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My name is Andrea Moore. I am twenty nine years old. I am the oldest of three children and I have been married for three years to Tim Moore. Tim and I live in Philadelphia, MS. We have two “children” named Mia (a dog) and Bella (a cat. ) The most important thing in my life is my relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Without that relationship I would not have gotten anywhere in life. I have completed some college courses. My major in college was in Elementary Music Education. Music is a big part of what I do!

I try my best to incorporate music into my every day teaching routine. I am currently employed at First Baptist Child Ministry Center in Philadelphia, MS where I have had a total of 3 years experience. One and a half years was spent teaching two year olds and for the past year and a half I have been teaching in the four year old kindergarten program. I believe that God has blessed me with a gift to work with children. Since I was in Jr. High School I have enjoyed being around and teaching children. I began babysitting children at the age of 12.

I am a very hands-on learner and believe that most children are the same. Most everything that I do in my classroom is very hands-on. It is also my belief that learning should be made fun for everyone involved! Children learn as they play so why not make learning fun! I enjoy searching books and the internet for new ideas to help my children learn. Even though God has not yet blessed me with children of my own, I believe that each year I am blessed with a classroom full of children that become my own in a way.

supply chains and logistic

supply chains and logistic.

Description Critically analyze the statement “The success and failure of supply chains are ultimately determined in the marketplace by the end consumer. Getting the right product, at the right price, at the right time to the consumer is not only the lynchpin to competitive success but also the key to survival…” with a special focus on the lean thinking paradigm.

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