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Our country, Malaysia has become the most favorite spot for dumping babies. The year 2010 is also known as Baby Dumping cases for Malaysia which brings a lot of questions and issues. Baby dumping is a social crisis and has a chronic increase as many cases are occurring in Malaysia country. We have heard about fruit season, fever season but this is the first baby dumping season in Malaysia. New Year celebration and Valentine’s Day known as ‘mating season’ nowadays leads to nwanted pregnancies among youths.

Child is a priceless gift from God but the youths still carry on their activity for their enjoyment. The news are so horrifying such as ‘Body of baby found in dustbin’, ‘Dead baby found in casino trash bin’ and ‘Dogs found baby in bag. This scenario had been more serious from day to day although there are a lot about this in the mass media. The baby is not guilty. Why are they punished in such a way because of their own unknown parent’s mistakes? How the teenagers can throw their own baby in such a horrified situation?

Don’t they think at least once before they did their action? Is sex is very important for them until they can forget the world? Or they are lack of sex education? What is the use of condoms? Where did they learn to cover their mistakes? Is this their religious teach them? What are the best opinions and ways that should be taken to prevent this scenario from spreading? Is this scenario will continue without ending? Who should we blame – the parents of teenagers, media, teenagers, school, government or friends? Questions by questions coming over but no solution until now.

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Nursing Research and Evidence-based Practice

In understanding the differences between Nursing Research, Research Utilization and the Evidence Based Practice, it is very important to first understand their definitions;

Nursing Research

It provides scientific basis for the professional practice through application of multiple theory-based and philosophical approaches. It utilizes rigorous guidelines for producing trustworthy, unbiased answers to nursing practice questions. Nurses use research in providing the evidence based care thus promoting high quality health outcomes to for families, individuals, health care systems and the entire community.

Research Utilization

It is a process of disseminating, synthesizing and utilizing research generated knowledge in making an impact or changes on the nursing practices in existence.

Evidence Based Practice

It examines quality improvement data, research findings, expert opinion and other forms of data evaluation in identifying methods for improvements.

In nursing, research is paramount to the future nursing practices as it providers crucial educational components and which are utilized in implementing and changing the4 quality of the nursing practice. Research is an orderly way where possible solutions to answers or problems are examined for questions through the application of methodical or scientific approaches. In nursing, research may be used in production of evidence that a particular way of educating, practice, or administering over other nurses is much beneficial than another. Research Utilization is when the study results or group of studies are adapted into a practical application and which does not relate to the original study. It may be closely related to the Evidence Based Practice in a manner that, the EBP sis a research utilization which involves other considerations or influences specifically for the problem at hand.

The difference between the Research versus the Research Utilization and Evidence Based Practice is the work which is involved (Grove, Susan, Nancy & Jennifer, 2014).

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