a question about that inconsistency. 3. Answers that question with the help Text 2. The goal of this assignment is to understand Text 1 better with the conceptual help of Text 2. In other words, Text 2 should all you to explain and refine Text 1’s argument. NOTE: For the paper service, please use the two document I’ve upload to support the papers for both Text 1 & 2. Only use sources from the material I provided for you. 

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  Focus on a child in your practicum placement to write a responsive care plan using a strengthbased approach.   If you are not in a practicum, plan to observe a child at least three times at a centre. 


Rational: When working with a group of children, we are always assessing their needs and interests in order to create environments that acknowledges the child, and to remain aware if the child requires support in different area of their learning.  While not all children in your care will require you to write a Care Plan as required by BC legislation, for the purpose of this assignment you will write a care plan for the child you are wondering about. ( You will rely on the Draft BCELF to identify what areas you are focusing on.   


The BC Early Learning Framework identifies learning areas as: Well- being and Belonging;  Social responsibility and diversity; Exploration and creativity; Language and literacies.  The DRAFT BC Early Learning Framework now refers to these as Living Inquiries and Pathways for Engaging with Living Inquiries (Draft BCELF, 2018, p. 9).  The latter use of language allows us to focus on children’s development from a non-linear perspective and also acknowledges Indigenous perspectives.   


You will also focus on writing the care plan from a strength-based approach.  The following document will guide you in this process: Strength Based Approach: A Guide to Writing Transition Learning and Development statements.  The Strength Based Approach document was created by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Melbourne Austrailia. 


For this assignment, you will write about a child in detail regarding how you are supporting their inclusion and interests within the program.  How are you acknowledging the child’s voice with the awareness that the child also reflects the multiple voices of society, culture, their families as well as their own internal drive for learning, meaning and connection.   

• What have you noticed about this child that requires extra support?  This can include a child who is new to the centre/city/country; English language is new or not first language (in an English speaking centre); recent injury or illness for the child or family member; new sibling; experiencing difficulty with peers; recent change in family structure; difficulty with separation from family/saying good-bye; impulsive or unexplained behaviors; difficulty engaging in activities.  • Does the centre and family agree this is something they would like to have focused on/supported further? • What do you imagine may be going on for the child?  Think about the individual child: temperament, needs trying to get meet, what is behaviour communicating, what is the child’s disposition, family experiences, routines, rhythms, community experiences.  • How do the strategies you are using align with the Ten Principles of Respect.  


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Interpersonal listening

Interpersonal listening.

1. What do you think is your greatest strength as a listener?

2. What do you feel is your greatest weakness? After identifying at least one listening barrier, offer two ideas you could use to improve your interpersonal listening skills.


Beebe, S., Beebe, S., & Redmond, M. Interpersonal Communication: Relating to Others, 8th Edition, Pearson.

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