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Background and analysis of Brand Equity

The concept of brand equity becomes popular around 1980’s and becoming more and more popular ever since then. It is closely related to brand loyalty and brand extensions which are significant in assisting a brand or a company to achieve competitive advantage. Competitive advantages of a brand or a company are critical in ensure the success of the organization among its competitor. It’s said that the levels of brand equity affects consumer preferences and purchase behavior (Cobb-Walgren, Cathy, Ruble
TU Promote Our Organization Safety & Technological Advancement Letter.

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Chapter 28 provides many approaches that enable safety and health professionals to promote safety effectively. Drawing on textbook Chapter 28 (p. 632) perspectives, write a letter proposal to a fellow safety officer explaining how you would use INCENTIVES to promote your organization’s safety. Make it relevant to your organization and develop specific criteria (on what basis will the incentives be awarded, what awards will be offered, etc.)A formal business letter format is required. BOOKS : Goetsch, D. L. (2019). Occupational safety and health for technologists, engineers, and managers (ninth edition). Pearson. Harvey, C. P., & Allard, M. J. (2015). Understanding and managing diversity: readings, cases, and exercises (sixth ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall.
TU Promote Our Organization Safety & Technological Advancement Letter

Gun Control Importance Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Gun Control Refutations to counter arguments Works Cited Introduction Over the past years, the United States Congress has been engaged in protracted debates on the efficacy and constitutionality of federal regulation of firearms and ammunition. A number of federal laws have been enacted since 1934 to bolster such regulations. The issue of gun control has been a matter of discussion since time immemorial with gun control advocates advancing that such measures enhance the government’s efforts to ensure that juveniles, criminal gangs, and other high risk groups do not get access to guns. These advocates charge that the only practical way through which availability of guns can be reduced is by enforcing federal regulations. They have even suggested that stricter policies such as near-prohibition of gun ownership by non-security personnel be enforced and that all persons who own guns should be registered. These advocates posit that such measures have several significant benefits on society. The issue of federal gun control has also received a fair share of opposition. Opponents hold that legislation of federal policies cannot in any way help in keeping guns out of reach of high-risk persons but rather adds an unnecessary burden on law abiding citizens and security personnel. Moreover, they argue that such controls deny the citizenry the privileges of the Second Amendment. To them, widespread gun ownership only serves to decrease crime levels and tyranny by criminal gangs and government. They further argue that state police powers should be strenghtened as opposed to enhancing federal policies. Some of the most noteworthy national statutes enacted to help in controlling firearms within the citizenry were passed in 1934 and 1968. The 1934 Act envisaged strict registration requirements and a transfer tax on machine guns and short-barreled long guns. The 1968 Act not only made it illegal to purchase guns through mail, but also forbade interstate trade in firearms, their transfer to underage persons, and access to other dangerous weapons (Gun Control, para. 2). The Act also stipulated penalties and licensing requisites for manufacturers, importers, and dealers. Crime and mortality statistics have prominently featured in the gun control debate (US Constitution, 2011). Statistics indicate that the number of homicides that have been committed annually with a firearm by persons falling in the age bracket of 14-24 years between 1985 and 1993 increased by 173%. Between 1993 and 1999, a decrease of 47% was realized. Fatalities attributed to firearms from all causes and for all age groups decreased by 22%. For minors, especially juveniles, a decrease of 40% was realized between 1993 and 1998 (Gun Control, para. 1). This argumentative essay on gun control will endeavor to support its thesis with reasons and concrete evidence. The argumentative essay will use pathos-a form of emotional appeal to its audience sympathies and imagination. This will make the audience easily identify with the writer’s point of view. The essay will include at least 3 arguments and two refutations to counter these arguments. The essay will try to validate the arguments by engaging in both inductive and deductive reasoning. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Gun Control Gun control is an emotive debate that has to be treated with a lot of caution lest people begin arguing with emotions that can be counterproductive. I have been somewhat ambivalent with regard to the issue of federal gun control. Many questions have always been asked pertaining to federal gun control. These questions include: does an individual have a right to own a gun? Does stringent gun control decrease violence and crime?, and, is self-defense a good reason for gun ownership? With regard to whether an individual should have the right to own a gun, it is imperative that one knows that the right to bear arms is an individual and not a collective right. In the Heller v District of Columbia case (US Constitution, 2011), the court ruled that the right to bear arms has always been in existent and that the court only serves to affirm that right. The court reiterated that the right to bear arms is not dependent on military service (Endersby, para. 1). The court ruled that the six plaintiffs in the court case were free to legally own the guns they were previously forbidden from holding. This ruling should be extended to the rest of the population and hence nobody should be barred from owning guns. While it is true that stringent gun control laws can decrease violence and crime, the move can flop and can instead increase the black market trade in guns and other dangerous weapons. Increased sales therefore imply the black market for guns will become profitable to criminals and this will intensify criminal activities and dealings motivated by the drive to increase profits margins. One point that should be made clear is that it is individuals who kill their fellows, not the guns (Malcolm, para. 3). Therefore, it should be noted that gun violence is instigated by sociological factors as opposed to the availability of guns. When citizens are allowed to own guns, the activities of criminals will be deterred. A right thinking criminal would be very cautious when planning to steal from people they openly know are in possession of guns. Indeed, with or without guns, criminal activities will always be prevalent because guns are not the only avenue for committing crimes. Criminals who are determined enough will always find ways of doing what they intend to do. Therefore, enforcing gun control policies cannot have a significant effect on crime and violence. Actually, low homicide and crime rates are not a direct cause of low gun ownership. Law enforcing officers have established that guns used in committing murders are not registered, therefore, enhancing gun protection through legal means cannot bear much fruit. In addition, guns used in committing crimes are not stolen from registered owners, therefore, there is a possibility that these guns are smuggled from other nations. We will write a custom Essay on Gun Control Importance specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Hence, gun control policies can therefore do very little in limiting the use of these illicitly acquired and owned guns. Gun controls also infringe on individual citizens right to defend themselves when they are attacked. These same laws are not making any effort in trying to restrict criminal gangs from getting firearms from the black market. This leaves law-abiding citizens defenseless. With respect to whether self-defense is a good reason for gun ownership, it is imperative to note that citizens have an inalienable right to use guns for self-defense when they are attacked by gun wielding criminals. Since the government seems ill prepared to protect its citizens from crime and criminals, the only option should be to allow citizens to protect themselves. Therefore, individuals should not be deprived of the ability to come up with ways of protecting themselves. Denying defenseless citizens the freedom to carry guns to protect themselves against lawless criminals only leaves them at the mercy of criminals. Indeed, in the Warren v District of Columbia case, the court ruled that there is no right to police protection as there is no contract between the local police and an individual. The implied meaning of the court ruling was that each and every person should be responsible for their own security hence the need to own a gun. Refutations to counter arguments As refutations to counter the arguments that have been outlined above, it is not enough for people to push for the ownership of lethal weapons just because they want to protect their property. The fact that a person has a right to protect his or her property is not in dispute, but yearning to own a gun to enhance protection of this property by killing one who intends to steal it is not the best way to guarantee this right. The argument that citizens should be allowed to own guns to deter would-be criminals can only hold if the citizens do not have intention to take away life that is very sacrosanct. It is also improper to threaten somebody else just because one is protecting his or her property. In light of whether a person should have a right to own gun, an individual should be allowed to bear arms because this helps protect against domestic tyranny (Kates, para 1). In fact, gun ownership by individuals helps in checking government and police excesses. Police are most likely to be irresponsible and brutal if individual gun ownership is restricted by federal gun control policies. Allowing individuals to own guns may make police weary with regard to infringing individuals’ liberties and abuse of law. Hence, gun control laws should be done away with, however, persons who own guns must be registered or licensed to reduce instances of gun misuse. Not sure if you can write a paper on Gun Control Importance by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Works Cited Endersby, Alastair. Gun control. 2000. Web. Gun Control. Almanac of policy issues. 2011. Web. Kates, Don. Why a Civil Libertarian Opposes Gun Control. The civil liberties Review. 3(2), 24. 1976. Print. Malcolm, Joyce. Guns and violence: the English experience. Harvard: Harvard University Press, 2002. Print. US Constitution. The United States Constitution. 2011. Web.

Religious Studies homework help

i need help writing an essay Religious Studies homework help. This is a brief paper that discusses why college students with drinking problem go to Intervention. The paper also indicates the guidelines to use in writing the paper.,Why college students with drinking problem go to Intervention,W‌‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‍rite a brief paper, approximately seven or eight pages, including Title, Abstract, and Reference pages (up to 4.5 pages of text). This paper will include an introduction, body paragraphs, a conclusion and citations. The paper summarizes the evidence you found through your literature search and critique. The format of this paper will be similar to a literature review found in a research article. Start with the idea of what you are studying PICOT,Question: If College students with drinking problems (P) are given ,Brief intervention, (I) as opposed to no treatment (C) does it improve outcomes (grades, health, etc.), summarize the 8 studies you chose, and then synthesize your findings. Do you have enough evidence to recommend a practice change or not?,Critically appraises each reviewed‌‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‍ source of evidence (minimum of eight studies) by evaluating for strengths, weaknesses, as well as gaps in information related to the area of interest. Summarizes key findings succinctly. Organizes the literature review logically to highlight similarities and also differences among the articles. Concludes with a summary synthesis of the reviewed material and discusses implications of the findings for nursing practice. The recommendations are clearly to the findings from the critiqued studies. Scholarliness of paper- uses APA 7 format throughout, including in-text citations and reference page. A clearly identified introduction, supporting paragraphs and also conclusion are apparent. Paper is scholarly in tone and without spelling or grammar errors.,Ensure that the paper is at least three pages long excluding the cover and also the reference page. Additionally, clearly state all the references of the sources that you are going to use for this assignment. All refences should have their respective citation.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Religious Studies homework help

University of Florida Diversity Equity and Inclusion Department Discussion

University of Florida Diversity Equity and Inclusion Department Discussion.

Here is a paper about Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Project. And I will give you the paper about it. Please write a summary about “Go further into importance of DE&I in relation to suppliers, partners, etc.” from the paper. Please following:Target’s DE&I platform“The core expectation with creating Target’s platform around Diversity & Inclusion is to think broadly about Target’s talent pool, as well as the suppliers and partners they choose to conduct their business with.”For Target, embracing diversity and inclusion means:undefinedIncreasing representation of people of color and providing them with advancements,Promoting more women and having equal representation of women at every level,Reducing turnover of people of color,Increasing spending with diverse suppliers,Increasing sales of localized products, andAnd increasing media impressions with more relevant marketing messages (Diversity & Inclusion, n.d.Thank you!
University of Florida Diversity Equity and Inclusion Department Discussion

Google and Pretty Links

Google and Pretty Links.

I am developing a new site. However, I have a question about the latest
wisdom on using link cloaking in sites. My new site is a women’s fashion
site where I am posting Top 10 Product articles. Within these articles,
I want to make the product images be clickable with affiliate links created using Pretty Link plugin.
So, this leads to 2 questions:
1) Is there any problem with having up to 10 affiliate links on a page/post?
2) Does Google interpret link cloaking as a deceptive spammy practice intended to mislead the site visitor?
Look forward to your response

Google and Pretty Links

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