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Autism in Children academic essay help Video Animation

The author examines the causes of the disorder, the symptoms, guidelines to deal with the disorder and intervention mechanisms.

A look at the disorder called autism and how it effects children’s lives and social capabilities. The author examines the causes of the disorder, the symptoms, guidelines to deal with the disorder and intervention mechanisms. I. What is autism?
A. mysterious disorder that keeps children from interacting socially and emotionally
B. The prevalence of autism is between one and two autistic persons per thousand. However, another four or five per thousand have autistic spectrum disorder
C. a combination of behavior abnormalities (list)
D. do not properly process sensory information from their environment
II. What causes autism?
A. genetic basis
B. Structural brain differences
C. Rejected explanations (Bettelheim)
II. Diagnosis
A. New guidelines
B. early diagnosis of autism and early intervention improves outcomes for most children with autism
IV. Early intervention for autism
A. Benefits
B. Controversies
II Long-term implications
V. Bibliography

“Autism is a poorly understood disorder usually diagnosed in childhood. It interferes with the person’s ability to develop normal skills and form normal emotional bonds with others (Stokstad, 2001). Children who have autism will show behavioral differences when compared to other children. For instance, they may show marked social difficulties that can include complete social withdrawal; they may lack language or use it in idiosyncratic ways; they may have trouble making eye contact with others; they may make repetitive body movements such as head-banging, rocking or flapping their arms or hands.’

Critical Leadership: Theory and Practice

Critical Leadership: Theory and Practice.

The aim of this assessment is to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of at least one newer leadership theory and an appreciation of others. This is done by looking for evidence of the theories in practice In addition to demonstrating your learning about leadership and practice this assessment will also develop important skills such as: interviewing, planning and conducting primary research, analysis and research. it is required to interview two people about the leadership style Interview TWO people for up to 30 minutes each with respect to the main theory that you have picked. Interviews must be face to face or via a Skype type tool so that non-verbal communications can be observed. You may interview either 2 leaders or 2 followers or one of each, however they must have work experience, preferably current Assign your interviewees anonymous identifiers for the essay, DO NOT USE NAMES that’s mainly what is the assignment is about. the spacing should be 1.5 and word limit is 2500

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