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August Wilson need essay help Case Study homework help

He has a family that he destroys by having an affair and getting his mistress pregnant. In August Wilson’s Fences, the character who is most bound by societal expectations is Troy. Troy is most bound by societal expectations because he couldn’t live out his dream of becoming a star baseball player because of his past. He refuses to believe that society has changed a lot since then.

He settles with what he grew up knowing about society. When Cory tells him he wants to be a football player, he basically tells him to choose another path. Troy settles with being a garbage lifter because he feels that’s what is expected of him. He regrets his past and not becoming a pro baseball star. He takes it out of Cory because he had big dreams like him and he didn’t make it. The character who is least bound by societal expectations is Cory. He is least bound by societal expectations because he is trying to go out and make it playing football.

He tries not to pay attention to Troy and his beliefs that he won’t make it because of the society. Cory wants to live outside of the societal expectations and play football in college. In the play Fences Troy failed to see how much society has changed since he was younger. He takes it out on his son Cory who has realized that society has changed and has big dreams. All of Troy’s actions in this play were based on the way he feels about societal expectations and he destroyed his family.

Performance Improvement Case #1

Performance Improvement Case #1.

 Do the three problems below. Review Chapter 3 (“Customer Focus”) in your Managing for Quality and Performance Excellence text. Do all of the following: ********** (1) Do Projects, Etc. #6 on page 145. (minimum 1 page) a. Gather one or two customer satisfaction surveys or comment cards from local establishments. b. Compare them to the samples in Figures 3.8, 3.9, and 3.10 (pages 127-129 of the text). c. Analyze them as to their ability to lead to actionable information that will help the organization and propose any improvements or re-design you deem appropriate. (2) Affinity Diagram problem. (minimum 1 page) a. Review the discussion of Affinity Diagrams on pages 111-112 of the text (including Figure 3.4). b. Attached is a hypothetical list of barriers to on-time delivery of medications as determined by a process improvement study. An Affinity Diagram can be useful for organizing information and identifying natural groupings for quality improvement. c. Classify these barriers into 3-5 categories (such as Staff Issues, Process Problems, Procedural Roadblocks, Inadequate Equipment and the like). Develop an Affinity Diagram. (3) Analyzing customer feedback problem. (minimum 2 pages) a. Review the discussion about Analyzing and Using Customer Feedback on pages 126-131 of the text. We will use Problem #7 on page 144 of the text to analyze the results of a customer survey from Versitile Sporting Goods. b. Read the description of Versitile given in the problem and look at the 9 attributes in the survey. c. Results of the survey are included in the attachment. d. Make a line graph of the “Helpfulness in selecting the right product” attribute. A sample is included in the attachment. Be sure to label the axes. Analyze the data. What conclusion might you draw?

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