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Multicultural Story Ideas

Multicultural Story Ideas.

Description After reading Chapter 16, “Multicultural Sensitivity,” of your textbook, speak with members of various ethnic and racial groups in your community about their concerns and the kinds of stories they think news outlets are not covering about them. (You may speak with people you know for this assignment.) Once you’ve interviewed a few people, respond to the following: What concerns did the people you spoke with have? If they expressed they had little concern, why is that? Devise five story ideas based on your interviews.

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Communications Question

Your responses must be typed, double-spaced, MLA formatted – Times New Roman 10-12 pt font, 2-3 pages.
NOTE: You will choose to respond to TWO out of FIVE videos that you will view.
Discuss the concept of self-empowerment as introduced in the video.
Discuss social media marketing strategies (i.e., “catching fire”). Offer examples.
How are “likes” monetized? To what purpose? Offer examples.
What is feedback loop? Offer examples.

Impared Health care worker without being reported.

Impared Health care worker without being reported..

Ethical Topic Paper (APA format) 1. 2-3 pages discussing both the pro and cons of your position/opinion on the ethical dilemma. 2. Minimal 1-2 professional references (no blogs) Topic: Impared Health Care worker without being reported

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SOWK 2430 Section 002 – Policies, Issues and Programs in Social Welfare (Spring 2022 1)

Federal Budget1515 unread replies.2020 replies.
Click on the Discussion Thread created by Professor Armstrong and post a reply.
Based on your idea of how the federal budget should be distributed and the actual distribution of money in 2019, answer the following question and reply to one other student, as well. Click on the link to reply.
How did your budget allocation differ from the actual federal budget allocation? You don’t need to show your graph, just talk about any differences in priorities that you noticed.
Now that you have some idea of how legislation and funding effect policy implementation, consider the following items.
Defense/Homeland Security
Social Security
Federal Budget 2020 : Actual
International Affairs
Food and Agriculture
With these categories, how would you prioritize and spend money in the federal budget?
Take a few minutes and develop a spending priority or “pie chart” as to how you would spend the money. before you go on to the next page.

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Coca-Cola and Diversification

Diversification is a risk management technique which mixes a wide variety of investments within its portfolio. In such technique, the rationale behind it is that contends the portfolio which is constructed to cater for different types of investments which will on average yield a high return thus lowering risks than any individual investment which is found within the portfolio.

Coca Cola Company has always applied the strategy of diversification and it has been the foundation stone of its achievement from the time it acquired the orange juice manufacturer Minute Maid in 1960. The Coca Cola Company has recently included the Chi Ltd; a Nigeria based leading juice and dairy company to its immense collection which consists of more than 500 brands (Vargas, José & María, 2014).

The company used the diversification strategy because Africa has fast growing market for beverages and juices. In Nigeria only, a CAGR growth of 9 percent is expected between 2014 and 2019 due to the increasing urbanization and population.

There are various reasons for diversification; one is utilizing the company’s way to create worth and its unique capability to generate new avenues for gainful development in the acquired venture. Another one is to reinforce the company’s existing business through improving either its value proportion or its capabilities; this s the major reason why Coca Cola Company is adopting the diversification strategy (Attias, Henri & Christophe, 2016).

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